How IGG Antibodies Are Essential To The Diagnosis Of Common Body Ailments.

The human body is such that it has so many components, all of which are very essential. We have antibodies which are produced by the immune system to help fight dangerous agents in the body. Another name for antibodies is immunoglobulin.

Immunoglobulin G is the most common type of antibody. It is found in the blood and lymph fluids. IgG antibodies helps protect the body against bacterial and viral infections. These antibodies protect protects the body from infection.

The immunoglobulin G antibody is the first antibody that the body produces to fight new infections.

What Is the Role Of IGG Antibodies in Diagnosis?

The measurement of IgG in the blood can be used as a tool to check for certain conditions like autoimmune hepatitis. It can also be used to test for food sensitivity or intolerance. It has not been indicated however if the same can be used for diagnosis of allergy.

 How IGG Antibodies Are Important In Food Sensitivity Testing

The IgG test is carried out to measure the level of antibodies in the blood. It is done to diagnose and rule out possibility of infections. It also helps diagnose when the immune system is not functioning properly. It is also used to evaluate autoimmune conditions.

How Is The Test Done?

 For food sensitivity the process is fairly simple. It is a blood test. Samples of your blood hypersensitivity type 3 are taken and tested by a certified doctor. This test can also be done at home.

To do the test at home there are a few steps you need to take.

  1. Make an order of your kit.
  2. When you receive the kit, follow the instructions on the kit for the blood samples.
  3. Be sure to have all the samples that are needed for the test
  4. When you are done mail the samples back to the address on the kit. Some kits have certain specifications on when to ship, depending on when you receive your kit.
  5. Wait for the results which will be mailed to you. You don’t need to worry about the security of the results. That is taken care of.

Alternatively you can have the test done in the hospital. You will only need to dress appropriately for the visit. The doctor will take your blood and store in vials. The samples are then passed through a machine. The results will be available in a few days.

Both blood tests when done will help you to know the specific foods that are causing your body to react. You will also know how best to carry out changes to the diet and what food works and what doesn’t.