Facts About Legalization Of Marijuana In Canada

Following the legalization of marijuana in Canada purple candy kush, there are various facts that you need to be well acquainted with. This article delves into some of the vital facts that you should know about legalized marijuana.

  1. Where to buy the weed.

Canada’s provinces will be tasked with the responsibility of making decisions on where the legalized marijuana should be bought from. For instance, in Alberta, the recreational type of marijuana will be bought from more than 200 small retailing shops that are found in different locations of the province. In Ontario 40 shops that are run by the government will sell the product. As time go by it will be clearer on how the other provinces will approach the issue of distribution and sale of the weed

  1. Knowledge about the standard of what am buying

The Canadian health laws require that each product on sale must show different pieces of information that are crucial to assist the buying in making an informed buying choice. There are a number of facts that must be displayed.  This includes the name of the producer, the type of cannabis strains, and the CBD content. The law further stipulates that there should be a caution about the risks associated with the weed.

  1. What amount of weed can I purchase?

If you are mature, you will be allowed to buy a maximum of 30g of dried marijuana within a public place. If you will be found with more than 30g in a public place, you will face up to a maximum of 5 years imprisonment.

  1. How can I prepare it for consumption?

The law allows you to consume the product in any manner you feel comfortable with. The only condition is to keep children out of the reach of the weed.

  1. Can I drive while intoxicated?

It is not possible. This is illegal and must be avoided. You will attract high punishment and penalties if you drive while high. There is stiff punishment especially if you cause death or permanently injure someone.

  1. Can I provide the drug to a minor?

You are not allowed to provide marijuana to a minor. Your risk a $5000 fine or 14- year sentence.

  1. Am allowed to grow marijuana at my home?

The state guidelines let households to grow up to 4 plants. In recognition of the law, most provinces allow growers to have the crop grown but away from public view. In other provinces, it is illegal to grow the crop. Some homeowners are pushing for an enactment of law that will bar tenants from growing marijuana in their properties. You are not allowed to move the crop within the public space when it is at the budding stage.