How do you spend time with your pet? You can share the best moments when they are in good shape and active mode. However, abnormal conditions such as illness will drive your cat/dog gloomy and inactive. CBD is one of the best approaches to calm your pet and reverse the mood.

Research findings have proven that there is an endocannabinoid system in animals availing CBD receptors in them. This work more similar to humans as it calms seizures, pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. However, the right CBD and method of administration have been a challenge to most people. 

First, let us look into the right CBD choice for either a dog or a cat.

There must be no single sample of THC in this; it has adverse effects on pets. For, dogs, you should mix CBD with other ingredients, such as coconut oil to elevate palatability. However, coconut should never use for cats, instead, use those with sardine oils. Cats are carnivores hence they do not digest fatty acids from coconut.

CBD purchasing tips for dogs and cats

1. The liquid form is more preferable. It is easy to administer i.e. dosages and application.

2. Ensure it is organic. Should eliminate solvent, fungicides, or pesticide content.

3. Make an intense analysis of shopping for value, regardless of price.

Administration methods

1. Mixing with food/water – this is done by adding appreciate doses of CBD into your pet’s food and mixing it well. It is the best approach for unfriendly pets.

2. Sublingual administration – put the CBD beneath the tongue of the pet. This causes a quick response as the content directly enters the pet’s bloodstream.

3. Oral administration – CBD is delivered in drops by use of a dropper into the pet’s mouth 

4.  Transdermal application – apply the oil to the external body of the cat/dog. Creams and sprays are ordinarily used.

CBD dosage for pets

The weight of your pet is the basis of how much CBD it should consume. Besides, the pet’s condition has also caused a controversial argument on dosage quantities. Doses are in mg/kg/day. Cats have fewer cannabinoid receptors hence are given twice the dosage for dogs. Always remember to start slow and maintain the move.

The benefits of CBD in cats and dogs

1. It is important in pain treatment and seizure control because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

2. CBD is a superfood for pets. It has valuable minerals i.e. magnesium, zinc, and iron, and rich in vitamins C, E, and A which are healthy for the pet. In addition, it offers amino acids relevant for bodybuilding.

3. Chronic and moleskin treatment – CBD has been proven to treat dermatitis by calming chronic pain and inflammation.

Side effects of CBD usage in cats/dogs

The experienced symptoms are more similar to those in humans. They include gastrointestinal upset, dry mouth, drowsiness, and low blood pump.  


Know you have the tips to keep your pet healthy. Make the right choice of CBD and enjoy a better experience. 

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