The Spread of Weed Legalization in the United States

Weed vaping is the action of inhaling heated-oil vapor produced by an e-cigarette (electronic cigarette), e-nail, dab rig or any other device mean for the mentioned practice. E-cigarettes are battery-powered and they contain cartridges full of liquid that contains chemicals, flavorings, cannabis or nicotine. 

Weed smoking is the practice of inhaling smoke made by heating the leaves, flowers or extracts of cannabis. The smoke releases psychoactive chemical known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); which gets absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs. 

Over the past ten years, there’s been a lot of changes to the laws concerning the use of marijuana across the United States. This is because the drug was once considered as a strongly dangerous drug. Now it’s acknowledged to have medicinal properties that help to control a number of health conditions; like anxiety and cancer, chronic pain, etc. 

Now marijuana has been legalized in 11 out of 33 States in the U.S, though the Federal government still classifies it as a prohibited drug.  

Marijuana is sold these three ways in the states where it’s legal; to be smoked, eaten or vaped. Those who live in the states where it’s legalized consume it in any of the above methods. Many people suggest that vaping is a safer way to consume weed than smoking. 

This article focuses on the risks and the comparison between smoking and vaping weed. 

Here Are the Reasons Why Smoking Weed is More Dangerous to your Health Compared to Vaping 

  • Vaping weed is easy to use because vaporizers are less messy, and you require a fewer steps compared to smoking. If the vaporizer is fully charged and loaded with wax, oil and herb, it’s easy to smoke. 
  • Even though it’s costly to purchase a vaporizer, its cannabis concentrates last longer than the combusted weed.    
  • Weed has a vigorous smell that’s bothersome to some people. Vaporizers do minimize the odor because the weed isn’t burned. 
  • Vaporizers are accessible in many places like parks, public places, home, etc. Weed smoke is not tolerated in most places.  
  • Vaporizers do offer a cleaner and an effective hit than burned weed, and the vapor have less toxins. This happens if your product is uncontaminated with in one way or the other. 
  • Burning weed is more dangerous because cannabis produces tar and chemicals that cause cancer. A vaporizer heats cannabis to produce vapor that has tetrahydrocannabinol. Heating reduces tar and toxins thus making vaping less harmless. 
  • Smoking weed totally dangerous to your health, because you inhale very hot shreds of debris that provoke the tender tissues in your lungs. The combusting leaves do produce chemical reactions that influence you to inhale toxic compounds powerfully; and some are connected to cancer. Vaporizers burn nothing but they do warm up tetrahydrocannabinol-comprising substances till they an aerosol.