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Uses and Importance of Home Medical Equipments
Anyone that has ever had to be taken care of or had to take care of an ailing loved one can tell you that there is quite a variety of home medical equipment Lasik SG that can be used to make patients more comfortable. Some are even absolutely necessary and must be bought for the survival of the patient.  Some can only be used a few times and must be discarded after while others can be used over and over again and as such are referred to as durable medical equipments. Below are a few of the most common home medical equipment, uses as well as importance.

This is one of the most commonly used medical equipment at home. As the name suggests it is a chair with wheels attached to it. This acts as a replacement for regular walking in cases where one is unable to use their legs either due to weakness or even where one has lost one or both. Currently there is a wide variety of wheel chairs available on the market. There are the more traditional wheelchairs that are pushed by the user or by an assistant. Thanks to technology there are motorized wheelchairs which help people who are too weak to push the chairs for themselves. These types are also used to add convenience to the whole experience. Wheel chairs are mostly used by disabled or older people as well as injured people as a replacement for walking.

Air Purifier: 
This is another type of equipment AAO that is used around the home. It main purpose is to kill bacteria in the air and hence purifying the air. This is done to reduce the quantity of contaminants in the air in rooms where the patient is. This is usually popular where there are patients with asthmatic allergies. Air purifiers target a wide variety of contaminants.

This is a piece of equipment that is used to extract excess fluids from the body. It is not one of the more common home medical equipment. This piece of equipment has to be prescribed by a doctor as  it is easy to misuse. Doctors will not commonly prescribe the use of the Cannula because complication will occur very easily with its use.

This is medical equipment that is commonly used by patients suffering from cystic fibrosis, asthma as well as respiratory diseases. It is a way of delivering medicine directly to the lungs as mist. The nebulizer works by helping to deliver the medication necessary to the lungs. It may also be used to deliver oxygen to a patient.
It is therefore very important to know the various types of equipment and how to appropriately use it for the best care of patients at home.

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