Genealogy Lessons

In 2009 I stated a website called "USA Family Tree" where I provided free, genealogy lessons by email.  It had a good run but was costing me too much money to maintain.  Literally thousands of people signed up for my lessons and it quickly overwhelmed my email service.  With every thousand subscribers, my cost per month went up dramatically.  While I did receive a few donations, it was not enough to keep things going so I had to let it go.

Since I took the time to write up all of these lessons, I am going to post them here for anyone to read.  I hope you enjoy them and find them to be helpful.  If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me at your convenience as I would love to hear from you.

Do keep in mind that these lessons were written for delivery by email, not as blog posts.  They were delivered over time and frequently took a few days between posts to be delivered.  With that said, you will have to excuse some of the time-sensitive wording because I did not rewrite these lesson to account for their inclusion in this new, blog format.

  1. Introduction
  2. Genealogy Database Programs
  3. Relative Interview Questions
  4. Knowing When to Stop
  5. Genetic Genealogy & DNA Testing
  6. Primary versus Secondary Sources
  7. Citing your Sources
  8. Take a Break!!!
  9. Ordering Vital Records
  10. Social Networking on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter
  11. What is the Soundex?
  12. Get a Genealogy Friend
  13. Using Common Sense in Communication
  14. Issues of Privacy
  15. Where Can You Get Accurate GEDCOM Files?
  16. Make the Most of eBay for Genealogy Research
  17. Should you Keep a Research Journal?
  18. Travel Kit for Genealogists
  19. What to do with all of your Genealogy Stuff
  20. Genealogical Reading List
  21. Setting up your Genealogy Workspace
  22. Setting a Genealogy Budget
  23. Finding Old Cemeteries
  24. 1940 US Census
  25. Where/How Should I Spend my Time and Money on Genealogy?

I only wrote twenty-five lessons in total.  I am considering adding more but I have not done so to date.  If you have any lesson suggestions, please let me know.