Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Are these the same people? What do you think?

I put together two collages of both known and possible photos of my great-great-grandparents, John Henry Lett, Sr. and Margaret Ingram Rolfe Lett.  Take a look and let me know your thoughts, if you think all of the photos are of the same people or if they are different people, mixed up.  

After lots of studying, I tend to believe they are of the same people.  The photos span many years.  The time frame when each photo was taken fits chronologically.  The provenance of each photo fits perfectly, each photo has passed down through various descendants of the couple in question.  These are not random photos I found in a Cracker Barrel.  These are all photos owned by the family, we just do not know for sure who each one is.

What do you notice that is similar or different?

Are these all of John Henry Lett, Sr.?  The last three are known to be him, the first is in question.

Are these all of Maggie Rolfe Lett?  The third and fifth are known to be her, the fourth is highly likely to be her.


Oregon Girl said...

The leftmost picture of Mr. Lett does not match the others - LOOK AT HIS EARS. (Can you tell that I am an artist as well as a genealogy student?)


Oregon Girl said...

In the Maggie Rolfe pictures compare how the height of her ears match in each picture. In pictures #2 and #4, the bottom of the ears lines up below the tip of her nose. In #1,3 & 5 the ears are actually pretty high up in comparison with the tip of her nose, although the shape the mouth in #1 is actually thinner than the older ladies - a bit of a conundrum as your mouth tends to get thinner with age, not fatter (which is why all those Hollywood stars have Botox injections in their lips as they age). Hard to tell with these ladies for sure if #1 is the same as any of the rest. Her jawline and chin are different too but age can alter the appearance of those features so that is not a definite "tell" like the ears are. (Ears don't change that much with age.) Hope this helps.