Saturday, April 21, 2012

My New Lett Family Portrait Gallery!

A distant cousin, who I just met today, gave me five portraits of members of the Lett family...totally out of the blue.  She had them in storage for 13 years and it seems that she just wanted them to have a good home.  (I was more than happy to oblige!)  I did tell her to sleep on the idea of gifting them to me, so I supposed she could change her mind, but they appear to be mine!  It still has not sunk in yet.  I am going to wait a week or two, to make sure she does not change her mind.  Once that much time passes, I am totally going to redo my office to accommodate them!  I guess they will sit in my floor until then.

I am going to include some copies I made of the photos.  Take a look at them and see if you have any comments about possible resemblance or thing you notice that would help lock down when the photo was probably taken.  I am not a photo expert so I am looking for suggestions.  I will make future posts on the blog to discuss how I go about this process.  I plan on putting these photos, along with known photos of each person, in Photoshop and overlaying them.  I am hoping to see if I can find some commonalities between facial features.

This is a known photo that we have of Margaret and John Lett
Known photo of John and Margaret Lett (he is in middle with arm around Margaret.  Their son Joseph is behind them, to the left when looking at this photo from your perspective).
Known photo of John Henry Lett, Sr.

Below are the five portrats that I received today.  Compare them to the above known photos and let me know your thoughts...

I am pretty positive this is my great-great grandmother, Margaret Roffe Lett
I think this might be Margaret as a young woman, maybe around 1860
I think this may also be Margaret, a little later in life

Possibly my great-great grandfather, John Henry Lett, Sr.  I'd put this around 1870
Joseph Edward Lett, son of John and Margaret Lett...I know this is him for 100% fact

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