Saturday, October 01, 2011

Family Tree Maker 2012 is on it's way!

Get Family Tree Maker 2012 at

I ordered my copy of the new Family Tree Maker 2012 and they charged my credit card yesterday so that means it has shipped out!  I am excited about the product becuase it is supposed to sync with my tree at  That will be an awesome feature...if it works right!  

I will let you know my thoughts on it, once it arrives.  It did not come in the mail today so I guess I will have to wait until at least Monday!

Family Tree Maker 2012

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Edwin Johnson said...

Hello Kevin,

I'm a relative of Richmonds Sixth Mt Zion preacher John Jasper of Fluvanna County. He was the youngest of 24 children born to Phillip Jasper and Tina Hammond and I believe they were mostly born on the Peachy Plantation. I need to locate the names of the 23 other siblings but have been unable to locate a record. I've tried on-line searches and The Lib. Of Va. to no avail. Any ideas? I now live in California so it is difficult to get to Richmond to do more hands on research.

Edwin Johnson