Monday, December 27, 2010

Why do I want to win a trip to Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West?

I wrote a little post the other day about a guy whose blog I follow, Shoemoney, and the fact that he was giving away an iPad.  No word yet if I won but he is having another contest and this one is much more valuable than an iPad.  He is giving away a free trip to an Internet marketing convention in Las Vegas, plus a bunch of other goodies.  All I have to do to be entered in his contest is to write a blog post about why I should win so here I go...
I would obviously like to go to the conference to network with people in the field and get to meet guys like John Chow and Shoemoney.  I feel like I already know them from reading their blogs over the years but I would love to shake their hands and hang out a little.  

I have no allusion of ever getting rich by making money online.  I instead create sites that I enjoy and maybe one day I will make a few bucks off them.  Who would not love to make a living doing what they enjoy?  If I can create a resource that people enjoy using, eventually the money will come.  It would be nice to go out to Vegas and meet others who have already made that dream a reality (and hope that some of their influence rubs off)!

As for the Internet marketing industry, I am not an insider.  I have no desire to become the next Joel Comm.  I would love to be there among them, trying to pick up some tips on how to relate their successes to my own endeavors.  Great minds think alike and I want to be a sponge amongst all of those great minds!  That is why I want to win the trip to Vegas.  (It also does not hurt that I have some vacation time from my job saved up and that the weather is freezing here!)

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