Friday, December 31, 2010

What should I buy at Best Buy tonight?

For the holidays I received a couple Best Buy gift cards, three to be exact.  One was for $25 and two were for $50 each.  I also I a return I can make for $48.98 plus I have $80 worth of reward points on my Best Buy account.  With that said, I can spend a total of $253.98.  I would really like to not spend anything out of pocket and I would like to also try to spend the entire amount.  Any suggestions?

I should mention that I have a Mac desktop that I purchased a few months back.  I have installed Parallels so I can run both Mac and Windows programs.  I already have a printer, scanner, router and iPod.  I do not have cable TV in my office so a television would not do me much good.  I already have Pages, Family Tree Maker 2011iLife and a new iPod Touch 4G.  What I do not have are Windows 7, Microsoft Office.  I have considered buying both of those, or at least one.  I currently have Windows Vista installed on the Mac.

In general, I pretty much have everything that I want.  I thought about an iPad but that would cost extra money and I should probably hold off until the new ones come out in the spring.  Those are supposed to have an SD card reader plus front and rear-facing cameras.  I honestly do not need an iPad, it would be more of a vanity purchase than anything...although it would be nice for reading books that I buy in the Apple bookstore.  The font on the iPod is just so tiny!

Well, I am going to Best Buy around 7:00 tonight.  I do not think they close early for New Years so I am going to take a shot.  If you have any suggestions, please shoot them off to me as soon as possible.  I am really into Mac stuff right now, Apple products in general.  Apple TV looks interesting for my living room.  Something for genealogy would also be a nice thought.  I do not have a nice, portable camera.  Maybe I could get one to make videos for the blog?  Let me know your thoughts and I will update you when I make the purchase.


Anonymous said...

Buy movies.. they have DVD and music. Get an expensive collection of your favorites that you would not have bought otherwise or complete set of a favorite classic t.v. show.

Kevin Lett said...

I never made it to Best Buy last night as my wife convinced me they would be closed. I wanted to go today but I took down Christmas decorations instead. Maybe I will finally get to go tomorrow?