Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Been awhile since I posted anything...iPhoto review

It has been awhile since I posted anything.  Work has been hectic but we managed to sneak down to Disney World for a few days earlier in the month.  That was a fast but fun trip!  We bought into the Disney Vacation Club this past summer and all of our points were burning a hole in my pocket!

The big thing I am working on at the moment is a family photo book using iPhoto on my Mac.  It is actually a pretty fast process to populate all of the photos but adding all of the text is a bit of a drag.  After almost twenty years of researching, I am finally trying to put some of what I have found into a published format.  The book pertains to the ancestors of my father's parents, the Letts and Lawsons of Mecklenburg County, Virginia.  I am only going to offer the book to descendants of my grandparents as it is somewhat personal in nature.  When I am done, it will be a nice product...hard-bound and in full color.  I think it will have upward of 200 photos included, dating back to the 1850s.

iPhoto is a pretty neat program.  I am using the built-in templates, placing the photos myself.  You can however simply select an album in iPhoto and it will create the book for you.  See the example below.  In this case I selected the album from our recent Disney World trip and, although I did not actually create the book, you can see the preview of what it would look like.  You can select different styles and it even tells you the approximate price in the bottom, left corner.

Here are a few examples of what I have put together for my family book.  The first example shows photos of my father and his siblings, pieced together in a collage of sorts.  The second example shows a photo of my great-grandparents.  The photo is enlarged to cover the entire page, a half-spread if you will.  It also includes a written history about their family and a detail blurb about the photo.  (Don't pay much attention to any words that you see, I have not proofed anything on the pages.  I have just been trying to fill the space).

When I finish with the book, I think it is going to be about sixty pages and will be quite expensive.  I hope to not price my cousins out of buying one but it will be too expensive for me to give them away.  At any rate, iPhoto is a pretty neat tool.  I find it very neat to play with and extremely powerful in general.

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