Saturday, October 09, 2010

Family Tree Maker 2010 For Mac is Available for Pre-Order

Family Tree Maker - Mac Version

I thought I would mention that Family Tree Maker 2010 is now available for the Mac.  This is the first version they have tried for the Mac, at least in recent memory, so this is a big deal.  I bought a Mac about a month ago and installed Parallels and Windows.  I have therefore been able to use Family Tree Maker on my Mac, for the past month, without buying a Mac version.  The only hold-up I would have with FTM for Mac, would be the compatibility between the files it produces and those the windows version uses.  For example, I open my FTM file at home, on my Mac, and at work on my PC.  If I had the Mac-only version at home, I would probably not be able to easily open the file on my PC at work.  If you only use Mac, the new version would probably be perfect for you.

The best thing, is that if you order now, they will give my readers 20% off if you click the above photo/ad.  Let me know if you buy it and what you think of the program in general.  It looks a lot like the Windows version but my guess is that a Mac version of the program will put Ancestry a step closer to making an iPhone app where you can interact with your Mac, syncing data like Reunion does.

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