Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Make any web page into a PDF file - for free - at PDFmyurl

I came across a neat web site a few weeks ago and finally had time to play with it a bit.  The site, PDFmyurl, has a fairly simple purpose - to make exact copies of web pages for you.  For example, say you wanted to keep a copy of this blog post but you did not want to print it out.  If you went to the PDFmyurl site, and entered this exact web address, they would allow you to download a PDF file of exactly what you see on this page.  This is perfect for genealogist.  We frequently find things online and have trouble documenting that source properly.  With PDFmyurl, you can easily save an exact copy of the entire web page, to your hard drive, and view that page any time in the future.  (Keep in mind that it only copies what is on the specific web page, not the entire web site!)

There really is no catch that I can see with their free service.  PDFmyurl puts a tiny watermark of sorts on the files that you create but it is nothing obtrusive.  You have the option of paying about $10 per year to get the watermarks removed, plus they throw in a few other bells and whistles for that price.  For me, the free versions seems to do just fine.  I do not see where they limit the number of PDFs that you can make., or anything like that.  They even have a free bookmarklet that you can add to your web browser's tool bar for ease of use.  All I have to do is to click the bookmarklet and the page I am on is automatically downloaded as a PDF to my computer.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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