Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Working on USA Family Tree free lessons and Facebook fan page

I have been working on my free genealogy lesson site, USA Family Tree, for the past week or two.  I have spent several hours every night trying to refine the lessons and draw in more subscribers.  I am hit the 1,500 subscriber mark the other night.  I am not exactly setting the genealogy world on fire but that is not too shabby!  I am also thinking about writing a paper for the 2011 National Genealogical Society conference in North Charleston, South Carolina.  Maybe I will get selected to speak down there...we will have to wait and see.  Have any of you do that before, submit a genealogy paper for a conference?  If so, any suggestions?

For the past few weeks, with the holidays and the snow that we had, I have been unable to get down to the state archives.  I am hoping to go there this Saturday since I have not been in such a long time.  (A long time for me is more than a month or two).  I am fortuate to live pretty close to the archives, a luxury I know that many of you do not have.

I also created a Facebook fan page for my genealogy lesson site.  You can check it out here:  USA Family Tree's Facebook Fan Page.  I currently have 184 fans...not too bad for only a few days.

It bother me a little...I cannot help but feel that I am neglecting this blog!  I honestly have not had anything good to add concerning Virginia genealogy so I don't want to waste your time, just for the sake of creating blog posts.  I did also start a new blog associated with my free genealogy lessons, you can see it here.  I have written some good posts there recently, about general genealogical topics.  I really do not like having two blogs but the readers of that one are not so Virginia-oriented.

Well, maybe I will come across something good to share when I go to the archives on Saturday.  If I do, I will let you all know.

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