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Obituary for Pvt. Otho H. Stinnett, USMC of Richmond, died 1960

Richmond Times-Dispatch, June 19, 1960:
"Died Saturday, June 18, 1960, Pvt. Otho H, Stinnett, USMC, of 3257 Cliff Avenue. He is survived by his father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Stinnett; a brother Cavell Wayne Stinnett; two sisters, Mrs. Barbara Gay and Mrs. Winnie Johnson; three half sisters Rosa Lee, Cora May and Tina Marie Stinnett. The remains will rest at the Joseph W. Bliley Funeral Home, Third and Marshall, Tuesday afternoon. Funeral 10 AM Wednesday at St. Paul's Catholic Church. Interment in Mt. Calvary."

Some burials of Bethlem Baptist Church, Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia

I transcribed these many years ago and had them in my notes. This is a very incomplete list but I thought I would throw them out there...

Joseph GONCZI, 10/30/1914 - 1/12/1986
Elizabeth GONCZI, 3/8/1914 - 4/20/1993

Calvin Russell GORDON, 12/17/1939 - 10/23/1984
Ann S. GORDON, no dates, m. 2/24/1962

Charles Edward DAVIS, 8/19/1919 -
Rebecca Lloyd DAVIS, 10/26/1924 -

Larry HOWELL, no dates
Elsie HOWELL, 1935 - 1985

D. S. “Johnny” WRIGHT, no dates
Lora Mae WRIGHT, 1915 -

William A. JEFFERSON, 6/20/1897 - 11/18/1987
Nellie D. JEFFERSON, 8/25/1913 - 5/15/1998

George W. HATCHER, 11/3/1892 - 5/10/1980
Cora E. HATCHER, 3/6/1891 - 9/3/1958

Harold Leon BURRUSS, 5/9/1943 - 10/12/1982

Clyde Hunter EDMONDS, 9/20/1913 - 8/27/1995
Marguerite W. EDMONDS, 8/15/1916 - 6/5/1993

Owen O. STARNES, 9/22/1950 - 7/28/1995, L. Cpl. US Marines Corps, Vietnam

Amanda J. HATCHER, 1854 - 1931

Minnie H. POWERS, 1894 - 1974

Robert E. ISBELL, 10/28/1904 - 11/20/1983
Maude L. ISBELL, 1/17/1907 - 7/9/1980

Willie T. HALL, 7/4/1905 - 7/26/1982
Lorendy K. HALL, 2/15/1910 - 1/19/1996

William Raymond KESSLER, 8/7/1915 - 7/17/1988
Alma Clark KESSLER, 11/4/1912 - 10/8/1982

Thomas Raymond JOHNSTON, 8/4/1911 - 7/21/1994
Stella McNamee JOHNSTON, 5/3/1917 - 1/16/1988

John Fleming ROBINSON, 12/14/1913 - 6/10/1991
Lorene Carter ROBINSON, 8/1/1913 -
Barbara Gale ROBINSON, 8/20/1940 -

Amanda Lynn COURTNEY, 9/13/1991, stillborn
Sarah Paige COURTNEY, 9/30/1991 - 10/13/1991, “Courtney Twins”

O. Linwood MARTIN, 2/22/1918 - 12/19/1995
Alice P. MARTIN, 6/11/1924 - 2/24/1979

Raymond E. KEEN, 8/13/1914 - 6/12/1978, masonic
Margaret H. KEEN, 11/30/1919 -

Carson T. DAVIS, 9/9/1927 - 6/23/1992
Gloria F. DAVIS, 10/2/1931 - 4/3/1987
Deborah D. DAVIS, no dates

Basil M. LUKHARD, 11/25/1909 - 4/17/1977
Edith J. LUKHARD, 2/25/1913 - 8/14/1992

Wayne Lynn HOLMES, 12/26/1948 - 11/5/1950

Gilbert W. HOLMES, 6/14/1912 -
Leonora P. HOLMES, 10/1/1914 - 12/10/1984, m. 4/3/1934

Harvey A. VENNING, 9/18/1920 - 2/15/1995, Cpl. US Army WWII, two stones
Esther B. VENNING, 11/3/1911 - 12/1/1998

Vernelle H. WEAVER, 10/24/1922 - 1/1/1988

John Oliver WEAVER, Sr., 12/12/1921 - 9/29/1979

William DENT, 1/1/1924 - 5/20/1996, US Army WWII

George Walter WEAVER, 9/3/1891 - 10/2/1967

John Travis WEAVER, Jr., 10/15/1865 - 12/15/1920

Josephine WEAVER, 2/19/1896 - 5/18/1918

Gilbert L. WEAVER, 4/22/1920 - 11/25/1944, VA PFC Co. G 158 Inf WWII BSM

Adeline Rachel WEAVER, 2/4/1898 - 6/10/1940

College Cemetery, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia

This cemetery is located in old campus between Blow, Monroe and Tyler Halls off Richmond Road. It is ivy-covered and surrounded with a finely crafted, knee-high brick wall in the colonial style. It bears the following inscription:

This wall has been erected in memory of Col. Benjamin Stoddert Ewell President of the College of William and Mary 1854-1888.

There are three graves in the cemetery but there is room for several more.

The tombstone of Lucian Minor is a very tall marble obelisk inscribed on four surfaces. They are as follows:

Lucian Minor
Born in Louisa County, VA
April 24th 1802
Died July 8th 1858

In Williamsburg where, he discharged his duties, as professor of Law in William and Mary with Diligence and Success.

The Sons of Temperance of Virginia in honor of his exalted worth as a man, a Scholar and a Christian, his early, Consistent and able support of Temperance, have erected this monument to their departed brother and P. G. W. A. Lucian Minor, useful in life “his works do follow him.”

“Engrave his virtues on the tablets of enduring memory, that you may learn to imitate them.”

Love for his race; Purity of purpose: and Fidelity to every obligation, distinguished him in all the relations of life. We would cherish his memory, honor his name, and imitate his example.

The stone of Benjamin Ewell is granite and about four feet tall by three feet wide.

Benjamin Stoddert Ewell
1810 - 1894

President of William and Mary 1854 - 1888. Colonel Thirty-Second Regiment Virginia Volunteers CSA. The Reopening of the College in 1865 was due to his courage and Fidelity by Ringing the bell during the silent years from 1881 to 1888 when the college was closed he preserved its charter.

The grave of Thomas Snead is marked with both a headstone and foot stone. The main stone is about three and a half feet tall by three feet wide and is of sandstone. Its inscription is becoming hard to read and required a rubbing to get some of the information. The foot stone bears the initials T. T. L. S. It is a smaller version of the headstone.

In memory of
Capt. Thomas T. L. Snead
son of
Henrietta & George Snead
Born in Accomac County
March 20th 1832
Died in Williamsburg
July 3, 1872

From 1852 till his death he was connected with the College of William and Mary as Student and Professor. A brave defender of VA’s Rights, an approved instructor, an accomplished mathematician, he enjoyed the esteem and love of the community in which he so long lived and labored.

Book Review: "Caroline County Virginia Court Records, 1742-1833 & Marriages 1782-1810" with Last Name Index A-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index of "Caroline County Virginia Court Records, 1742-1833 & Marriages 1782-1810", transcribed & edited by William Lindsay Hopkins,1987, reprinted 1995, 8x10, 197 pages with index, perfect-bound, paperback, printed on acid-free stock by New Papyrus Publishing of Athens, Georgia. Caroline County was established in 1728 from portions of Essex, King and Queen and King William Counties and suffered major losses of its records over time so this book is a valuable resource. It contains many chancery suits, court records and papers, legislative petitions, appeals and land causes, wills, historical papers, criminal suits, estate papers, guardian papers and marriages.

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Suit of Churchill Blakey administrator of his wife, Ann Blackey, decd., who was Ann Chowning a daughter of William Chowning, decd., John Chowning and Catherine Chowning his wife another daughter of William Chowning, decd., and William T. Yerby, executor of Lucy Street, decd., who was another daughter of William Chowning, decd., in chancery court in Williamsburg in 1809 against William Newby and Pritchard Newby, administrators of Oswald Newby, decd. 12 May 1811"
  • "Graves, Benjamin and Sarah Martin, daughter of John Martin, 24 Jan 1804. Sec. and Wit: William Guy Sears. Pt. 1, p. 7"
The following is a list of names made from an index at the end of the book:

Abbott Abraham Abrahams Acre Adams Adcock Aimes Alcock Alexander Allen Allport Almond Alsoop Alsop Ames Amiss Amos Ancarrow Anderson Andrews Apperson Archer Armatt Armistead Armstrong Armistead Asker Atkins Atkinson Atkinston Austin Auston Ayers Ayres Aytette Baber Badgar Bagby Baggott Bagot Bailey Baily Baker Baley Baliey Ball Ballard Bankhead Banks Barbee Barbour Barby Barker Barlow Barnes Barnett Barnett Barret Barrett Bartin Bassett Bastian Bates Battaile Battalie Baughan Bautes Baxter Bayler Baylor Baynham Beacham Beale Beazley Beck Beckham Beckwith Bell Bench Bendal Bendall Benness Berkley Bernard Berriman Berry Berryman Bertier Beverely Beverley Bibb Bill Bird Blackburb Blackburn Blackey Blackston Blackwell Blake Blakey Blanton Bloxton Blunt Boggs Bogle Bohannon Boler Boleware Bolin Botware Bonds Booker Booten Booth Bosher Bosley Bostey Boulawre Boulware Bourn Bourne Bousher Boutwell Bowcock Bowen Bowers Bowie Bowlar Bowler Bowles Braddus Bradford Bradley Brame Bramham Branan Brand Branghile Branham Bransam Branscome Bransom Bransome Bransum Braoddus Braxton Bream Breedlove Bridgeford Bridger Bridges Briggs Broaddus Broadie Broadnax Broadus Brock Briokenbrough Broks Bromfield Bromley Brook Brooke Brookes Brooking Brooks Brown Browne Bruce Brumley Brumskill Bryant Buchannon Buckanan Bucker Buckhannon Buckner Bullard Bullock Bumpass Burch Burchell Burk Burke Burnett Burnley Burriss Burroughes Burrus Burruss Burton Burwell Bush Butler Buynnam Caffrey Calhoun Callis Calliss Cammack Camp Campbell Cannaday Cannon Care Carlton Carmichael Carnal Carnall Carnel Carnmack Carnnock Carpenter Carr Carrick Carrington Carter Carton Cary Cash Catlett Catling Chadwell Chamberlayne Champe Chandider Chandler Chapman Charlton Chash Cheadle Chesault Chenalt Chenault Cheny Chevis Chew Chewning Chick Chiles Chivis Chloon Chowning Christian Churchill Ciff Cissel Claiborne Clank Clare Clark Clarke Clator Clatterbuck Clayton Claytor Clear Cleer Cleere Cleft Clere Clift Clough Coarts Coats Cobb Cobbs Cocks Cockrell Cocks Cogbill Coghill Cogwill Coke Colburt Cole Coleburn Colemam Coleman Collier Collinc Collins Colquhoun Colston Commock Conduit Conner Connor Connors Conquest Conway Conyers Cook Cooper Copeland Corbin Corr Cosby Coventon Covington Cox Crank Crarnall Crawford Crease Credle Creedie Creighton Crenshaw Crew Crieghton Crittended Crittenden Cross Crossley Crouch Croucher Crow Crowchin Crutcher Crutchfield Cunningham Curtis Custis Dabney Daingerfield Dalgame Dalgan Dalton Dandridge Dangerfield Daniel Danner Danniel Dannile Daoggett Darby Darnabay Darnaby Davenport Davey Davis Davy Day Dean Deavenport Defoe Dejarnett Dejarnette Demure Deshazo Deshazor Deval Devenport Dew Dewner Dialake Dick Dicken Dickensen Dickenson Dickerson Dickeson Dickins Dickinson Dickson Digges Dillard Dingle Dishman Dismickos Dismikes Dismukes Dixon Dod Dodd Dogel Dogget Doggett Doles Donahoe Donaphan Eonelly Doniphan Doniphan Donohoe Doswell Douglas Douglass Dowles Downen Downer Downing Doyle Drake Driver Drummond Drury Dudley Duerson Dueson Dugand Duke Duling Duncan Dunlop Dunn Dunston Durett Durrett Duval Duvalls Dye Eyer Earnest Eastin Edbank Eddleton Ederington Edge Edmunds Edmundson Edward Edwards Elgin Elington Elkin Elkins Ellerson Elliot Elliott Ellis Emmerson Ennis Estes Estis Eubank Evans Faber Fagg Fale Fant Farish Farley Farmer Farrell Faulkner Favor Favoure Fawcett Fennell Ferrell Field Fields Filander Fisher Fitzgerald Fitzhugh Flagg Fleet Fletcher Flippo Flood Floretta Floyd Foot Forbes Foreacres Forston Fortson Fortun Fortune Foster Fourshee Fowler Fox Francis Frank Frazer Freeman French Frensley Freshy Frippo Froner Frost Fry Fulcher Fuller Fullerton Fulshire Fulton Gadberry Gaines Gains Gale Galvan Gannt Gardner Garland Garnete Garnett Garret Garrett Garrick Gary Gatchell Gatewood Gatewwod Gatewwood Gaunt Gayle George Gervis Gibson Gilchrist Gillis Gillmore Gimbo Giulmore Glanton Glassell Gleason Gleeson Glover Goen Goin Going Goldman Goldsby Gooch Goodall Goode Goodloe Goodrih Goodright Goodwin Gordon Gouge Goulden Gouldin Goulding Gouldman Govan Grafton Graham Granham Grant Gravatt Graves Gray Green Gregor Gregory Griffin Grimes Grinnan Grubbs Grymes Guillintine Guines Guirey Gunnell Gutherie Guthrie Guy Gwathmey Gymymes Hackett Hackney Haden Haggard Haile Hailey Hale Haley Hall Hallam Halley Halsop Hamilton Hampton Hansbrough Hardin Harding Hargrave Hargrove Harnal Harney Harris Harrison Harrow Harris Hart Hartgrave Harvey Harwood Haskins Haslep Hatton Hawes Hawkins Haws Hay Haynes Hayns Hazen Healey Helms Henderson Henedge Henley Henseley Henshaw Herd Herndon Heslop Hewes Hewlett Hibbert Hickman Hickmond Hicks Higgin Hildrup Hill Hilldrup Hillyard Hinchman Hipkins Hoard Hodges Hogan Holdfast Holladay Holloway Holly Holmes Holt Hoomes Hooper Hope Hopkins Hord Horn Horner Hoskins Houston Howard Howel Howle Hubbard Hudgen Hudgin Hudgins Hudson Hughes Hulett Hume Humes Humphrey Hundley Hunter Hurd Hurt Husten Hutchenson Hutcherson Hutcheson Hutchinson Hutcon Hutson Ingram Ingrinn Innis Ireland Irion Isbel Isbell Jackson Jacob Jacobs Jamerson James Jameson Jarrell Jefferies Jennings Jerdone Jerrell Jesse Jeter Johnes Johnson Johnston Jones Jordan Jordon Jourdan Joyce Julian Kannon Kay Kee Keeble Keesee Keeton Keeze Kelley Kelly Kelson Kemp Kenner Kenyon Kidd King Kirtley Knete Knise Lackey Lacy Lafon Lafond Lafong Lambeth Lamont Landeris Landrum Lang Lark Laughlin Laurence Lawless Lawrence Lawry Lawson Layne Leckie Ledwidge Lee Lefoe Leigh Lendrum Letuz Levert Lewis Leyas Lightfoot Lilley Lilly Linch Lindsay Line Lipscomb Littlepage Livingston Lloyd Lomar Lomax Long Longest Lorman Louis Loury Lovel Lovell Lovern Lovin Loving Lovorn Lovoron Lowry Lucas Luck Lumpkin Lumpkins Lungston Lunsford Lurles Lutuz Lynch Lyndsay Lyon Lyons Mcarthur Mcausland Mccall Mccallister Mccandish Mccarthy Mccarty Mcclannahan Mcconll Mcdaniel Mcdonald Mcdowell Mcfarland Mcgehee Mcghee Mcgrath Mcgraw Mcintire Mckee Mckenny Mclaughlin Mcpherson Mcwillliams Macfarlane Machgehee Mackee Macon Madison Magrah Magruder Maham Mahon Malone Mann Marable Marr Marriner Marshall Martin Mason Massey Massie Masterson Matheson Matthews Maudin Maulden Mauldin Maulding Maury Mayfield Maylane Mayo Meacham Meadow Meause Meaux Melone Meone Mercer Meriott Merreman Merrett Merrill Merrinen Merriner Merrit Merriwether Merry Merryman Mews Michael Micou Middlebrook Milk Miller Mills Minor Mitchel Mitchell Molen Molin Molineaux Molth Moncure Monday Monroe Montague Moody Moor Moore Mooring Moorman Moren Morey Morgan Morrow Morton Mosby Moss Motley Moulding Moulson Mourning Mulhollin Mulinburg Mullen Mullencan Mullin Mullins Mullinsax Muncaster Munday Mundle Munford Murdock Murphy Murrah Murray Murrow Murry Muse Mustin Napier Nater Neale Nelb Nelson New Newby Newman Newton Nicholas Nicholson Nobb Noden Noel Noell Nokes Noot Norment Norris Northrop Northrup Northup Norton Nott Nutgrass O'Neal Oldham Oliphant Oliver Oneal Orr Owens Page Pagett Paine Pair Pare Parish Parke Parker Parkes Parnard Parr Parrott Parsons Partelow Partlow Pasco Patterson Pattey Pattie Patton Payne Peake Pearson Peatross Peirce Pemberton Pemebeton Pendleton Penny Pentvin Perkins Perks Perry Petereman Peterman Pettis Pettite Pettus Peyton Philippo Philips Phillips Picardati Piccadat Pickele Pickett Pickington Picklel Pickles Pierce Pilcher Pilkerton Pitt Pittman Pitts Poe Polk Pollard Pollet Pollett Poltney Pope Portch Porter Porterfield Post Powell Powers Prager Pratt Prewet Price Priddie Pritchard Proper Prosper Pruett Pruit Prunty Pugh Pullar Pullen Puller Purkes Purks Quarles Quincey Quisenberry Quisenbery Radford Ragan Ragans Ragsdaleraines Rains Rallins Ramsey Randolph Ranes Rawlings Rawlins Ray Readick Red Redd Reddick Reddish Reddisk Reddock Redford Redock Reeve Reid Reins ennolds Reynolds Rice Richards Richardson Richerson Richeson Rickie Riddle Riding Ridle Riggin Ritchie Rives Roane Robb Roberson Robert Roberts Robertson Robins Robinson Roffe Rogers Roland Rolands Rollins Rootes Rose Ross Rotherick Rotherinck Rothrick Rothrock Rougee Rouse Row Rowe Rows Rowyer Rowzee Roy Royston Rozel Ruffin Runday Russel Russell Rutherford Ryland Sacra Sacrae Sacre Sacry Sale Sallinger Salughter Sampson Samuel Samuels Sanders Sanson Satterwhite Saunders Saunderson Scandland Scantland Schooler Schools Scinn Scott Scranage Scrannage Scrimshaw Seysel Seal Sears Seaton Seay Seddong Sedwick See Segar Seizer Seizor Self Semmes Semple Shackleford Shaddock Shadock Sharp Shaw Shepherd Sheppard Sherley Sherrard Shewsbury Shields Ship Shirley Shop Simmons Simons Simpson Sirls Sissel Sissele Sizer Skeetright Skelton Skinker Skinner Slaughter Sledd Smart Smelter Smith Smithers Smithey Smock Snead Sneed Snyder Sommerson Sorill Sorrel Sorrell Sorril Sorrill Southerland Southword Southworth Spencer Spindle Spotswood Spratt St.John Stanard Stand Standard Standley Stanley Starke Steagall Steele Stephens Stern Sterne Stevens Stevenson Stewart Sthreshley Stiff Stiglar Still Stockton Stokes Stone Stonefield Street Streshey Streshley Strother Stuart Stubblefled Stubblefield Stubbs Subtle Sullenger Sullivan Summerson Sutton Swan Swann Swingston Swinton Syms Tabb Tabor Talbert Talbot Taliferro Talley Tamplin Tankersley Tankersly Tarlton Tarrant Tarrent Tate Taylor Teller Temple Tenant Tennant Tennent Terrell Terrill Terry Thacker Thillmn Thilman Thomas8 Thomley Thompkins Thompson Thomson Thornley Thornton Thorpe Throckmorton Thurston Thwortes Tiffany Tignor Tiller Timberlake Tinsbloom Tinsley Tisdale Tod Todd Toler Tomas Tombs Tompkins Toombs Tooms Towles Townsend Trainham Trainum Tranham Trevelian Trevillian Tribble Trible Trigg Triplett Trouk True Trueman Tryee Tuck Tucker Tuning Tunsley Tunstal Tunstall Tupman Turberville Turner Turning Turpin Tutt Tyler Tyre Tyree Umbrickhouse Underwoiod Upshaw Usher Valentine Vass Vaughan Vawter Venable Vest Vidal Vowles Waddle Wade Walden Wales Walker Waller Walsh Warden Ware Wariing Warren Washington Waters Watkins Watts Waugh Waytt Weatherford Weathers Webb Webster Welch Wellford Wellford Welsh West Wharton White Whiting Whitlock Whittecoe Whittico Whitton Wiatt Wickham Wigglesworth Wild Wiley Willard Williams Williamson Willis Willmore Wilson Willy Wilmore Wilson Win Wingfield Winn Winston Wise Wiseger Wiswall Withers Wood Woodfolk Woodford Woodson Woodward Woolfolk Woolford Wormley Wortham Wray Wrenn Wright Wrigth Wrilcherson Wyatt Yancy Yarborough Yarbrough Yates Yaxley Yeatman Yerby Young Zolicoffer

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Book Review: "Giles County, Virginia Marriages 1806-1850" with Last Name Index A-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s "Giles County, Virginia Marriages 1806-1850", 147 pages, indices, figure, map. Giles County was established in 1806 from Montgomery County and portions of Monroe and Tazewell counties. Parts of Wythe, Monroe, Mercer, Craig and Tazewell were added later. The 1,498 marriage records in this volume are particularly complete and contain both ministers' returns and surety bonds. Accompanying data in most records includes minister's name, bondsman, and occasionally parents and relatives' names. This is a soft cover reprint of a 1985 original, printed by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia.

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Wyrick Ephraim & Isabella Morrison 12 Jun 1847; b - John H Hoge; Isabella's parents both dead; she of age and sister of John & William Morrison"
  • "Hudson George & Hannah Shannon 2 Nov 1812; b - Thomas Shannon & Isaac Hudson"
The following is a list of names made from a surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Abbott Acord Adams Adkins Aiken Akard Akins Albert Aldrige Alford Allen Allison Alvis Amiss Anderson Asbury Atkins Bailey Baines Baker Baldwin Baley Ball Ballard Ballinger Bane Baren Barger Barnes Barnet Barton Bassham Bellsher Belsher Biggs Bish Black Blackwell Blake Blankenship Bogal Bogle Boize Boling Bolen Bolton Boothe Bord Borgass Boster Boulton Bowen Bowling Boyd Boyle Bradley Bradly Bralley Brannon Bratton Breedlove Brians Brooks Brown Broyles Bruce Brugh Brumfield Brunk Bueford Bueley Burdit Burditt Burgess Burgis Burk Burnes Burnside Burton Butler Byres Caddale Cadle Caldwell Callaway Calwell Camp Campbell Campber Canterberry Canterbury Caperton Carbaugh Carpenter Carper Carr Carson Carter Case Cassaday Cecil Chalton Chambers Champ Chanceauline Chandler Channels Chapman Charlton Christen Christian Claiborn Clair Clark Clay Clear Clemings Cledenin Cliborn Clyborn Clybourn Clybourne Clyburn Cobun Coburn Cofman Cole Collins Comer Commac Commerford Compton Conley Connaford Conner Cook Cooke Cookey Cooper Copley Corder Cox Crawford Cray Criner Cron Cross Croy Crozier Cunningham Dailey Dair Dale Dalton Damewood Danieley Dare Darr Davidson Davis Daw Dawson Day Decamp Deaton Dempsey Denning Depew Deskins Diamond Dick Dickenson Dillion Dillon Dimond Dingess Dollman Doss Dosset Douthat Dowdey Dowdy Drake Duglas Dugless Duncan Dunford Dunn Eagleson Eagleston Eahart Eakin Eakles Early Eaton Eckhols Eckoles Eckols Edgar Elam Elkens Ellis Ellison Elmore Emmens Emmons Eplin Epling Errickson Errikson Evans Fannan Fannin Fanning Fannon Fargason Farley Farmer Farrier Faudree Fellows Ferrel Ferrell Fielder Fillenger Fillinger Finley Fisher Fizer Fleck Fletcher Flick Flowers Folden Ford Fortner Foster Fowler Franklin Frazier French Frenor Fry Frye Fusten Ganeo Gannoe Ganoe Gant Garr Garrason Garrell Garreston Garrison George Gerald Gerrel Gillespie Givens Godfary Gonoe Gordan Gore Graham Grant Greever Gregory Griggs Grose Gross Gunno Gunoe Guthry Hacket Hackett Hackney Hager Hale Hall Halls Hamblin Hamilton Hammon Hammonds Hammons Handy Hare Haress Hargrow Harless Harlow Harman Harmon Harper Harress Harris Harriss Harvey Hatcher Havens Hawley Headrick Hearn Heatherington Hector Hedrick Helm Helvey Henderson Hendrick Hendrickson Hetherington Hicks Higginbotham Hill Hine Hipes Hiveley Hoback Hobbs Hobson Hodge Hodges Hoge Holdren Holstein Holstine Homes Honaker Houchins Howard Hudson Huffman Hughes Hughet Hughs Hull Humpries Hunt Hunter Hurt Hutcheson Hutchinson Hutchison Hutsell Hykes Hypes Ingram Irvin Jackson Jacobs James Jarrel Jenkins Jenks Jinkins Johnson Johnston Jones Jordan Jourden Jurdon Karr Keaster Keatley Keaton Kee Keeny Keester Keetley Keffer Keister Kelley Kelly Kenison Kerr Kesler Kesner Kessenger Kessinger Kessler Kester Key Kiblinger Kilpatrick King Kingley Kinnison Kinzie Kinzley Kirk Kissinger Knode Kyle Lafon Labe Lafon Lamb Lambert Landrum Lawery Lawhorn Lawson Leffel Leftwich Leftwick Lester Lilley Lilly Lindbury Lindsey Link Linkous Linsey Little Littlepage Lock Looney Loucks Loukes Louks Lowe Lucas Ludwick Lugar Luger Lumpkin Lusk Lybrook Mahaney Mahood Man Mann Mannan Manning Mannon Marigold Marrs Marshall Martain Martian Martin Mason Mattox Maupin Mawles Maxey Maxwell Maxy May Mays McBryans McClaugherty McClure McComack McComes McCommas McCormic McCoy McCrary McCrasky McCroskey McDaniel McDonald McDowel McDowell McFaddin McGuire McKany McKenny McKenzie McNeal McNeel McNeely McNeil McNutt McPhersey McPherson McVey Meador Meadow Meadows Melvin Meredith Milam Miles Miller Mills Minner Minnick Minnon Mitchel Mitchell Moody Moomaw Mooney Moor Moore Mopin Morgan Morhead Morrison Moser Moses Moss Mozie Mullin Mullins Muncy Munsey Murphy Mustard Myers Napier Nausler Neal Neel Neely Nell Nicewander Nicewonder Nida Nidah Niday Nidy Nighdy Nisewonder Nosler Oliver Olliver Oney Orr Overhalser Overholser Pack Pain Pane Parsons Parvin Patterson Patton Pauley Payne Peak Pearis Peary Peck Peeling Pence Pendleton Pennington Pennington Penturf Perdue Perkins Perry Persons Peters Petrey Pettry Pflieger Phillips Phipps Phips Piles Pine Pines Pitman Plemale Plimale Ponturf Pool Porterfield Powel Powers Prewett Prewit Price Prince Pruet Pruitt Pruitt Purdue Purven Rains Ray Read Reader Redaford Reed Reynolds Rice Richards Rider Rigby Right Rinehart Rineheart Ringer Rise Ritter Roberts Robertson Robeson Robinett Robinson Robison Rock Roland Rose Ross Row Rowe Rowland Rumburg Runion Runnion Ruthledge Rutter Rye Sadler Sanders Sartain Sarten Sartin Saron Sarver Saunders Sawer Sawyers Scot Scott Sententaffer Shaley Shanklin Shannon Shauver Shelton Shephard Shepherd Shrader Shrewsberr Shrewsbury Shumate Sifford Simkins Simmon Simmons Simpkins Simpson Sleeth Smith Snaveley Snidow Snodgrass Solesberry Solesbury Solsbirry Solsbury Souder Southern Southrene Spangler Sparr StClair Stafford Stadley Stanferd Starling Steel Steele Step Stephens Stewart Stinson Stone Stot Stott Stover Stowers Strader Straley Stuart Stump Sublet Sublett Summerfield Summers Sumpkins Sumpter Suter Tabor Tade Tankersly Tate Tawney Taylor Teel Terry Thacker Tharn Thomas Thompson Thompspn Thorn Thornton Tickel Tickle Tiffany Tiller Tillet Tillett Toler Tomlinson Toney Toodle Tracey Tracy Tredway Trenor Trent Trout Troutt Tucker Tutle Upton Vandel Vass Vaughan Vaughn Vaught Vaun Vaut Vawter Venable Viney Vohn Vought Waddell Waddle Wade Waggoner Walker Wall Walters Warren Watters Watts Weakline Webb Weddle Welbern Welbourne Welles West Westlake Wheeler Whitaker White Whitescarver Whitiker Whitten Whittiker Wickline Wikel Wikle Wilbern Wilbourn Wilbourne Wilburn Wiley Williams Willis Wills Wilmore Wilson Wimmer Wingo Wise Wohlford Woodford Woodram Woods Woodyard Woolford Woolhight Woolwine Work Workman Worley Wray Wright Wyrick Wysong Young Younger

Again, if you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

Book Review: "Charles City County, Virginia Records 1737-1774" with Last Name Index A-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index of Benjamin B. Weisiger, III's "Charles City County, Virginia Records 1737-1774." The book contains 201 pages, including a full name index, with abstracts of wills and deeds, 1763-1774, references to wills, estates, orphans, etc. in the Court Order Books, 1737-1761, a few fragments of wills, deeds and court orders, 1689-1690 and 1641-1642, and some loose documents.

This is a soft cover reprint of a 1986 original, printed by Iberian Publishing Company. of Athens, Georgia.

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "June Court 1745 p. 360 Deed of John New to Col. Benjamin Harrison proved by Beverley Randolph and John Stith."
  • "July Court 1737 p. 11 Will of John Roper, dec'd, presented by Susanna Roper, William Roper and Joseph Roper, the executors, and proved by Thomas Bryan, John Marshall and Thomas Alfriend. Philip Smith, James Christian, Charles Christian and John Bradly to appraise the estate."
The following is a list of names made from a full name index at the back of the book:

Abernathy Acrill Adams Addams Addison Adwell Akin Alain Alfriend Allan Allee Allen Ampee Anderson Andros Apperson Arbuthnot Archer Armistead Aston Atchison Atkins Atkinson Austin Avery Ayres Bachurst Backburst Backhurst Backurst Bacon Bailey Baird Baiser Baker Balfour Ballard Barham Barloe Barlow Barnes Barnet Barnett Barns Barr Barrat Barret Barrett Barrows Barrum Bartholomew Baskervyle Bates Batt Batte Batty Baxter Bayles Beadle Beale Beasly Becket Bell Bendall Benford Berkeley Bettingham Bevel Binford Binns Bins Birchett Bird Bishop Bishopp Black Blagrave Blair Blanchet Blanchvill Blancks Bland Blande Blanks Bleighton Blighton Boarman Boate Boice Bolcye Boiseau Bolling Booker Boram Borum Bosman Bott Bowery Bowry Boyce Bradford Bradley Bradly Branch Brandy Bray Breedlove Bressie Brewer Bristow Broadnax Broadrib Broady Brock Brodnax Broadnex Brookes Brooks Brown Brun Brunskill Bryan Buchanan Buck Bullifant Bullock Burbidge Burch Burchard Burge Burlap Burrum Burton Busby Butler Butts Buxton Byrd Bywater Cain Calvert Campbell Cane Cannon Cantrell Carle Carlos Carrington Carsan Carter Cary Cate Chancey Changely Chaplin Chapman Chappell Chapple Charles Chavis Childers Childres Childs Chilton Christian Cittle Clark Clarke Clay Clayton Clement Clerk Clopton Coates Cock Cocke Cocker Coe Coggs Colled Cole Coleman Coles Coley Colgin Collawn Collier Collins Conner Cooke Cooper Copley Corbett Cordle Corley Corlie Cosby Cotten Cowles Cowley Cox Craddock Cradock Cradocke Crag Craig Crawley Creech Creedle Crew Crews Crigton Crittenden Crook Crosland Cross Crump Crutchfield Cryer Cumbo Cureton Curl Curry Dalgliesh Dancy Dandridge Dane Daniel Daniell Danyel Danza Danzee Danzie Darrell Davenport Davidson Davies Davis Davison Dawes Daws Dawson Day Dean Debnam Delony Dennis Denson Depton Despain Dewest Dewey Dison Dispain Dixon Dodson Dollard Donald Donaldson Douglass Dove Dowglas Downes Dowry Drake Drawsey Drinkard Drinkwater Dudley Duke Dun Dunn Durfey East Edloe Edlow Edmondson Edmunds Edwards Eelbank Egman Egmon Ellerbee Ellet Elliott Ellot Ellyson Elon Emerson Emery Emory Emson Epes Eppes Epps Evans Evans Eventon Everitt Evington Evinton Ezell Fallowes Fano Faque Farley Farrah Farrell Faulkner Fear Feild Fellowes Fennel Fewqua Finch Finn Fisher Flack Flanders Flewellen Flewelin Flood Floriday Flowers Floyd Fludd Follis Fointain Fontaine Ford Foster Fountain Fowler Franklin Fry Fuglar Fugler Fulford Fuqua Gabernor Gains Galloford Galloway Ganaway Gardiner Gardner Garland Garrat Garthright Gary Gay Gayton Gee Geers Gent Gilbert Gill Gillam Gilley Gilliam Gillum Gilly Glass Glen Glover Godwin Goeing Goffe Golightly Golloford Good Goodall Gooding Goodrich Goodwin Gordan Gordon Gouge Gough Gower Grant Graves Gray Green Gregory Grendon Gresset Grice Griffith Grig Grinsell Grissell Grisset Gross Grosse Gunn Gunne Gutt Hagues Haller Hailes Hale Hales Haley Hall Halt Hamblin Hamelin Hamlet Hamlett Hamlin Handey Handy Hansford Happer Harddie Harden Hardeway Hardiman Hardin Harding Hardyman Hare Harfeild Harman Harmon Harper Harris Harrison Harriss Harryson Hartwell Harvey Harwood Haslet Hatley Hay Hayes Hayles Heard Heath Hemings Hendrick Henman Herman Hewlett Heymon Hickman Hight Hill Hilliard Hillman Hilyard Hinge Hinitraee Hinman Hitchcock Hix Hobbs Hobday Hoborn Hockaday Hockady Hoder Hodges Hoe Hogwood Holcroft Holdcroft Holdsworth Hollins Holman Holmes Holsworth Holt Holway Homes Hood Hopes Hopkins Hore Houlsworth Howard Howell Howl Hoy Hubbard Hudson Hughes Hulme Humblee Humbles Hunt Hurt Huston Hylliard Hylton Ingram Irby Ireland Ivy Jackson Jameson Jane Jarratt Jarrett Jasper Jefferson Jenkins Jennings Johnson Jolley Jolly Jones Jooll Jordan Jorden Joslin Justice Justis Kellsey Kelshaw Kendall Kennon Kenny King Kirk Lacy Lad Ladd Lamb Lamport Land Lanear Langford Lanier Lankford Lansdon Lark Law Lawed Lawson Lead Leadbetter Ledbetter Lee Lenard Lend Lennard Lennon Leonard Lester Lewellin Lewis Lide Lightfoot Lilley Lilly Limbry Linzey Linzie Littlepage Loftis Lorton Loyd Lucas Lucy Ludlowe Luellin Lunn M'Cormack Mabree Mabry Maccraw Mackenny Mackie Maclain Maclin MacWilliams Maddox Majhar Major Makenny Manlove Maples Marion Marks Marrable Marrible Marshal Marshall Marston Martin Matthews Matthis Mattock Mattocks Mayes Maynard Mayton McBrown McCall McCarter McCaul McCurdy McFarland McKenny McManners McMannis Meekins Meldrum Melton Menefie Mercer Merredeth Merry Mhrrell Michell Middlebrook Middleton Miles Miller Minetree Minge Minitree Minson Mitchell Mollison Monfort Monger Montford Moody Moon Moony Moor Moore Mooreland Morecock Morell Morgan Morris Morriss Moseley Mosher Moss Mossom Mountcastle Munford Muraock Murdock Murrall Murrel Murrell Nance Neale Needles Netherland New Newell Newhouse Newman Newton Nicholson Norden North Novill Nowell Ogden Oglesby Oglesby Osborn Osborne Osling Otey Oulton Overbury Owen Paisley Parham Parish Parke Parker Parrish Parsons Partin Pate Pateson Patison Patteson Paul Pavely Pawlett Paybey Paybie Payne Peacock Pearman Pearse Pearson Pegram Peirce Perkins Perry Peters Peterson Petteway Pettus Pettway Pharoah Pharoan Philips Phillips Phipps Picket Pierepont Pinckard Pleasants Poindexter Pointer Polluck Pooke Poor Potts Povall Povey Poynter Poynton Poythress Poythris Prentis Pretlow Prewett Price Prior Pritchard Proctor Pruit Pryce Pucket Pully Pybus Quigen Quiggins Quigin Quiging Quigins Radford Randolph Rany Read Recorded Redye Reekes Relves Reynolds Richarde Richardson Rickman Riddlehurst Ridlehurst Ridley Rill Rivers Rix Roach Roberts Robinson Rock Rodger Rodgers Rogers Rook Roper Ross Roughly Rouse Routon Rowland Royal Royall Royer Royster Rudder Rumford Russel Russell Saffold Salmon Sampson Samson Samuel Sanborne Saylor Scarborough Sciater Scott Scruggs Sealey Sepeton Sharp Shearman Shell Shepfiel Sherman Sherwood Shields Shore Shorte Sildom Simons Skelton Skinner Skipwith Slade Slaughter Small Smith Snukes Soan Soane Sorrel Southall Sowerby Spain Speed Speirs Spencer Spies Spragans Spraggins Spragin Spragins Stagg Stainup Stanford Stanley Stanly Stark Stevens Stiff Stith Stoakes Stokes Stone Story Strange Strick Stroud Stuart Stubblefield Sutton Sykes Symond Symonds Symons Talbot Talbott Tanner Tatem Tavey Taylor Temple Tenman Terrel Terrell Terrendine Terril Terrill Thackston Thaxton Thomas Thiompson Thomson Thweatt Tibbett Tibbott Tilesy Tilman Timberelake Tinsley Tod Todd Toler Tompkins Tompson Tomson Torborn Towler Townly Townsend Travis Tree Trotman Tucker Turberville Turbervyle Turff Turner Turpin Tye Tyler Tyree Vaiden Valentine Vaughan Vaughn Vernon Vinson Viscount Waddill Wade Walker Wall Wallace Walthall Walton Warburton Ward Ware Warren Watson Wayles Weaver Webster Weir Wells Wendey West Westwood Wetherspoon White Whittbey Wiat Wilcocke Wilcox Wilkerson Wilkins Wilkinson Willard Willcocks Willcox Williams Wills Willson Wilson Winbush Winkles Winn Winston Wise Womack Wood Woodard Woodcock Woodfin Woodford Woodham Woodhouse Woodleif Woodson Woodward Worleigh Wortham Wright Wyatt Wynn Wynne Yardley Young Younge Yuile

Again, if you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

Book Review: "St. James Northam Parish Vestry Book 1744-1850" with Last Name Index A-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index of William Lindsay Hopkins' "St. James Northam Parish Vestry Book 1744-1850", 129 pages with a full name index. This volume contains all of the parish vestry business including the important "processioning of lands" which took place every four years and many times names the land owners and the men who were doing the processioning. A wonderful collection of data on early Goochland County society. This is a paperback reprint, of a 1987 original, by Iberian Publishing Company of Athens, Georgia.

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

Here is a sample entry from the book:
  • "Vestry at Beaverdam Church (not dated) - Present: Joseph Pollard, John Payne, George Payne, William Miller, Josias Payne, William Pryor, John Woodson and Noel Burton, Gent. Vestrymen. For viewing the work done by William Langham who undertook to build a church in an agreement dated 10 Mar 1760 by Joseph Pollard and William Stamps, two of the then Vestrymen."
The following is a list of names made from the surname index at the back of the book:

Acough Adams Addams Albritain Albritton Alcough Alford Allen Alsup Amos Anderson Ascough Askew Backer Bailey Ballow Banks Barker Barket Barnett Barrat Barrt Bates Baughan Bayley Bibb Bibbe Birk Blackwell Blockley Blunkal Blunkall Boling Bolling Bowles Bradshaw Brild Britt Brooks Brown Bryant Bryce Buchanan Bullington Bullock Burton Butts Byrd Cabbell Caldwell Camron Cannon Canon Carden Carding Carlyle Carmon Carr Carrel Carrell Carril Carter Cawthomn Cawthon Cawthorn Chanceller Chancellor Chancelor Chanseller Charis Cheadale Cheatwood Childress Chowning Chownings Christian Christon Churchel Churchwell Churchwill Clark Clarke Clarkson Clayton Clement Clements Clopton Cloudas Clowdas Cocke Coke Coker Cole Coleman Coles Collins Cols Cooke Cosby Cowley Cox Cragwall Cragwell Crenshaw Croc Crossley Crouch Crow Cunningham Curddailey Daniel Davis Dawson Denye Dismukes Dougham Douglass Dowel Drumright Drumwright Dunn Duval Dyke Dykes East Edwards Eldridge Ellis England Eubamk Evan Evans Farmer Farrar Fergerson Ferguson Fitzo Fleming Ford Forgerson French Fry Galt Garland Garvin Gavin Geone George Gilham Gillam Gilliam Gillium Gist Glass Going Goode Gorden Gording Gordon Grant Graves Gray Green Gresham Griffin Griffis Griffith Griffiths Grubbs Guerrant Guerrrant Gwin Hackaby Haden Hall Hancock Harding Haris Harrar Harriosn Harris Harrison Hatcher Hatton Hayden Heath Henderson Henley Herdon Herndon Hicks Hill Hines Hins Hix Hobson Hodges Holbert Holebrook Holeman Holland Holman Honeycut Hood Hooker Hopkins Hopper Horn Houchings Howard Hudnal Huges Hughes Hughson Humber Hust Hynes Isan Isbel Isbell Ison Jackson James Jaret Jarratt Jarret Jarriot Jefferson Jerdan Johnson Jones Jordan Jorden Jordon Jossee Jourdan Jude Kaine Kean Kinckle King Lacy Lad Laforce Lamay Lane Langham Langhan Laprad Laprade Lawson Layne Leak Leake Leaks Lee Leforce Leprade Lester Letcher Levy Lewis Lightfoot Logan Login Lovel Lovell Loving Lowry Luke Maddocke Maddox Man Manly Mann Marian Markham Martin Massie Maycock Mayo McBride McCaul McComack McCormack McCormick McGuire Meachum Merit Meriwether Merrit Merritt Michell Miller Mills Mims Mitchel Mitchell Moore More Moreland Morgan Morin Morris Mosby Mosley Moss Mour Mullins Murrel Nelson Netherland Newland Nicholson Nowlin Nuckels Nuckolds Oglesby Oliver Oneil Owen Pace Page Parish Parrish Parsons Pasley Payne Peace Peasliy Peers Pemberton Perkins Perry Pery Philpotts Pickett Piers Pleasant Pleasants Pledge Poidexter Pollard Pollock Poor Potter Powel Powers Price Priddy Pryor Pryror Purkins Puryear Radford Ragland Raine Randolph Red Redford Rice Richardson Riddle Ridgway Rigsby Robard Roberts Rodman Rogers Ross Roundtree Royster Rutherford Ryan Ryon Salmen Sammons Sampson Sandefer Sandlin Saunders Saxton Scott Scruggs Scrugs Seay Seldin Sexton Shelton Simmons Simons Skelton Skipwith Slaydin Smith Snodgrass Stamp Stamps Stanard Starke Starkey Stephenson Stillman Storey Story Strong Sumpter Swift Taylor Thompson Thurston Tilman Toles Tomson Toney Towler Towles Trevilian Tuggle Turner Turpin Underwood Utley Vashon Vaughan Viningham Vinningham Wade Wadlow Wafford Walker Walton Ward Ware Watker Watkins Watson Weaver Webber Webster Weisiger West Wharton Whited Whitfield Whitlock Whitlow Whitlowe Whittle Whorton Wilday Wilkerson Wilkinson Williams Willis Wilmer Wilson Wishom Witt Womack Wood Woodal Woodall Woodram Woodrum Woodson Woodward Wright

Again, if you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brock DNA Update - Upgraded test received

I finally have all of the tests back for the DNA project we have been following for the past several months. This was a refinement test to go from 12 to 25 markers. It was due back on January 28, 2009 but came back around the 15th - early for once. It pretty much isolated Charlie Brock from the rest of the Brock DNA project participants. This line of the Brock family is apparently fairly rare. lowers DNA testing prices

I just got an e-mail from, announcing that they have lowered the prices for their genetic genealogy DNA tests. Their Paternal Y33 kit is now $79, the Y46 kit is $149 and the Maternal mtdna kit is $179.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Book Review: "Botetourt County Virginia Marriages 1770-1853" with Last Name Index A-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s Botetourt County Virginia Marriages 1770-1853. Entries show both bride and groom's names, marriage bond or license date and sometimes witnesses, consents and other items of interest. This is a soft cover reprint by New Papyrus Co. of a 1987 original, contains two volumes for a total of 600 pages plus figures, appendices & fold-out map. Botetourt was formed from the southern portion of Augusta County and was the parent count for a total of 44 new counties, including much of the West Virginia area. This book contains a total of 5,211 marriage records including bonds, licenses and/or minister's returns.

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "HOUTZ Henry & Susanna Brown 4 Feb 1824; b - George Brown, father min - N H Cobbs (Prot. Epis.)"
  • "HOUPT George A. & Susanna Wingard 5 Mar 1851; license only"
The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Abbot Abbott Abel Abersole Able Abshire Acains Acher Acton Adams Adkins Adney Agnue Aikin Aimix Airs Akin Akins Albright Alderson Alen Alexander Alford Alfred Allen Allison Alphin Alsup Alverson Amen Amens Ammen Amon Amyx Anderson Andrew Andrews Angel Angell Angle Anthony Arbuckle Archery Archey Armentrout Armontrout Arms Armstrong Armstrong Arnett Arnold Arrett Arrington Arter Arther Arthur Asbery Aschenbury Ashafelter Ashafetter Ashford Ashley Aston Atchley Atherton Atwood Augerman Augleman Auld Aunspaugh Austin Awl Ayres Baber Back Backens Backinsto Backus Baggs Bags Bailey Bailor Bails Bair Baird Baker Baldock Baldwin Ballard Baller Ballew Baltimore Banday Bandy Banister Banks Bannister Barber Barcly Bare Barger Barham Barker Barnard Barnes Barnett Barnett Barnhart Barns Barrett Barrit Bartlett Bartley Barton Basham Batey Baugh Baughann Baughman Bawler Basley Baxter Bayne Beagles Beale Beals Beamish Bean Beane Bear Beard Beath Beatty Beaubeau Beaver Becker Beckett Beckner Beech Beeher Been Beesaker Beice Belch Belew Belinger Bell Bellamy Bellew Belt Bennet Bennett Benny Benson Bentley Bernerd Berry Bess Betts Beverley Beverly Bibro Bice Bickelshimer Bickers Bickle Bierley Biggs Bigler Bilbre Bilbro Billhymer Bilups Bird Bise Bish Bishop Bittle Black Blackaby Blackeley Blackerby Blackwell Blain Blaker Bland Blane Blankenship Blaze Bless Blessing Blevens Blevins Blount Blunt Board Bobletts Bockman Bodkin Boehan Bogan Boggess Boggs Bolin Bolinger Bolton Boly Bomgardner Bomgarner Bond Bondurant Bonner Bosack Book Booker Boone Boons Boose Booth Booze Borden Boring Borndrager Bosserman Bossford Bosters Boswell Bott Botton Bough Boughen Boughman Boulton Bow Bowen Bower Bowers Bowlin Bowlinger Bowyer Boyd Boyer Boyers Boyl Boyle Brace Brackenridge Brad Bradford Bradley Bradly Brads Bradshaw Brady Brafford Bragg Bratcher Bratton Brawley Breadwell Breckenridge Breedan Breedlove Brewbaker Brewster Brian Brians Briant Brickey Brickman Bridewell Bridgeland Bridger Bridges Bridgewater Briggs Bright Brim Brines Brinkley Brinman Briot Brit Brits Britt Britts Britz Broadwater Brogan Bromfield Bronaman Bronamer Bronomar Bronomer Broockman Brookman Brooks Brothers Brough Broughman Brown Brownlee Broy Broyles Brubaker Brubecker Brugh Brughman Brumfield Brumer Brunamer Brunamon Brunmer Brunk Brunnamer Brush Bryan Bryans Bryant Buchanan Buck Buckey Buckhanan Buckhannan Buckhannon Buckingham Buford Buglar Bugler Buhrman Bumgardner Bumgarner Bundain Bunger Buram Burch Burger Burgess Burgh Burk Burke Burket Burkett Burkholder Burks Burndraker Burne Burnett Burns Burwell Buser Bush Busey Bussy Buster Butcher Butler Butt Buttry Butts Byerley Byerly Byers Byrd Cade Cahoon Cain Cairfman Calbreath Calbreth Caldwell Cale Calender Caler Calhoon Calhoun Callaghan Callaghen Callander Callender Callis Calvert Calwell Camden Cammell Campbell Camper Camron Canode Car Carden Cares Carfman Carleton Carlisle Carlton Carn Carnes Carney Carns Carpenter Carper Carral Carrel Carrell Carroll Carroll Carsner Carson Carter Cartin Cartmill Caruthers Carven Carvin Casey Cash Cashman Casteel Castile Carlett Caton Cauldwell Caves Cawthon Cents Centz Cesler Cesslar Cessler Chambers Champ Chapman Chappel Chatting Cheek Chenoweth Chenowith Cherry Childress Chinowith Chinwith Chittum Chitwood Chivers Chrisman Christian Cifford Circle Claiborn Claiborne Claige Clair Clancey Clancy Clapsaddle Clare Clark Clarke Class Claughton Claxton Cleage Clear Clegg Clemens Clemmons Clency Clerkin Click Clifton Cline Clinebell Clinmebell Close Cloyd Cluck Clure Cluskey Coalter Coans Coap Cofer Coffee Coffman Cohar Coin Coiner Cole Coleman Coley Collins Colter Colters Combs Commins Compton Comstock Cornnell Conner Consalver Consolver Cook Coon Cooney Cooper Cop Copland Copp Coppinger Corfman Cornelius Cornell Correll Cosby Coulter Cousins Cowdon Cowen Cowper Cox Crabb Craddock Cradoch Crafford Craft Craig Crater Crawford Crebbin Cressee Cressoe Crider Crill Crisser Crist Crites Critz Crockett Croddy Crodian Crofford Croft Croser Cross Crouch Crouder Croul Crouse Crow Crowder Crowe Crowel Crowell Crowl Crows Crump Crumpacker Crumpecker Crush Crutchfield Cruz Culbertson Culhoon Culnan Cumerford Cummerford Cumming Cummings Cummons Cumpton Cundiff Cunliffe Cunningham Cupps Cups Curd Curtis Curtnir Custard Custer Custerd Dabney Dade Dagger Dalton Dame Damewood Damood Damrel Damron Danavan Daniel Dansanti Darby Dare Darr Daugherty Davidson Davis Davison Dawny Dawson Day Daylong Deacon Deacons Deadorf Deads Deal Dean Deardorf Deaton Deckinson Decks Deeds Deel Deele Denn Defoe Dehart Deisher Dejarnatt Delbridge Delong Delridge Delzel Delzell Dempsey Denby Dennis Denny Dent Denton Depew Dermon Derrick Devanny Devise Dewese Dewhit Deyerle Dickeson Dickey Dickinson Dickson Dicky Diet Digges Dill Dillard Dillen Dillman Dillon Dilman Dingledine Dirgan Disher Dishman Dixon Dixton Dobb Doble Dodd Dodge Dogan Doherty Dollard Dollman Dolman Dolmon Donaghe Donaho Dooley Doosing Doss Dougherty Douglas Douglass Douthat Dow Dowdy Dowens Downer Downey Drais Drake Draper Dresler Drummand Drummond Drumons Duckwyler Duddin Dudding Dudgin Dudley Duff Dugan Duke Dulaney Dulany Dunathan Dunbar Duncan Dunlop Dunn Dunnavant Dunovan Durham Durman Duval Duvall Dwier Dwyer Dyarnatt Dyerle Dyerly Dykes Dysher Eads Eagan Eager Eagle Eagleson Eaken Eakes Eakin Eakins Earhart Early Eason Eavans Eby Echolds Eckhols Eckis Edde Eddington Eddis Eddy Edengton Edens Edgar Edgars Edington Edmiston Edmondson Edwards Elam Elder Eldrick Eller Elliott Ellison Ellmore Elmore Elsroad Elsrode Eltzroth Elutherreth Emmans Emmons Emrick Ender Enders Engard Engart Engle Englehart Engles English Entsminger Entzminger Epard Eperson Eply Eppard Erwin Esridge Estes Etsler Etter Etzlar Etzler Eubank Eubanks Eurich Evans Evens Eversole Evilsizer Evins Ewing Eybank Fag Fagg Fairfax Falls Fanning Faris Fariss Farley Farmer Farrar Farrer Farrier Farris Farrow Farver Fascher Fasler Faught Faulconer Fauster Feather Feazel Feller Fellers Fellow Fellows Felps Fender Ferguson Ferner Ferral Ferrel Ferrell Ferrer Ferrier Ferrill Ferris Fesler Fessler Field Fields Fife Fifter Figgat Figgett Filson Finch Findlay Fink Finney Firebaugh Firestone Fishburn Fisher Fisk Fitsguarald Fizer Flack Flaherty Flanagan Flannigan Fleager Flecher Fleek Fleet Fleming Fleshart Fleshman Fletcher Flick Flint Flippo Flook Flora Florah Flower Floyd Fluke Flurnoy Fogg Fogle Folder Forbes Forbush Ford Fore Forest Forgeson Forguson Forrest Forrester Forstor Forsyth Foster Fought Fout Fouts Foutt Foutz Fowler Fox Frame France Frances Francis Francisco Frankenbarger Franklin Frantz Frazel Frazer Frazier Frederick Freeman French Fringer Fry Fudge Fulhart Fullen Fullheart Fulton Fultz Fulwiler Fuqua Furgurson Furguson Furrow Fury Gaines Galbreath Gallaway Galloway Gamble Gammon Ganby Gant Gantsley Gardner Garges Garman Garnand Garner Garnes Garret Garretson Garrett Garrison Garrot Garst Garwood Gass Gast Gates Gatewood Gaudry Gaunt Gawltney Gay Gellespy George German Ghant Gharst Gholson Gholston Gholtman Gibson Gilbert Gilkerson Gilkinson Gill Gillaland Gillaspey Gillaspie Gillaspy Gilleland Gillespey Gillespie Gillespy Gilliam Gilliland Gillispie Gillispy Gilmer Gilmore Gils Girtner Gish Given Givens Givins Glasburn Glasgow Glasper Glass Glassburn Gleeson Glenn Glover Glynn Godwin Goff Gofford Goheen Goin Goldey Goldson Golreen Good Goode Gooden Goodman Goodson Goodwin Gordan Gorden Gordon Gore Gorman Gortner Gossett Gowens Gowin Gowins Grady Graham Grammar Grammer Grand Grant Grave Graves Grawmer Gray Graybell Graybill Grayble Greable Green Greenlee Greeley Greenway Greenwood Gregory Greham Greiner Greybill Grice Griest Griffin Griffith Griffy Grigeland Griggs Grigsby Grill Grim Grimes Grinelly Griso Grisso Grissoe Grist Griste Grose Gross Ground Grove Groves Grub Grubb Guilford Guillford Guire Guliver Gullaer Gulliford Gullipher Gunn Gurtner Gutery Guthaney Guthrey Guthrey Guthrie Gutrich Guy Gwaltney Hack Hackett Haden Hagans Hagen Hagens Hagins Hahn Haines Hainey Hains Hair Haldeman Halderman Hale Haley Hall Haller Halspain Ham Hambeck Hambell Hambleton Hambrick Hamilton Hamman Hammet Hammett Hammon Hammond Hampton Hance Hancock Handford Handley Hane Hanes Haney Hanger Hank Hanks Hanna Hannah Hannan Hannon Hanon Hansbarger Hanson Hansone Hanspach Hapler Harbison Hardbarger Harden Hardin Hardy Harger Harkley Harler Harlow Harman Harmon Harness Harper Harriett Harrington Harris Harrison Harriss Harry Harsh Harshbarger Harshberger Harston Hart Hartigan Harman Hartrider Harvey Hase Haskins Haslep Hasten Hastin Haston Hatcher Hatten Hatton Hauntz Hawberg Hawkins Hayback Haydon Hayes Haymaker Hayman Hayne Haynes Hayns Hays Hayse Hayslip Hayth Hazlep Hazlewood Head Hearison Heart Heartman Heaven Heck Heckman Hedrick Heimlick Helams Heldibridle Helmentaller Helmentoller Helmintoller Holmontoler Helms Helphenstine Hemming Henderliter Henderson Hendrickson Hendrixon Henkle Hennen Henry Hensley Hensly Henson Heplar Hepler Herald Herbison Herman Hershberger Heslep Heslip Hess Heston Hewett Hewit Hewitt Hickinbottom Hickle Hicklen Hickman Hickok Hicks Hiestand Higginbotham Higgins Highlands Hiland Hiley Hill Hillis Hilton Himelick Himer Himes Hinderbile Hinderlighter Hinderliter Hiner Hines Hinkle Hinton Hipes Hise Hite Hively Hix Hoage Hobbs Hobson Hodd Hodges Hofakut Hoff Hoffman Hofan Hogans Hogen Hogshead Holbrook Holdeman Holdron Holley Holliday Holloway Holmes Holoway Holstein Holstine Holston Holt Honce Hood Hoof Hoofanger Hook Hoole Hoosey Hooven Hoover Hopkins Horn Hornel Horton Hott Houbert Hough Houlston Houpt Houry Houseman Housman Houston Houtts Houtz Howard Howbert Howel Howell Howrey Howrt Howry Hoylman Hubbard Huddle Hudnell Hudson Hues Huff Huffman Hufinton Hufman Huggins Hughes Hughs Hullar Hulse Humphrey Humphreys Humphries Humphris Hundley Hunsman Hunter Huntsman Hurley Hurst Hurt Hutcheson Hutchins Hutchinson Hutchison Hutson Hyner Hypes Icanburg Icehower Icenhower Icyhower Idle Inchminger Ingart Ingle Inglehart Ingleman Ingles Inglish Inksel Intsminger Irby Ireland Irvine Iraacks Ischower Isenbarger Isenhower Jack Jacks Jackson Jacobs James Jameson Jamison Jarret Jarrett Jarrit Jarrot Jarvis Jeans Jefferson Jemison Jenkins Jennings Jerrell Jeter Jewel Jewell Jinings Jinkens Jinkins John Johnson Johnston Jonathan Jones Jonson Jopling Jordan Jorden Jordon Justice Jyser Kale Kanode Karnes Karns Karr Kasler Kasslar Kassler Katron Kayser Kayton Keagey Kean Keasea Kee Keefauver Kefauver Keffer Keith Keller Kelley Kelly Kemm Kemp Kemplin Kenedy Kennday Kennedy Kenner Kennerly Kennett Kenney Kenning Kenny Kent Kerby Kern Kerns Kerr Keslar Kesler Kesslar Kessler Ketinger Key Keyes Keys Keyser Kibert Kidd Kiddy Kilconan Kile Kilmer Kilmore Kilpatrick Kilse Kimberland Kimberlane Kimberlin Kimberling Kimes Kimm Kincade Kincaid King Kingan Kingen Kingin Kinkead Kinerly Kinsey Kinzer Kinzey Kinzie Kinzy Kirfman Kirk Kirkman Kirkpatrick Kirkwood Kish Kitchen Kitterman Kittinger Kizer Kinzey Kinzie Kinzy Kirfman Kirk Kirkman Kirkpatrick Kirkwood Kish Kitchen Kiterman Kittinger Kizer Knight Knode Knowles Knox Knozworthy Knuckles Koger Kool Koonts Kringry Krouse Kuster Kyle Lacey Lack Lackey Lackland Lacy Lanfonce Laforce Lake Lamb Lambert Lamen Lamon Landers Landis Landon Landridge Landrum Landsdown Lane Lang Langhorne Lanius Lannius Lantern Lanthron Lantz Lapan Lapsley Lark Larkin Larue Lash Laten Lauderdale Lauman Launius Laurman Lavender Lavinder Law Lawrence Lay Layman Laymon Layn Layne Layton Leady League Leamon Leatherdal Leatherdale Ledbetter Ledgerwood Lee Leech Leek Leeps Leffel Leffell Leffle Leffler Lefler Lefon Leforce Leftwich Legans Leib Leibe Leibs Leighton Leipe Leips Lemar Lemare Lemman Lemmon Lemmons Lemon Leonard Lesley Lester Lettens Leuty Level Leven Levingston Lewallen Lewellen Lewill Lewis Liden Lillies Lilly Limbaugh Lindon Linsey Linkenager Linkenaser Linkenauger Linkenboger Linkenhoger Linkenhoker Linkenoger Linkinauger Linkinhoger Linkinhoker Linkinshoker Linkous Linn Linsey Linton Lipes Litchford Litle Litten Litteral Litterel Little Littlepage Litton Littral Littrel Littrell Livingston Llary Lloyd Loague Lockhard Locket Lockett Lockey Lockhart Lockney Lofland Logan Logue Long Looney Loop Louis Loury Lout Love Loving Lowman Lowry Loyd Loyt Luck Ludwick Lugar Lukus Luney Lunsford Luster Lutey Lykins Lyle Lyon Lyons Lype Lypes Lytel MacClintuck MacEntire Machan Mackey Macloy Maculic Maddox Madison Madocks Magard Magart Maggard Maggart Maggot Magruder Mahan Mahone Maiden Maits Malcom Maller Mallery Mallory Mallow Malls Malone Man Manca Mangue Mangus Manguss Manka Mankey Mankpiel Mankspile Mann Manners Manspiel Manspile Mapes Marchant Marckle Mariam Markee Markey Markham Markrim Marky Marrow Marshall Martin Mason Masterson Maston Matheny Mathews Matthew Matthews Mattocks Mattox Maupin Maury Maxey Maxwell May Mayberry Mayers Mayes Mayhew Mayhue Mayo Mays Mayse McArtey McAshan McBreath McCabe McCafferty McCahah McCahan McCale McCalgan McCalister McCall McCallister McCallum McCan McCantis McCarrol McCarroll McCartney McCarty McCaslin McCaul McCauley McCauslon McCawla McCawley McClain McClanahan McClaugherty McClaughlin McClelan McClellan McClelon McClenachan McClenechan McClenehan McClintick McClintock McCloskey McCluer McClung McClure McColgan McColgin McColough McConkey McConky McConnall McConnel McConnell McCord McCorkle McCormack McCormick McCoun McCowan McCown McCoy McCravey McCraw McCray McCreary McCreery McCrery McCrory McCroskey McCulley McCullock McCully McCurry McCutcheon McDavids McDermed McDonal McDonald McDowel McDowell McEhenny McElhany McElheney McElheny McElwaine McElwee McFadden McFall McFallan McFalls McFarran McFerran McFerson McGavock McGee McGeorge McGilvray McGinniss McGowan McGowen McGuire McGuyer McHaffy McHaskin McHenry McIheny McIlvoy McIntosh McIver McKalaster McKalester McKee McKenary McKenny McKinney McKnight McKutchen McLaugherty McLaughlin McMahan McMullen McMullin McMurray McMurrey McMurry McMurtrey McNeal McNeally McNeel McNeely McNeil McNeill McNutt McPhearson McPheeters McPherson McRoberts McVey McWhorter Meador Meadow Meadows Means Mease Medley Medlin Mefford Meggit Mehone Melling Mellon Menge Menou Meredith Merrill Merrit Merritt Messoner Michael Middlecoff Middlekauff Mifford Miles Milholand Milhollen Milirons Millar Miller Millholland Millirons Millner Millons Mills Miltenbarger Miltobarger Milton Minder Mindor Mineleaf Miner Mingas Minich Minick Minnich Minnick Minno Minor Minter Mires Mitchell Mittebarger Mittenbarger Modisett Moffett Moler Mondgold Mongold Monical Monicle Monroe Montague Montgomery Moody Moomaw Moore Moorman Morgan Morgan Morricle Morris Morrow Morton Mosby Mosely Moser Moses Moss Motley Moul Moulds Moule Mourn Mowles Moyer Moyers Muldrough Muldwich Mullen Mumbred Munday Murphey Murphy Murray Murrell Murrill Murry Muse Mussins Myars Myers Nace Nafe Nail Nance Nash Nave Nevil Navill Neace Neal Neathawk Neelly Neely Neff Neice Neidy Neighborns Neighbours Neile Nelson Nevil Nevill Newbury Newcom Newcome Newell Newgen Newlin Newman Newport Newton Nibert Nicely Nicewanger Nicewonger Nicholas Nichols Nickles Niday Nidey Nidy Nierce Nillirons Ninengar Niningar Nininger Noble Noffsinger Nofsinger Nofsinger Noftzinger Noniger Noonin North Norvell Now Nowell Nugent Nutter Nye Nysewand O’Bryan O’Neal O’Tull Oaks Obenchain Obenshain Obensheen Ocheltree Ockerman Ockiltree Odom Ogburne Ogden Ogilby Ohair Oiler Old Oldham Olds Olinger Oliver Olphan Onee Openchain Opinchain Orange Osborn Otey Ott Ovenchain Overchain Overholser Overstreet Ovington Owen Owens Owin Owins Oyler Paffley Pafley Page Painter Palmer Pamplin Pannel Pannell Par Parish Parker Parks Parnes Parr Parrish Parrot Parsinger Parsons Pate Paterel Patesell Patsel Patterson Patton Patzell Paul Pauley Pauper Paupey Paxton Payne Peacock Peal Pear Pearcy Pearson Pearcy Peas Peck Pedan Peel Peeling Peeples Peerey Peery Peffley Pefley Pegee Peightal Pell Pence Pencehead Pendle Pendleton Penn Pennington Penningtrkholder Peppercorn Perdieu Pereyfield Perrin Perry Persinger Person Peter Peterman Peters Petit Petross Pettey Pettigrew Pettit Petty Pettygrew Phaup Philips Phillips Phipps Piatt Pickering Pickett Pierce Pifer Piffley Pifley Pile Piringer Pitman Pittinger Pitzer Platt Pleasants Plott Plymale Plymell Poage Poague Poalk Pogue Polk Poppa Poppau Poppaw Poque Porter Potts Powell Powers Pramay Pratt Preble Prentice Prestob Preston Prewet Prible Price Prince Prindle Printz Pritchard Prophet Prothero Pruitt Prumpecker Prunk Pryor Puet Pugh Pullen Pullin Pulling Purseley Pursley Putman Pyre Quarles Quarry Quick Quickle Quigley Quiney Quisenberry Quond Rader Radford Ragland Raines Rambo Ramsey Ramsy Randle Randles Randolph Ranes Rankin Ranney Ranson Ray Raymer Reaburne Read Reade Ream Reburn Rector Redden Reddy Redford Redinger Redman Reed Rees Reese Reeve Reeves Reid Remern Renfro Renn Rettinger Rettique Review Reyburn Reyburne Reynold Reynolds Rhinehart Rhodafer Rhodes Ribble Rice Richards Richardson Richeson Richey Richie Richison Riddell Riddesbarger Riddle Riddlebarger Riddleberger Riddlesbarger Ridlesbarger Rife Riffey Riffy Riggle Right Rightsman Rigny Riley Rinehard Rinehart Rineheart Ring Riple Ripley Rison Risque Ritchey Ritesman Ritter River Roads Road Roberson Robinett Robins Robinson Robison Rock Rodaheffer Rodehizer Rodgers Rogers Ronck Ronk Roop Rose Ross Rossel Rosser Rouk Routsong Row Rowan Rowe Rowen Rowland Royal Royall Ruble Rucker Rudd Ruddle Rudisile Rudisill Rudizill Rule Ruly Runnells Runnels Runnion Rusel Russell Rutherford Rutter Ruttinger Ryan Sabrit Saddler Safley Saftly Saintentaffer Saintlear Sale Salmon Sanders Sands Sarber Sarver Sarvery Saunders Savill Saville Sawyer Sawyers Saxon Sayford Scandland Scanland Scantland Scantlin Schneck Schew Schoonover Schrawyer Schroder Scifford Scisson Scoonover Scott Scrackengharst Scroggin Seacat Seacatt Seacrist Seagle Seagraves Sears Seaver Sebert Secrist Seeford Seegraves Seegrist Seelar Sefford Seigler Selby Sell Sellman Selvey Selvy Sense Sentz Sephyr Serber Server Sesler Sesslar Settles Sewel Sewell Sexton Shaddon Shafer Shaffer Shahan Shamaker Shank Shanklin Shanks Sharkey Sharmaker Sharrard Shartser Shartzer Shatser Shauman Shaver Shaw Shawver Sheets Sheetz Sheff Shelden Shephard Shepherd Sherette Sherman Sherrad Sherrod Shetser Shettle Shewey Shewman Shewster Shields Shipley Shirkey Shivers Shoemaker Shootman Short Shoup Showalter Showalters Shrackengast Shrewsberry Shrewsbury Shrickingast Shue Shuey Shuff Shuke Shulah Shull Shultz Shuteman Sibart Siebert Sifford Silcock Siler Silver Silvers Silvey Simmerman Simmon Simmons Simms Simnemon Simpkins Simpson Sims Sinclair Sinclear Sindendorf Siner Sinkhorn Sintclair Sirkle Sisson Sites Sitlington Sittington Sizer Sizor Skaggs Skeen Skidmore Skillern Skylark Slack Slanker Slater Slaughter Sligh Slinker Sloan Sloane Slone Sloss Slusser Sly Smalling Smallwood Smelser Smiley Smith Smithers Smoot Smyth Smythe Sneed Snider Snodgrass Snow Snyder Solenbayer Solinbarger Solman Soloman Sorrel Sorrell Souder Sovain Sovaine Sowder Sowers Spangler Spaulding Speagle Speakman Spears Speckard Speckart Speckhart Speers Speigle Spencer Sperry Spesard Spessard Spessart Spicard Spickard Spickart Spickhart Spicklemoyer Spigle Spiller Spindle Spitlar Spitler Spradling Spratt Sproul Spurlock Spyker Squire St.Clair StClair Stailey Stair Staley Stamback Stanback Stanley Stark Starke Starks Starr Starrett Statler Staut Stayley Steber Steed Steel Steele Steen Steenberger Steenson Steinburgen Stennet Stephens Sterling Sternly Sterrett Stesson Stetler Stevens Stever Steward Stewart Stickleman Stiff Stiles Still Stinnet Stinnett Stip Stone Stoner Stott Stover Stowers Stratton Street Strickland Strine Strough Stuart Stull Styne Sullenbarger Sullivan Sullybarger Summerfield Summers Surber Surbur Susanne Sutherland Sutton Swainey Swanson Swatts Sweetland Swerengen Swisher Switcher Switzer Sybert Syckells Syrey Tabscott Tacket Tackitt Tagoe Talbot Talley Tally Tankersley Tanner Tapscott Tate Tatham Taylor Teale Telford Templeton Tennant Tenne Tennison Tenny Terrill Terry Tharp Thomas Thomason Thomasson Thomison Thompson Thorn Thornhill Thorp Thrasher Thresher Thrisher Tilford Tillery Tillett Tindal Tingler Tinsley Tipton Titus Todd Tolbert Toler Tolley Tolly Tomason Tomens Tomson Toomey Tootle Topping Tosh Toung Towler Townsley Tracy Travy Trenetor Trenor Trent Treslar Tresler Tressler Trevey Trevy Trigg Trisor Trotter Trout Troutt Trusell Trusler Trustler Tucker Tummons Turk Turley Turman Turner Turpin Tweley Tygert Tyler Tyree Umfries Umphrey Unrue Upton Urick Urmey Urmy Urnduff Valentine Vance Vandegrift Vandine Vanmatre Vanmeter Vanmetre Vanover Vansand Vansandt Varner Vass Vaughan Vaughn Vaun Vauns Veal Venmater Vensent Verner Vest Vickers Vimer Vines Vineyard Vinsant Vinyard Viors Vonesson Voss Votans Voyers Vyers Waddle Waddy Wade Wagener Waggoner Wagner Wagoner Wait Waits Waldron Waldwin Wales Walker Walkup Wall Wallace Walls Walrond Walter Walters Walton Wamucks Ward Warden Ware Warner Warnock Waskey Wasky Waterson Watkins Watson Watterson Watts Watwood Wax Wayman Wease Weathered Weathers Weaver Web Webb Webster Weeks Wees Weese Weir Weirs Welch Weller Welsh Wenger Wertz West Wharton Whealess Wheat Wheeling Wheelus Whislar Whisler Whistler Whitaker White Whitehead Whitehill Whiteneck Whitesides Whitley Witmer Whitmore Whitner Whitsell Whitten Wias Wiatt Wiblin Wickham Wickline Widle Wier Wiers Wigers Wigg Wilcher Wiley Wilhelm Wilkinson Wilks Willcocks Willet Willett Willey Willfong Willhelms Williams Williamson Willington Willis Wills Willson Wilmore Wilsher Wilson Wimer Wimond Windard Windsor Wineman Wines Wingar Wingard Wingart Winger Winsor Winston Winther Wirte Wirts Wisong Witeral Withero Witherow Withers Witt Wolf Wolfe Wolfinbarger Wolfingbarger Woltz Woltze Womack Wood Woodard Wooden Woodluf Woodruff Woods Woodson Woodville Woolandi Wooley Woolf Woolwine Word Worden Worley Wort Worth Wortmiller Worts Wortz Wray Wren Wright Wrightsman Writter Wyand Wyatt Wyllie Wymer Wyserman Wyson Wysonburg Wysong Yates Yeargan Yeargin Yearout Yeast Yocum Yop Yopp Yost Young Zeagler Zell Ziglar Zigler Zimmerman Zirkle Zollman

Again, if you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brock DNA Test update, Family Tree DNA

I got back the results of the free haplogroup upgrade for Charlie Brock's DNA test on January 7, 2009. (See this older post if you do not know what I am talking about: DNA Update - Free upgrade on the way)

This test indicated that Charlie is of the J1 haplogroup.

We are still waiting on the refinement test to go from 12 to 25 markers. It is due back on January 28, 2009. I will let you know when that test is completed.

MyHeritage releases Family Tree Builder 3.0 with new powerful features

I am not really familiar with this program or the company but thought I would pass this along as it is free from what I can tell. If anyone downloads the program, let us know how it goes.

"MyHeritage, the leading online destination for families, with more than 27 million worldwide members, has just released the new Family Tree Builder 3 with improved standard and premium features, available as a free download from

* Improved multilingual support: Now with 34 languages for display and dual language data entry.

* SmartMatch Merge: SmartMatch compares your tree with all the trees in the MyHeritage database with the ability to merge information into your tree with
one click.

* SmartResearch: SmartResearch compares each individual in your tree in more than 100 of the most important genealogical databases.

* All-in-one tree: Presents for one individual everyone related to that person by blood or marriage. It provides a complete view of your family tree.

* Improved Publisher: Members can now work on other tasks while the publisher works in the background.

* Video, Audio & Document Publishing: Members can upload videos, audio clips and documents to your website so the entire family can relive those great moments and learn about family

* Geographical Mapping: A list of relevant geographical place names for each tree. This feature remembers previously entered place names so users don't have to re-enter the same locations.

You can read about all this new features in the attached Press Release and experience yourself all the benefits of Family Tree Builder 3 by downloading it from

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family the best of the world, happiness and prosperity for this year 2009.

My best regards
Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy and Translation Manager

MyHeritage Ltd.
Bnei Atarot 60991, Israel
Tel: 972-3-9702614
Fax: 972-3-9772473

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year, sick kids, Ancestry DNA over

I wanted to send out a quick note that I hope everyone had a nice new year (so far). My kids are sick...just found out that my daughter actually has pneumonia. It is not serious enough to go to the hospital, as long as she continues to drink liquids. I feel bad because I probably gave it to her. I have been sick for about a month now and joked with my wife that I probably had pneumonia. In all seriousness, I probably did and now my three year old has it! I just hope my one year old does not get it although he is showing signs.

I also wanted to remind everyone that the DNA offer is over. I think five or six people who follow this site took the test. Please let us know how it goes, details like how long it takes, etc. I have not used them before but I assume that Ancestry will do a nice job.

I am going to lay low this weekend and watch the NFL playoffs. I should be able to make a few, quality posts as I have been slacking off lately. Check back by Sunday evening for some updates.