Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Testing mobile blogging

I have it set up now so I can write blog posts from my iPod Touch but it is slow typing on this tiny, fake keypad! I doubt I will use this feature much as it takes way too long to write. I have been looking into a netbook with Verizon Wireless service but I do not know how much use I would really get out of it. I have wifi most places that I go and my laptop is pretty small. I think my brain just wants to spend money!

What I am really waiting for is a Verizon iPhone. It does not exist right now but I heard that Apple ordered 40 million cameras for new iPhones. They apparently also booked a big venue the last week in June. What else could they be announcing? That would be great since AT&T has terrible service in Virginia. The service would be good but the keypad will still be too small to do any serious typing.

My biggest hold-up with technology is technology. I know that as soon as I commit and buy something, a better version will come out tomorrow. I therefore usually put off buying anything and ultimately save my money. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that! My Ancestry.com subscription renewed yesterday for 2010 at around $155.00. I can use my iPhone/netbook budget towards that bill!

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