Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Possible ghost

I know this might seem crazy but tonight I either had a near death experience or I heard a ghost!  I consider myself to be a somewhat spiritual person.  I believe in ghosts or at least in some form of an after life.  I mean, science tells us that matter cannot be created or destroyed.  Also we know that energy, in the form of heat, leaves a person's body at the time of death.  That energy has to go somewhere, right?

Anyway, I was laying on the couch tonight.  My kids were playing, the television was on "Clifford the Big Red Dog."  I had a terrible headache today and the light in the room was really bright.  I laid down with my head on a pillow and put another pillow over my face to block the light.  I was in and out, possibly in a light sleep, when I heard, plain as day, a voice say to me "Take my hand."  I heard it so clearly that I literally jumped up.  I honestly felt like I was dying and that someone from the otherside was trying to get me to go with them.  I hopped up as fast as I could, before they got the chance to take me!

I know this sounds rediculous but it really freaked me out a bit.  I have had problems in the past with fainting for no reason and aneurysms and strokes run in my family.  I always worry when I have a bad headache so I try to avoid sleeping with one, just in case.  After getting the invitation to go somewhere with this voice,  I thought that I should decline the invitiaon without delay!

The crazy thing is that I can still hear the voice, very clearly.  It was not muffled by the pillows so I know it was not the television.  It was a man's voice, not raspy at all but kinda deep.  If I heard it again, I would know it anywhere.

Has anyone had a similar experience or am I just losing it?


Susan said...

It's been years ago, but I had a similar experience. I too had a bad headache, and had gone to bed to rest, and though I'm sure I was awake, I heard plain as day someone call my name. I got up looked around and no one was there. I thought it was my mom, though she lived 2000 miles away. It haunts me still today.

C A Horine said...

Not to worry! I have ghosts here at home all the time. As a 52-year-old female, my ghosts started showing up about 15 years ago. It started on a lonely night while my son was working late. The house was very quiet; I was studying. ALL OF A SUDDEN: A shadow from around the hall!! I nervously checked *every* room ~ nothing! Since then, my grandfather ("Papa") [DOD:1968] has been here many times. When my husband was away for a week recently, Papa and Grandma Mildred [DOD: 1959], as well as Grandma Beaman [DOD: 1986] sat on my bed, stroking my face. I finally said aloud, "Okay, I know you're here. I know *you* know I'm not used to being alone. I know you love me. PLEASE DON'T TOUCH ME! It just makes me jump." The touching stopped, but they were still here. I even travelled from California to New Jersey in search of Grandma Beaman's roots. While there, I found an original photo of her brother (my great uncle) who was killed in WWI. In bringing home the photo, I brought Townsend with me. While my grandparents are giving love, Townsend is seeking it. It's very comforting.