Monday, November 30, 2009

Reader-suggested sites

Not a huge response but here are some of the Virginia-related genealogy sites that readers wrote in and suggested:
  • The Olden Times - "Has a lot of free stuff sandwiched between ads & sponsor links for books.  May get a video, but you can scroll right down past it.  Key to finding stuff is to scroll all the way down each page so you don't miss some great stuff.  There is an Old Virginia Archives that has about sixty pages or so.  I perused 1st 5 so far.  The earliest page I saw was 1846.  Pages appear to be by year but not in succession order.  There are newspaper snipet articles...this site has a search tab..."  Joan B.
  • Central Rappahannock Heritage Center - "One of my favorite sites is the Central Rappahannock Heritage Center's site...Lots of Caroline County information there..."  Steve C.  [I checked this one out and it looks very promising!]

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Robyn said...


I just wanted to let you know I awarded you the Kreative Blogger's Award! I enjoy your blog very much. You can find out more about the award on my blog below (scroll down a few posts). I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and keep up the good work