Monday, November 23, 2009

My home office is coming along

For the past several months, I have been on vacation from genealogy but not really on vacation at all!  Most of you know that I am remodelling a house that we bought back in June.  My goal is to have the downstairs completed by Christmas.  My wife's family has their Christmas party at our house ever year so I must be ready for it.  By my count, there are only 758 hours left until Christmas!  Not much time when I still have a powder room, utility room, hall closet and my office to finish.  I luckily finished our dining room last night!

The big push for me right now is my office!  Once I get that put together, I hope to find some time to actually use it.  As the centerpiece, I went out and bought me a new computer.  It is an all-in-one unit from HP that has a touch screen.  It will double as both a computer and a television.  I will probably still use my laptop for genealogy and the desktop as more of a media center.  I will store all of my music and movies on the desktop and probably use it to backup my laptop.

Once I get the space finished, I will post some pictures. 

The biggest argument to date with my wife has been the color.  She wanted me to paint it a blue-gray or gray-green.  I picked out an almost peach color.  For some reason, I do not want a "manly" color but instead something more bright and cheery.  It is a dark room at night - no ceiling lights - so I need something that will reflect lamp light well.  We finally settled on a golden/orange/peachy/yellow color - hard to describe, but much like an antique white.  It is more toned down than plain peach but still bright enough to help out with the lighting situation.

I am almost done with my hardwood floors in the room and my wife is painting the walls for me.  I need to run some electrical, cat5 and coax lines but I should be done by Thanksgiving.  That will be something I am truly thankful for!  I am starting to get worn down with all of the remodeling and look forward to a nice, long break before starting the upstairs.

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