Thursday, October 01, 2009

Switching from PC to Mac

I have been thinking lately about switching from my PC to a Mac. I have become a huge fan of my iPod touch and really love the look and feel of Apple products and software. I just do not know if I can overcome the cost of switching.

The Mac that I would buy is about $1499. Add another $150 for Microsoft Office. If I want to run Windows programs, like Family Tree Maker, go ahead and add another $200-$300 to install a copy of Windows. The numbers just do not seem to add up.

The Reunion genealogy software looks awsome and is integrated with the iPod Touch, flawlessly. However it would cost $100 for Reunion and $15 for the iPod version. We are in the $2,000 range now!

I would love to take the plunge but there is a lot of other stuff I would rather spend that kind of money on. Anyone out there make the switch and found that it was worth the time and money?


Anonymous said...

Have had all computers. We have 4 Macs and without any doubts nothing else compares and feel so secure.

Hugh W said...

I switched 3 years ago but still use FTM 16 and see the screen shots

Lori said...

Have used Reunion for the last 5yrs and when working with friends cannot believe how difficult FTM is comparably. The Reunion software makes it so easy to transition any GEDCOM file into the application. Also with my Macbook being 3 years old and having 2 other Macs in the house, can tell you saves $ by not needing virus protection & peace of mind with parental controls. Problems are few, but Apple staff very easy to work with! Sorry, I'm a bit biased!

Greta Koehl said...

A vote for Mac and Reunion - love them both.