Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Minnesota trip - late update

I wrote this the other day while I was on an airplane, probably over Tennessee or Kentucky.  Thought I would go ahead and post it since I took the time to write it.  Nothing special, just my thoughts at 30,000 feet!  Obviously I am back home now and the trip went well!
"I am on the way to Bloomington, Minnesota to meet my wife.  She is there on business and I am flying out to spend the weekend.  I am not a big fan of flying but the weather is nice so smooth sailing.

I have not done much with genealogy lately nor have I been doing much online.  Have not felt like doing any of that lately.  I would almost say that I have lost interest in technology and history all together.

I bought the family a Wii the other day and I pimped out our entertainment center as the kids would say. Surround sound, iPod video dock…all of the bells and whistles.

I am pretty into my iPod Touch and cannot go without it right now. It makes performing small tasks online easy, like updating Facebook and even writing this blog post.

Because of my iPod Touch, I rarely have to turn on my laptop. It is a great feeling not to be a slave to my computer. There are really only a few things I need it for anymore, like Family Tree Maker – they should make an app!

My battery is cutting out so I will write more when I get back.  Hope that it is a smooth and enjoyable trip!"

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