Friday, July 10, 2009 - New! Ancient Ancestry Finder™ is now free

This is kinda silly but per an email to me from" DNA members and visitors can now take a quick and fun quiz to learn our best prediction for their maternal or paternal ancient ancestors - and post the results on Facebook or Twitter.

Users receive 2-3 options for their results, including descriptions of each of the predicted possibilities. Finder users are encouraged to take an DNA test to narrow down options to the most likely real result. DNA test takers already receive a buttoned-up and far more accurate version of their ancient ancestral results when they purchase a test, but even those members can enjoy Finder. They can now share their results on facebook and use Finder to discover our best guess for the results of tests they haven't taken.

As part of our effort to introduce ancestry and genealogy to a wider audience, facebook descriptions of ancient ancestral groups are lighter and more humorous than our mainstream content. Ancient Ancestry Finder takes just a few minutes and brings a fun twist to something we know and love. Try Ancient Ancestry Finder™ for yourself."

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