Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally back online and home!

After almost two weeks without Internet access, I am back online! We just finished moving into our new house...or should I say moving out of our old house. It will be awhile before I can say we are "moved-in." So far we have put the bedrooms together but the rest of the house needs lots of work. Once I get settled, and get my office back up and running, I will post some pictures of the new place!

Things have been pretty busy for me also due to a glitch with my genealogy lessons by email website, USA Family Tree. The way the site works is that email lessons are sent out automatically, supposedly in proper order. I wanted to delete one of the lessons...and did so. It inadvertently then knocked everyone up by one lesson, meaning if you were on lesson five the next lesson you got was seven, skipping six.

I had almost 500 lessons to send out manually, to anyone that reported being skipped by the glitch! It took me several days to get it fixed but I think it is pretty much done. It was a lot of work but, if people take time to read my lessons, I want to make sure they get them all! They obviously cared enough to write so it was my duty (and pleasure) to follow up with them.

As for genealogy, it has obviously taken a backseat to the move. I have been thinking about some things but have not had time to really do anything. I have some good ideas but it will be a few more days before I can really do anything with them.

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