Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sold my house...been out of town

Just thought I would note that I sold my house last night. As long as nothing large is found during the inspection this Saturday, the deal is done. Now I just have to find somewhere to live now! We are putting in a contract on another fixer-upper. I really do not want to start a new renovation but I have no choice. The price of the house is too good and leaves too much room for potential profit...even in this market. I will keep you updated on how it goes.

I have been out of town for several days, for work. I am back now and I am going to catch up on some things tomorrow. Until then...

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Anonymous said...

I have just sold, what was a fixer upper. Like yourself, I could not be much bothered to do it myself once again, so my wife's brother, who works for a company called Architectural Construction out in Great Falls, came and had a look and gave me a quote. The figure was still in the ball park for a quick turn around, so I threw caution to the wind at took the plunge. They did a better job than I had expected, and I ended up selling the ole place for 5% more than I had bargained for. It pays to take a risk sometimes.