Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Layin Low

I wanted to write a quick note to let everyone know that I am still alive. I have been laying low lately, stepping away from genealogy for awhile. I try to take a break every once in awhile and just put things aside. I have been avoiding email and the Internet in general for about ten days now. I've been playing with my kids and watching movies with my wife. I am going to get back into genealogy soon so stay vacation is almost over!


Cindy said...

Kevin - glad to hear you're taking a break. I've seen many blog posts lately about feeling burnout and such, I myself posted one a few weeks ago. Possibly with the weather warming up we all just need to get away from our PCs for a bit and take a break. Hope all is well with your family and I hope that house sells soon!

Kevin Lett said...

Thanks. Tell me about it...we often become slaves to our computers. Sometimes I wish mine would crash so I would have one less thing to worry about! If it ever did die, I would probably be relieved more than upset at this point.