Monday, April 20, 2009

Follow-up to "Lost Records Localities: Counties and Cities with Missing Records"

So I went to the Library of Virginia this past Saturday and looked up one item from the "Lost Records Localities Database." It turned out to be a valuable document for my family research. It is solid proof that John Philip Brock was married to Elizabeth King, daughter of Alexander and Mary King of Hanover County, Virginia. I had seen that relationship mentioned before but it was never accompanied by any proof. Now I have a deed that shows the entire family, laid out in black and white.

This particular deed was part of a larger collection of Brock documents. Before Saturday, I was not aware that collection existed either! Apparently someone noticed there was a Hanover County deed in the Brock papers and submitted a copy to the "Lost Records Localities Database." If it were not for that database, I may never have found the proof that I needed to get back to the King family.

I made some basic notes from the deed:

Lost Records Localities Database; Library of Virginia. Hanover County, King, Mary, etc. to John P. Brock, Deed, 1799.

Dated June 13, 1799. Mary King, Jacob King, Alexr. King, Robert King, William King, Barnett Ravens (Mary his wife), Richard Davis (Margaret "Peggy" his wife) and Sarah King of Virginia to John P. Brock of Hanover. Alexander King, late of Hanover County, lent to his wife Mary the land where they lived and his personal estate. To be divided at her death of marriage by his children; Jacob, Alexander, Robert, William, Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth (wife of John P. Brock) and Sarah King. Mary, for sundry reasons and valuable consideration, gave up the land and estate and it was sold and otherwise divided. John P. Brock and Jacob King bought the home place of 188 acres. For consideration of 117 pounds Virginia currency, John Brock to receive the 1/2 which equals to 94 acres. The land is bound by Nathl. Lipscombe, Jno. Hicks and estate of Henry Priddy. Named is Licking Hole Swamp. Recorded November 20, 1799. Copied May 30, 1822.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can check out the original post here:

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