Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catching up on what has been going on...

I have been unbelievably busy over the past two weeks. We are trying to sell our house so there are constant showing that we have to clean up for and constantly leave the house. That is a big pain in and of itself. To top it off, the house we wanted to buy got bought out from under us so we have no real need/desire to sell at this point. We might take it off the market but until then, I have to keep the yard and house immaculate.

My daughter had her fourth birthday last week, along with Easter, so that was a busy week. She also has a ballet recital this weekend and has practice each night. I have to rush home from work so that I can watch my son while mom and daughter go to ballet. They tried to take him the other night but that did not work very well. He wanted to get up on stage like the big kids...I cannot blame him...he is not even two yet.

Work is crazy right now. We are working on a huge project that could make or break the company. That is stress enough right there. I guess I can look on the bright side. If I lose my job, I will have a lot of time to blog and do genealogy!

My genealogy "work" has been on the back burner lately because I can only go to the archives on Saturday. They were closed last week for Easter and my mom was sick for a few weeks before last. She usually watches the kids while I go to the archives. Without a babysitter, I end up sitting at home and cutting the grass or something. I also have been slacking off at night when I would normally work on the blog.

As far as new or exciting genealogy info to pass along, I really have not seen anything of interest lately. The industry has been somewhat quite. There is one thing I heard about but I do not know how true it is. I might write a post later tonight about the "rumor" but I do not know anything solid. If it turns out to be true...I am going to be spending a lot of money on it!

The biggest thing right now is that I booked us another trip to Disney World. We are going in a few weeks and I am ready for the break (if you can call two kids in the car for 16 hours a beak!) We are staying at the Caribbean Beach this time...a step up from Pop Century where we normally stay. They are running a special on rooms right now so I splurged a little. We can generally go to Disney for about eight or ten days and spend less than $2000 on everything. I know a few secrets for keeping the cost down so that helps.

Anyway, I had some time to kill at work this afternoon so I thought I would write something. Maybe later tonight I will write something of real value. Until then...

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