Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cemetery Database update

I went to the state archives last Saturday and added a bunch of names to my Virginia cemetery database. I am up to 617 names now, mostly burials from Oakwood and Riverview cemeteries of Richmond. You can search the database at the bottom of my blog.

Here is a list of my most recent additions for Riverview Cemetery. You can find more information about each burial in the database, just search for their last name and scroll through the results:

Blackburn Family - 8 Adults
Blackburn Absalen
Blackburn A. J.
Blackburn Amos C.
Blackburn Aubry L.
Blackburn Augustus J.
Blackburn Benj. W.
Blackburn Bertha E.
Blackburn Bettie E.
Blackburn Blanche C.
Blackburn Mrs. B. W.
Blackburn Chas. Powell
Blackburn Mrs. Clara
Blackburn Claude E.
Blackburn Dorothy F.
Blackburn Infant of E. C. and M.
Blackburn Edward T.
Blackburn Emma F.
Blackburn Emma G.
Blackburn Ethel Jennings
Blackburn Fannie B.
Blackburn Fannie H.
Blackburn Floyd E.
Blackburn Floyd(e) E. Jr.
Blackburn Fred Johnson
Blackburn Grover
Blackburn Harrie M.
Blackburn Ida Boyd
Blackburn James
Blackburn James H.
Blackburn Jas. M.
Blackburn Joseph B.
Blackburn Joseph Earl
Blackburn Joseph S.
Blackburn Josie
Blackburn Jourdan Broadnax
Blackburn Lelia Allaed
Blackburn Lou Page
Blackburn Lucy
Blackburn Lucy J.
Blackburn Mabel Ellis
Blackburn Marion L.
Blackburn Mary E.
Blackburn Mary E.
Blackburn Mary J.
Blackburn Mary M.
Blackburn Mary T.
Blackburn Mary Williams
Blackburn Octavia
Blackburn Octavia R.
Blackburn Ollie P.
Blackburn Pearl S.
Blackburn Percy T. Sr.
Blackburn Raymond W.
Blackburn Reva
Blackburn Richard A.
Blackburn Robert C.
Blackburn Robert C.
Blackburn Robert Pierce
Blackburn Sadie Frances
Blackburn Susie
Blackburn Warren B.
Blackburn Wilhemia
Blackburn William
Blackburn William A. Jr.
Blackburn William C.
Blackburn Wm. H.
Blackburn Wm. L.
Blackburn William N.
Blackburn William T.
Brock Anna Farmer
Brock Carlton Edward
Brock Florence
Brock Genevieve
Brock Harvey Lee
Brock Hyacinth R.
Brock Joel M.
Brock John Hargrave
Brock John J.
Brock Kathleen W.
Brock Laura S.
Brock Lillian Francis
Brock Lloyd B.
Brock Mamie Alease
Brock Marcellus J.
Brock Margaret Lucas
Brock Marrietta Harvey
Brock Norman H.
Brock Robert J.
Brock Robert McKenny
Brock Welford Maurice
Brock Wellford A.
Brock William Kerr
Brock William R.
Alley Wilbert Felix
Alley Margaret M.

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