Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ancestry's Genetic Genealogy Testing is Now Only $79


According to an e-mail I got from tonight,

"Users now explore a streamlined, updated site and pay new low prices for DNA testing services.

The $79 price tag encourages many more people to take the basic paternal lineage test (Y33), so they can connect with genetic cousins and build family trees. Our growing database automatically compares results, letting some users connect instantly. And we notify all users of potential new matches as the DNA database grows.

Users also now attach DNA to family trees. The attached results instantly populate up the tree, showing implied meaning for all relevant family tree members. This feature increases the chances for meaningful family contacts and connections. For example, if a man attaches test results to his tree, the profile for his paternal uncle born in 1845 will now display the fact that genetic data relevant to that uncle exists. If another user comes across the uncle (using any research method), they'll now be able to trace the test back to the man who took the test and contact him. Otherwise, that user may never have followed the thread past the uncle.

The $79 test also lets users know which Ancient Ancestral group they belong to, like the Stonemasons, the Artisans or the Reindeer Herders. Users learn their likely story of origin and explore Fun Facts for their modern-day group. A great visual pie chart reveals things like 20% of all Stonemasons drive hybrids, 10% eat chocolate ice cream and 55% watch Saturday Night Live."

I don't quite know what that last paragraph means but, if someone takes their test, let me know.


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