Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The A. G. Boy's 19th R.D. - France 1944-45

I have a sizable collection of World War II photos that belonged to my great-uncles, Ed and Tony Lawson of Chase City, Virginia. Does anyone know who these guys might be in the above photo? You can click it to see a larger version.

The back of the photo says "The A. G. Boy's 19th R.D. France 44-45." The short guy, front row and second from the left, is my great-uncle, Hunter Thomas "Tony" Lawson. His tombstone gives the following: "TEC3 - World War II"

A second copy of the same photo is labeled "A.G. Section Hg. 19th R.D. France - 45."

If anyone can ID any of the soldiers or explain what these abbreviations mean, that would be appreciated. I might post some more of these on the site if there appears to be some interest out there in seeing them.


K said...

I unfortunately can't identify anyone. My father's family, George and Florette Strickland with four sons, are from Chase City, and I would love to see any photos that you have of that community. My uncles fought in WWII, but they don't appear in this photo.
There is a gentleman, Charles Duckworth, who may know the identity of folks. He was my father's best childhood friend, and served as mayor of Chase City for at least 25 years, apparently knows everybody and all things Chase City. I can get his address I am sure. Let me know

Tim Young said...

A.G. Boy's - Adjutant General's Section,
19th R.D. - 19th Replacemnet Depot
Notice only a couple of soldiers appea to have divisional patdhes on their
left shoulders. Thtee in the first row look loke they were in combat (CIB's
on their chests - Combat Infantry Badge)
Tec 3 - a type of sergeant
The Library of Virgina may have a copy of his seperation notice on file.
Which might contain more information about your uncle's service.

Tim Young
Fort Wayne, IN

Kevin Lett said...

Thanks a lot for the info. I checked on the separation notices but I think it will be a few more years before I can gain access to them, due to privacy laws. They will be a great resources once they become public record.

Take care,