Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year, sick kids, Ancestry DNA over

I wanted to send out a quick note that I hope everyone had a nice new year (so far). My kids are sick...just found out that my daughter actually has pneumonia. It is not serious enough to go to the hospital, as long as she continues to drink liquids. I feel bad because I probably gave it to her. I have been sick for about a month now and joked with my wife that I probably had pneumonia. In all seriousness, I probably did and now my three year old has it! I just hope my one year old does not get it although he is showing signs.

I also wanted to remind everyone that the DNA offer is over. I think five or six people who follow this site took the test. Please let us know how it goes, details like how long it takes, etc. I have not used them before but I assume that Ancestry will do a nice job.

I am going to lay low this weekend and watch the NFL playoffs. I should be able to make a few, quality posts as I have been slacking off lately. Check back by Sunday evening for some updates.


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