Friday, January 23, 2009

Book Review: "St. James Northam Parish Vestry Book 1744-1850" with Last Name Index A-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index of William Lindsay Hopkins' "St. James Northam Parish Vestry Book 1744-1850", 129 pages with a full name index. This volume contains all of the parish vestry business including the important "processioning of lands" which took place every four years and many times names the land owners and the men who were doing the processioning. A wonderful collection of data on early Goochland County society. This is a paperback reprint, of a 1987 original, by Iberian Publishing Company of Athens, Georgia.

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Here is a sample entry from the book:
  • "Vestry at Beaverdam Church (not dated) - Present: Joseph Pollard, John Payne, George Payne, William Miller, Josias Payne, William Pryor, John Woodson and Noel Burton, Gent. Vestrymen. For viewing the work done by William Langham who undertook to build a church in an agreement dated 10 Mar 1760 by Joseph Pollard and William Stamps, two of the then Vestrymen."
The following is a list of names made from the surname index at the back of the book:

Acough Adams Addams Albritain Albritton Alcough Alford Allen Alsup Amos Anderson Ascough Askew Backer Bailey Ballow Banks Barker Barket Barnett Barrat Barrt Bates Baughan Bayley Bibb Bibbe Birk Blackwell Blockley Blunkal Blunkall Boling Bolling Bowles Bradshaw Brild Britt Brooks Brown Bryant Bryce Buchanan Bullington Bullock Burton Butts Byrd Cabbell Caldwell Camron Cannon Canon Carden Carding Carlyle Carmon Carr Carrel Carrell Carril Carter Cawthomn Cawthon Cawthorn Chanceller Chancellor Chancelor Chanseller Charis Cheadale Cheatwood Childress Chowning Chownings Christian Christon Churchel Churchwell Churchwill Clark Clarke Clarkson Clayton Clement Clements Clopton Cloudas Clowdas Cocke Coke Coker Cole Coleman Coles Collins Cols Cooke Cosby Cowley Cox Cragwall Cragwell Crenshaw Croc Crossley Crouch Crow Cunningham Curddailey Daniel Davis Dawson Denye Dismukes Dougham Douglass Dowel Drumright Drumwright Dunn Duval Dyke Dykes East Edwards Eldridge Ellis England Eubamk Evan Evans Farmer Farrar Fergerson Ferguson Fitzo Fleming Ford Forgerson French Fry Galt Garland Garvin Gavin Geone George Gilham Gillam Gilliam Gillium Gist Glass Going Goode Gorden Gording Gordon Grant Graves Gray Green Gresham Griffin Griffis Griffith Griffiths Grubbs Guerrant Guerrrant Gwin Hackaby Haden Hall Hancock Harding Haris Harrar Harriosn Harris Harrison Hatcher Hatton Hayden Heath Henderson Henley Herdon Herndon Hicks Hill Hines Hins Hix Hobson Hodges Holbert Holebrook Holeman Holland Holman Honeycut Hood Hooker Hopkins Hopper Horn Houchings Howard Hudnal Huges Hughes Hughson Humber Hust Hynes Isan Isbel Isbell Ison Jackson James Jaret Jarratt Jarret Jarriot Jefferson Jerdan Johnson Jones Jordan Jorden Jordon Jossee Jourdan Jude Kaine Kean Kinckle King Lacy Lad Laforce Lamay Lane Langham Langhan Laprad Laprade Lawson Layne Leak Leake Leaks Lee Leforce Leprade Lester Letcher Levy Lewis Lightfoot Logan Login Lovel Lovell Loving Lowry Luke Maddocke Maddox Man Manly Mann Marian Markham Martin Massie Maycock Mayo McBride McCaul McComack McCormack McCormick McGuire Meachum Merit Meriwether Merrit Merritt Michell Miller Mills Mims Mitchel Mitchell Moore More Moreland Morgan Morin Morris Mosby Mosley Moss Mour Mullins Murrel Nelson Netherland Newland Nicholson Nowlin Nuckels Nuckolds Oglesby Oliver Oneil Owen Pace Page Parish Parrish Parsons Pasley Payne Peace Peasliy Peers Pemberton Perkins Perry Pery Philpotts Pickett Piers Pleasant Pleasants Pledge Poidexter Pollard Pollock Poor Potter Powel Powers Price Priddy Pryor Pryror Purkins Puryear Radford Ragland Raine Randolph Red Redford Rice Richardson Riddle Ridgway Rigsby Robard Roberts Rodman Rogers Ross Roundtree Royster Rutherford Ryan Ryon Salmen Sammons Sampson Sandefer Sandlin Saunders Saxton Scott Scruggs Scrugs Seay Seldin Sexton Shelton Simmons Simons Skelton Skipwith Slaydin Smith Snodgrass Stamp Stamps Stanard Starke Starkey Stephenson Stillman Storey Story Strong Sumpter Swift Taylor Thompson Thurston Tilman Toles Tomson Toney Towler Towles Trevilian Tuggle Turner Turpin Underwood Utley Vashon Vaughan Viningham Vinningham Wade Wadlow Wafford Walker Walton Ward Ware Watker Watkins Watson Weaver Webber Webster Weisiger West Wharton Whited Whitfield Whitlock Whitlow Whitlowe Whittle Whorton Wilday Wilkerson Wilkinson Williams Willis Wilmer Wilson Wishom Witt Womack Wood Woodal Woodall Woodram Woodrum Woodson Woodward Wright

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Vicki Hall said...

Hi-Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your site. I am a Fleming by birth who's ancestors came from early VA. How much is a copy of this little book? I am not working so it would have to be minimal but maybe I can figure it out. Some kinda idea on what you charge for such things. I also saw another book that would cover my same Fleming/Maddox lines. Since I am fairly new to the sport I haven't been able to connect us as cousins but would hope to someday. My GGG-Grandfather Robert Luther Fleming (born in 1811-Harrison County to Edward and NancyPrunty-he was the son of John and NancyAnn Hopkins)left home at 13 to make his way in the world. He married Miss Amy Maddox in Wood Co.-which they left in 1852 for Iowa-ending near present day Taintor. The original stone house as well as the large home he built as well as all the huge barns are still there-sure hope to go visit it someday. Chat at you later

Kevin Lett said...

This book is currently $19.50 and that includes shipping.

CrazyTaTa said...

how do we get a hold of a copy of this book? I'm thinking of getting one. i am a woodrum and found out my family originated for Goochland County Va

CrazyTaTa said...

How would i get a copy of this book. I'm thinking of buying one. I am a Woodrum and have found out that my Family have Originated From Goochland County Va.