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Book Review: "Charles City County, Virginia Records 1737-1774" with Last Name Index A-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index of Benjamin B. Weisiger, III's "Charles City County, Virginia Records 1737-1774." The book contains 201 pages, including a full name index, with abstracts of wills and deeds, 1763-1774, references to wills, estates, orphans, etc. in the Court Order Books, 1737-1761, a few fragments of wills, deeds and court orders, 1689-1690 and 1641-1642, and some loose documents.

This is a soft cover reprint of a 1986 original, printed by Iberian Publishing Company. of Athens, Georgia.

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Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "June Court 1745 p. 360 Deed of John New to Col. Benjamin Harrison proved by Beverley Randolph and John Stith."
  • "July Court 1737 p. 11 Will of John Roper, dec'd, presented by Susanna Roper, William Roper and Joseph Roper, the executors, and proved by Thomas Bryan, John Marshall and Thomas Alfriend. Philip Smith, James Christian, Charles Christian and John Bradly to appraise the estate."
The following is a list of names made from a full name index at the back of the book:

Abernathy Acrill Adams Addams Addison Adwell Akin Alain Alfriend Allan Allee Allen Ampee Anderson Andros Apperson Arbuthnot Archer Armistead Aston Atchison Atkins Atkinson Austin Avery Ayres Bachurst Backburst Backhurst Backurst Bacon Bailey Baird Baiser Baker Balfour Ballard Barham Barloe Barlow Barnes Barnet Barnett Barns Barr Barrat Barret Barrett Barrows Barrum Bartholomew Baskervyle Bates Batt Batte Batty Baxter Bayles Beadle Beale Beasly Becket Bell Bendall Benford Berkeley Bettingham Bevel Binford Binns Bins Birchett Bird Bishop Bishopp Black Blagrave Blair Blanchet Blanchvill Blancks Bland Blande Blanks Bleighton Blighton Boarman Boate Boice Bolcye Boiseau Bolling Booker Boram Borum Bosman Bott Bowery Bowry Boyce Bradford Bradley Bradly Branch Brandy Bray Breedlove Bressie Brewer Bristow Broadnax Broadrib Broady Brock Brodnax Broadnex Brookes Brooks Brown Brun Brunskill Bryan Buchanan Buck Bullifant Bullock Burbidge Burch Burchard Burge Burlap Burrum Burton Busby Butler Butts Buxton Byrd Bywater Cain Calvert Campbell Cane Cannon Cantrell Carle Carlos Carrington Carsan Carter Cary Cate Chancey Changely Chaplin Chapman Chappell Chapple Charles Chavis Childers Childres Childs Chilton Christian Cittle Clark Clarke Clay Clayton Clement Clerk Clopton Coates Cock Cocke Cocker Coe Coggs Colled Cole Coleman Coles Coley Colgin Collawn Collier Collins Conner Cooke Cooper Copley Corbett Cordle Corley Corlie Cosby Cotten Cowles Cowley Cox Craddock Cradock Cradocke Crag Craig Crawley Creech Creedle Crew Crews Crigton Crittenden Crook Crosland Cross Crump Crutchfield Cryer Cumbo Cureton Curl Curry Dalgliesh Dancy Dandridge Dane Daniel Daniell Danyel Danza Danzee Danzie Darrell Davenport Davidson Davies Davis Davison Dawes Daws Dawson Day Dean Debnam Delony Dennis Denson Depton Despain Dewest Dewey Dison Dispain Dixon Dodson Dollard Donald Donaldson Douglass Dove Dowglas Downes Dowry Drake Drawsey Drinkard Drinkwater Dudley Duke Dun Dunn Durfey East Edloe Edlow Edmondson Edmunds Edwards Eelbank Egman Egmon Ellerbee Ellet Elliott Ellot Ellyson Elon Emerson Emery Emory Emson Epes Eppes Epps Evans Evans Eventon Everitt Evington Evinton Ezell Fallowes Fano Faque Farley Farrah Farrell Faulkner Fear Feild Fellowes Fennel Fewqua Finch Finn Fisher Flack Flanders Flewellen Flewelin Flood Floriday Flowers Floyd Fludd Follis Fointain Fontaine Ford Foster Fountain Fowler Franklin Fry Fuglar Fugler Fulford Fuqua Gabernor Gains Galloford Galloway Ganaway Gardiner Gardner Garland Garrat Garthright Gary Gay Gayton Gee Geers Gent Gilbert Gill Gillam Gilley Gilliam Gillum Gilly Glass Glen Glover Godwin Goeing Goffe Golightly Golloford Good Goodall Gooding Goodrich Goodwin Gordan Gordon Gouge Gough Gower Grant Graves Gray Green Gregory Grendon Gresset Grice Griffith Grig Grinsell Grissell Grisset Gross Grosse Gunn Gunne Gutt Hagues Haller Hailes Hale Hales Haley Hall Halt Hamblin Hamelin Hamlet Hamlett Hamlin Handey Handy Hansford Happer Harddie Harden Hardeway Hardiman Hardin Harding Hardyman Hare Harfeild Harman Harmon Harper Harris Harrison Harriss Harryson Hartwell Harvey Harwood Haslet Hatley Hay Hayes Hayles Heard Heath Hemings Hendrick Henman Herman Hewlett Heymon Hickman Hight Hill Hilliard Hillman Hilyard Hinge Hinitraee Hinman Hitchcock Hix Hobbs Hobday Hoborn Hockaday Hockady Hoder Hodges Hoe Hogwood Holcroft Holdcroft Holdsworth Hollins Holman Holmes Holsworth Holt Holway Homes Hood Hopes Hopkins Hore Houlsworth Howard Howell Howl Hoy Hubbard Hudson Hughes Hulme Humblee Humbles Hunt Hurt Huston Hylliard Hylton Ingram Irby Ireland Ivy Jackson Jameson Jane Jarratt Jarrett Jasper Jefferson Jenkins Jennings Johnson Jolley Jolly Jones Jooll Jordan Jorden Joslin Justice Justis Kellsey Kelshaw Kendall Kennon Kenny King Kirk Lacy Lad Ladd Lamb Lamport Land Lanear Langford Lanier Lankford Lansdon Lark Law Lawed Lawson Lead Leadbetter Ledbetter Lee Lenard Lend Lennard Lennon Leonard Lester Lewellin Lewis Lide Lightfoot Lilley Lilly Limbry Linzey Linzie Littlepage Loftis Lorton Loyd Lucas Lucy Ludlowe Luellin Lunn M'Cormack Mabree Mabry Maccraw Mackenny Mackie Maclain Maclin MacWilliams Maddox Majhar Major Makenny Manlove Maples Marion Marks Marrable Marrible Marshal Marshall Marston Martin Matthews Matthis Mattock Mattocks Mayes Maynard Mayton McBrown McCall McCarter McCaul McCurdy McFarland McKenny McManners McMannis Meekins Meldrum Melton Menefie Mercer Merredeth Merry Mhrrell Michell Middlebrook Middleton Miles Miller Minetree Minge Minitree Minson Mitchell Mollison Monfort Monger Montford Moody Moon Moony Moor Moore Mooreland Morecock Morell Morgan Morris Morriss Moseley Mosher Moss Mossom Mountcastle Munford Muraock Murdock Murrall Murrel Murrell Nance Neale Needles Netherland New Newell Newhouse Newman Newton Nicholson Norden North Novill Nowell Ogden Oglesby Oglesby Osborn Osborne Osling Otey Oulton Overbury Owen Paisley Parham Parish Parke Parker Parrish Parsons Partin Pate Pateson Patison Patteson Paul Pavely Pawlett Paybey Paybie Payne Peacock Pearman Pearse Pearson Pegram Peirce Perkins Perry Peters Peterson Petteway Pettus Pettway Pharoah Pharoan Philips Phillips Phipps Picket Pierepont Pinckard Pleasants Poindexter Pointer Polluck Pooke Poor Potts Povall Povey Poynter Poynton Poythress Poythris Prentis Pretlow Prewett Price Prior Pritchard Proctor Pruit Pryce Pucket Pully Pybus Quigen Quiggins Quigin Quiging Quigins Radford Randolph Rany Read Recorded Redye Reekes Relves Reynolds Richarde Richardson Rickman Riddlehurst Ridlehurst Ridley Rill Rivers Rix Roach Roberts Robinson Rock Rodger Rodgers Rogers Rook Roper Ross Roughly Rouse Routon Rowland Royal Royall Royer Royster Rudder Rumford Russel Russell Saffold Salmon Sampson Samson Samuel Sanborne Saylor Scarborough Sciater Scott Scruggs Sealey Sepeton Sharp Shearman Shell Shepfiel Sherman Sherwood Shields Shore Shorte Sildom Simons Skelton Skinner Skipwith Slade Slaughter Small Smith Snukes Soan Soane Sorrel Southall Sowerby Spain Speed Speirs Spencer Spies Spragans Spraggins Spragin Spragins Stagg Stainup Stanford Stanley Stanly Stark Stevens Stiff Stith Stoakes Stokes Stone Story Strange Strick Stroud Stuart Stubblefield Sutton Sykes Symond Symonds Symons Talbot Talbott Tanner Tatem Tavey Taylor Temple Tenman Terrel Terrell Terrendine Terril Terrill Thackston Thaxton Thomas Thiompson Thomson Thweatt Tibbett Tibbott Tilesy Tilman Timberelake Tinsley Tod Todd Toler Tompkins Tompson Tomson Torborn Towler Townly Townsend Travis Tree Trotman Tucker Turberville Turbervyle Turff Turner Turpin Tye Tyler Tyree Vaiden Valentine Vaughan Vaughn Vernon Vinson Viscount Waddill Wade Walker Wall Wallace Walthall Walton Warburton Ward Ware Warren Watson Wayles Weaver Webster Weir Wells Wendey West Westwood Wetherspoon White Whittbey Wiat Wilcocke Wilcox Wilkerson Wilkins Wilkinson Willard Willcocks Willcox Williams Wills Willson Wilson Winbush Winkles Winn Winston Wise Womack Wood Woodard Woodcock Woodfin Woodford Woodham Woodhouse Woodleif Woodson Woodward Worleigh Wortham Wright Wyatt Wynn Wynne Yardley Young Younge Yuile

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