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Book Review: "Caroline County Virginia Court Records, 1742-1833 & Marriages 1782-1810" with Last Name Index A-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index of "Caroline County Virginia Court Records, 1742-1833 & Marriages 1782-1810", transcribed & edited by William Lindsay Hopkins,1987, reprinted 1995, 8x10, 197 pages with index, perfect-bound, paperback, printed on acid-free stock by New Papyrus Publishing of Athens, Georgia. Caroline County was established in 1728 from portions of Essex, King and Queen and King William Counties and suffered major losses of its records over time so this book is a valuable resource. It contains many chancery suits, court records and papers, legislative petitions, appeals and land causes, wills, historical papers, criminal suits, estate papers, guardian papers and marriages.

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Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Suit of Churchill Blakey administrator of his wife, Ann Blackey, decd., who was Ann Chowning a daughter of William Chowning, decd., John Chowning and Catherine Chowning his wife another daughter of William Chowning, decd., and William T. Yerby, executor of Lucy Street, decd., who was another daughter of William Chowning, decd., in chancery court in Williamsburg in 1809 against William Newby and Pritchard Newby, administrators of Oswald Newby, decd. 12 May 1811"
  • "Graves, Benjamin and Sarah Martin, daughter of John Martin, 24 Jan 1804. Sec. and Wit: William Guy Sears. Pt. 1, p. 7"
The following is a list of names made from an index at the end of the book:

Abbott Abraham Abrahams Acre Adams Adcock Aimes Alcock Alexander Allen Allport Almond Alsoop Alsop Ames Amiss Amos Ancarrow Anderson Andrews Apperson Archer Armatt Armistead Armstrong Armistead Asker Atkins Atkinson Atkinston Austin Auston Ayers Ayres Aytette Baber Badgar Bagby Baggott Bagot Bailey Baily Baker Baley Baliey Ball Ballard Bankhead Banks Barbee Barbour Barby Barker Barlow Barnes Barnett Barnett Barret Barrett Bartin Bassett Bastian Bates Battaile Battalie Baughan Bautes Baxter Bayler Baylor Baynham Beacham Beale Beazley Beck Beckham Beckwith Bell Bench Bendal Bendall Benness Berkley Bernard Berriman Berry Berryman Bertier Beverely Beverley Bibb Bill Bird Blackburb Blackburn Blackey Blackston Blackwell Blake Blakey Blanton Bloxton Blunt Boggs Bogle Bohannon Boler Boleware Bolin Botware Bonds Booker Booten Booth Bosher Bosley Bostey Boulawre Boulware Bourn Bourne Bousher Boutwell Bowcock Bowen Bowers Bowie Bowlar Bowler Bowles Braddus Bradford Bradley Brame Bramham Branan Brand Branghile Branham Bransam Branscome Bransom Bransome Bransum Braoddus Braxton Bream Breedlove Bridgeford Bridger Bridges Briggs Broaddus Broadie Broadnax Broadus Brock Briokenbrough Broks Bromfield Bromley Brook Brooke Brookes Brooking Brooks Brown Browne Bruce Brumley Brumskill Bryant Buchannon Buckanan Bucker Buckhannon Buckner Bullard Bullock Bumpass Burch Burchell Burk Burke Burnett Burnley Burriss Burroughes Burrus Burruss Burton Burwell Bush Butler Buynnam Caffrey Calhoun Callis Calliss Cammack Camp Campbell Cannaday Cannon Care Carlton Carmichael Carnal Carnall Carnel Carnmack Carnnock Carpenter Carr Carrick Carrington Carter Carton Cary Cash Catlett Catling Chadwell Chamberlayne Champe Chandider Chandler Chapman Charlton Chash Cheadle Chesault Chenalt Chenault Cheny Chevis Chew Chewning Chick Chiles Chivis Chloon Chowning Christian Churchill Ciff Cissel Claiborne Clank Clare Clark Clarke Clator Clatterbuck Clayton Claytor Clear Cleer Cleere Cleft Clere Clift Clough Coarts Coats Cobb Cobbs Cocks Cockrell Cocks Cogbill Coghill Cogwill Coke Colburt Cole Coleburn Colemam Coleman Collier Collinc Collins Colquhoun Colston Commock Conduit Conner Connor Connors Conquest Conway Conyers Cook Cooper Copeland Corbin Corr Cosby Coventon Covington Cox Crank Crarnall Crawford Crease Credle Creedie Creighton Crenshaw Crew Crieghton Crittended Crittenden Cross Crossley Crouch Croucher Crow Crowchin Crutcher Crutchfield Cunningham Curtis Custis Dabney Daingerfield Dalgame Dalgan Dalton Dandridge Dangerfield Daniel Danner Danniel Dannile Daoggett Darby Darnabay Darnaby Davenport Davey Davis Davy Day Dean Deavenport Defoe Dejarnett Dejarnette Demure Deshazo Deshazor Deval Devenport Dew Dewner Dialake Dick Dicken Dickensen Dickenson Dickerson Dickeson Dickins Dickinson Dickson Digges Dillard Dingle Dishman Dismickos Dismikes Dismukes Dixon Dod Dodd Dogel Dogget Doggett Doles Donahoe Donaphan Eonelly Doniphan Doniphan Donohoe Doswell Douglas Douglass Dowles Downen Downer Downing Doyle Drake Driver Drummond Drury Dudley Duerson Dueson Dugand Duke Duling Duncan Dunlop Dunn Dunston Durett Durrett Duval Duvalls Dye Eyer Earnest Eastin Edbank Eddleton Ederington Edge Edmunds Edmundson Edward Edwards Elgin Elington Elkin Elkins Ellerson Elliot Elliott Ellis Emmerson Ennis Estes Estis Eubank Evans Faber Fagg Fale Fant Farish Farley Farmer Farrell Faulkner Favor Favoure Fawcett Fennell Ferrell Field Fields Filander Fisher Fitzgerald Fitzhugh Flagg Fleet Fletcher Flippo Flood Floretta Floyd Foot Forbes Foreacres Forston Fortson Fortun Fortune Foster Fourshee Fowler Fox Francis Frank Frazer Freeman French Frensley Freshy Frippo Froner Frost Fry Fulcher Fuller Fullerton Fulshire Fulton Gadberry Gaines Gains Gale Galvan Gannt Gardner Garland Garnete Garnett Garret Garrett Garrick Gary Gatchell Gatewood Gatewwod Gatewwood Gaunt Gayle George Gervis Gibson Gilchrist Gillis Gillmore Gimbo Giulmore Glanton Glassell Gleason Gleeson Glover Goen Goin Going Goldman Goldsby Gooch Goodall Goode Goodloe Goodrih Goodright Goodwin Gordon Gouge Goulden Gouldin Goulding Gouldman Govan Grafton Graham Granham Grant Gravatt Graves Gray Green Gregor Gregory Griffin Grimes Grinnan Grubbs Grymes Guillintine Guines Guirey Gunnell Gutherie Guthrie Guy Gwathmey Gymymes Hackett Hackney Haden Haggard Haile Hailey Hale Haley Hall Hallam Halley Halsop Hamilton Hampton Hansbrough Hardin Harding Hargrave Hargrove Harnal Harney Harris Harrison Harrow Harris Hart Hartgrave Harvey Harwood Haskins Haslep Hatton Hawes Hawkins Haws Hay Haynes Hayns Hazen Healey Helms Henderson Henedge Henley Henseley Henshaw Herd Herndon Heslop Hewes Hewlett Hibbert Hickman Hickmond Hicks Higgin Hildrup Hill Hilldrup Hillyard Hinchman Hipkins Hoard Hodges Hogan Holdfast Holladay Holloway Holly Holmes Holt Hoomes Hooper Hope Hopkins Hord Horn Horner Hoskins Houston Howard Howel Howle Hubbard Hudgen Hudgin Hudgins Hudson Hughes Hulett Hume Humes Humphrey Hundley Hunter Hurd Hurt Husten Hutchenson Hutcherson Hutcheson Hutchinson Hutcon Hutson Ingram Ingrinn Innis Ireland Irion Isbel Isbell Jackson Jacob Jacobs Jamerson James Jameson Jarrell Jefferies Jennings Jerdone Jerrell Jesse Jeter Johnes Johnson Johnston Jones Jordan Jordon Jourdan Joyce Julian Kannon Kay Kee Keeble Keesee Keeton Keeze Kelley Kelly Kelson Kemp Kenner Kenyon Kidd King Kirtley Knete Knise Lackey Lacy Lafon Lafond Lafong Lambeth Lamont Landeris Landrum Lang Lark Laughlin Laurence Lawless Lawrence Lawry Lawson Layne Leckie Ledwidge Lee Lefoe Leigh Lendrum Letuz Levert Lewis Leyas Lightfoot Lilley Lilly Linch Lindsay Line Lipscomb Littlepage Livingston Lloyd Lomar Lomax Long Longest Lorman Louis Loury Lovel Lovell Lovern Lovin Loving Lovorn Lovoron Lowry Lucas Luck Lumpkin Lumpkins Lungston Lunsford Lurles Lutuz Lynch Lyndsay Lyon Lyons Mcarthur Mcausland Mccall Mccallister Mccandish Mccarthy Mccarty Mcclannahan Mcconll Mcdaniel Mcdonald Mcdowell Mcfarland Mcgehee Mcghee Mcgrath Mcgraw Mcintire Mckee Mckenny Mclaughlin Mcpherson Mcwillliams Macfarlane Machgehee Mackee Macon Madison Magrah Magruder Maham Mahon Malone Mann Marable Marr Marriner Marshall Martin Mason Massey Massie Masterson Matheson Matthews Maudin Maulden Mauldin Maulding Maury Mayfield Maylane Mayo Meacham Meadow Meause Meaux Melone Meone Mercer Meriott Merreman Merrett Merrill Merrinen Merriner Merrit Merriwether Merry Merryman Mews Michael Micou Middlebrook Milk Miller Mills Minor Mitchel Mitchell Molen Molin Molineaux Molth Moncure Monday Monroe Montague Moody Moor Moore Mooring Moorman Moren Morey Morgan Morrow Morton Mosby Moss Motley Moulding Moulson Mourning Mulhollin Mulinburg Mullen Mullencan Mullin Mullins Mullinsax Muncaster Munday Mundle Munford Murdock Murphy Murrah Murray Murrow Murry Muse Mustin Napier Nater Neale Nelb Nelson New Newby Newman Newton Nicholas Nicholson Nobb Noden Noel Noell Nokes Noot Norment Norris Northrop Northrup Northup Norton Nott Nutgrass O'Neal Oldham Oliphant Oliver Oneal Orr Owens Page Pagett Paine Pair Pare Parish Parke Parker Parkes Parnard Parr Parrott Parsons Partelow Partlow Pasco Patterson Pattey Pattie Patton Payne Peake Pearson Peatross Peirce Pemberton Pemebeton Pendleton Penny Pentvin Perkins Perks Perry Petereman Peterman Pettis Pettite Pettus Peyton Philippo Philips Phillips Picardati Piccadat Pickele Pickett Pickington Picklel Pickles Pierce Pilcher Pilkerton Pitt Pittman Pitts Poe Polk Pollard Pollet Pollett Poltney Pope Portch Porter Porterfield Post Powell Powers Prager Pratt Prewet Price Priddie Pritchard Proper Prosper Pruett Pruit Prunty Pugh Pullar Pullen Puller Purkes Purks Quarles Quincey Quisenberry Quisenbery Radford Ragan Ragans Ragsdaleraines Rains Rallins Ramsey Randolph Ranes Rawlings Rawlins Ray Readick Red Redd Reddick Reddish Reddisk Reddock Redford Redock Reeve Reid Reins ennolds Reynolds Rice Richards Richardson Richerson Richeson Rickie Riddle Riding Ridle Riggin Ritchie Rives Roane Robb Roberson Robert Roberts Robertson Robins Robinson Roffe Rogers Roland Rolands Rollins Rootes Rose Ross Rotherick Rotherinck Rothrick Rothrock Rougee Rouse Row Rowe Rows Rowyer Rowzee Roy Royston Rozel Ruffin Runday Russel Russell Rutherford Ryland Sacra Sacrae Sacre Sacry Sale Sallinger Salughter Sampson Samuel Samuels Sanders Sanson Satterwhite Saunders Saunderson Scandland Scantland Schooler Schools Scinn Scott Scranage Scrannage Scrimshaw Seysel Seal Sears Seaton Seay Seddong Sedwick See Segar Seizer Seizor Self Semmes Semple Shackleford Shaddock Shadock Sharp Shaw Shepherd Sheppard Sherley Sherrard Shewsbury Shields Ship Shirley Shop Simmons Simons Simpson Sirls Sissel Sissele Sizer Skeetright Skelton Skinker Skinner Slaughter Sledd Smart Smelter Smith Smithers Smithey Smock Snead Sneed Snyder Sommerson Sorill Sorrel Sorrell Sorril Sorrill Southerland Southword Southworth Spencer Spindle Spotswood Spratt St.John Stanard Stand Standard Standley Stanley Starke Steagall Steele Stephens Stern Sterne Stevens Stevenson Stewart Sthreshley Stiff Stiglar Still Stockton Stokes Stone Stonefield Street Streshey Streshley Strother Stuart Stubblefled Stubblefield Stubbs Subtle Sullenger Sullivan Summerson Sutton Swan Swann Swingston Swinton Syms Tabb Tabor Talbert Talbot Taliferro Talley Tamplin Tankersley Tankersly Tarlton Tarrant Tarrent Tate Taylor Teller Temple Tenant Tennant Tennent Terrell Terrill Terry Thacker Thillmn Thilman Thomas8 Thomley Thompkins Thompson Thomson Thornley Thornton Thorpe Throckmorton Thurston Thwortes Tiffany Tignor Tiller Timberlake Tinsbloom Tinsley Tisdale Tod Todd Toler Tomas Tombs Tompkins Toombs Tooms Towles Townsend Trainham Trainum Tranham Trevelian Trevillian Tribble Trible Trigg Triplett Trouk True Trueman Tryee Tuck Tucker Tuning Tunsley Tunstal Tunstall Tupman Turberville Turner Turning Turpin Tutt Tyler Tyre Tyree Umbrickhouse Underwoiod Upshaw Usher Valentine Vass Vaughan Vawter Venable Vest Vidal Vowles Waddle Wade Walden Wales Walker Waller Walsh Warden Ware Wariing Warren Washington Waters Watkins Watts Waugh Waytt Weatherford Weathers Webb Webster Welch Wellford Wellford Welsh West Wharton White Whiting Whitlock Whittecoe Whittico Whitton Wiatt Wickham Wigglesworth Wild Wiley Willard Williams Williamson Willis Willmore Wilson Willy Wilmore Wilson Win Wingfield Winn Winston Wise Wiseger Wiswall Withers Wood Woodfolk Woodford Woodson Woodward Woolfolk Woolford Wormley Wortham Wray Wrenn Wright Wrigth Wrilcherson Wyatt Yancy Yarborough Yarbrough Yates Yaxley Yeatman Yerby Young Zolicoffer

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Bonnie said...

I am interested in purchasing this book, but wonder if it contains my ancestor, Fauntley Johnson. Is there any way to find that out? Thank you.