Sunday, January 11, 2009

Book Review: "Botetourt County Virginia Marriages 1770-1853" with Last Name Index A-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s Botetourt County Virginia Marriages 1770-1853. Entries show both bride and groom's names, marriage bond or license date and sometimes witnesses, consents and other items of interest. This is a soft cover reprint by New Papyrus Co. of a 1987 original, contains two volumes for a total of 600 pages plus figures, appendices & fold-out map. Botetourt was formed from the southern portion of Augusta County and was the parent count for a total of 44 new counties, including much of the West Virginia area. This book contains a total of 5,211 marriage records including bonds, licenses and/or minister's returns.

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Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "HOUTZ Henry & Susanna Brown 4 Feb 1824; b - George Brown, father min - N H Cobbs (Prot. Epis.)"
  • "HOUPT George A. & Susanna Wingard 5 Mar 1851; license only"
The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Abbot Abbott Abel Abersole Able Abshire Acains Acher Acton Adams Adkins Adney Agnue Aikin Aimix Airs Akin Akins Albright Alderson Alen Alexander Alford Alfred Allen Allison Alphin Alsup Alverson Amen Amens Ammen Amon Amyx Anderson Andrew Andrews Angel Angell Angle Anthony Arbuckle Archery Archey Armentrout Armontrout Arms Armstrong Armstrong Arnett Arnold Arrett Arrington Arter Arther Arthur Asbery Aschenbury Ashafelter Ashafetter Ashford Ashley Aston Atchley Atherton Atwood Augerman Augleman Auld Aunspaugh Austin Awl Ayres Baber Back Backens Backinsto Backus Baggs Bags Bailey Bailor Bails Bair Baird Baker Baldock Baldwin Ballard Baller Ballew Baltimore Banday Bandy Banister Banks Bannister Barber Barcly Bare Barger Barham Barker Barnard Barnes Barnett Barnett Barnhart Barns Barrett Barrit Bartlett Bartley Barton Basham Batey Baugh Baughann Baughman Bawler Basley Baxter Bayne Beagles Beale Beals Beamish Bean Beane Bear Beard Beath Beatty Beaubeau Beaver Becker Beckett Beckner Beech Beeher Been Beesaker Beice Belch Belew Belinger Bell Bellamy Bellew Belt Bennet Bennett Benny Benson Bentley Bernerd Berry Bess Betts Beverley Beverly Bibro Bice Bickelshimer Bickers Bickle Bierley Biggs Bigler Bilbre Bilbro Billhymer Bilups Bird Bise Bish Bishop Bittle Black Blackaby Blackeley Blackerby Blackwell Blain Blaker Bland Blane Blankenship Blaze Bless Blessing Blevens Blevins Blount Blunt Board Bobletts Bockman Bodkin Boehan Bogan Boggess Boggs Bolin Bolinger Bolton Boly Bomgardner Bomgarner Bond Bondurant Bonner Bosack Book Booker Boone Boons Boose Booth Booze Borden Boring Borndrager Bosserman Bossford Bosters Boswell Bott Botton Bough Boughen Boughman Boulton Bow Bowen Bower Bowers Bowlin Bowlinger Bowyer Boyd Boyer Boyers Boyl Boyle Brace Brackenridge Brad Bradford Bradley Bradly Brads Bradshaw Brady Brafford Bragg Bratcher Bratton Brawley Breadwell Breckenridge Breedan Breedlove Brewbaker Brewster Brian Brians Briant Brickey Brickman Bridewell Bridgeland Bridger Bridges Bridgewater Briggs Bright Brim Brines Brinkley Brinman Briot Brit Brits Britt Britts Britz Broadwater Brogan Bromfield Bronaman Bronamer Bronomar Bronomer Broockman Brookman Brooks Brothers Brough Broughman Brown Brownlee Broy Broyles Brubaker Brubecker Brugh Brughman Brumfield Brumer Brunamer Brunamon Brunmer Brunk Brunnamer Brush Bryan Bryans Bryant Buchanan Buck Buckey Buckhanan Buckhannan Buckhannon Buckingham Buford Buglar Bugler Buhrman Bumgardner Bumgarner Bundain Bunger Buram Burch Burger Burgess Burgh Burk Burke Burket Burkett Burkholder Burks Burndraker Burne Burnett Burns Burwell Buser Bush Busey Bussy Buster Butcher Butler Butt Buttry Butts Byerley Byerly Byers Byrd Cade Cahoon Cain Cairfman Calbreath Calbreth Caldwell Cale Calender Caler Calhoon Calhoun Callaghan Callaghen Callander Callender Callis Calvert Calwell Camden Cammell Campbell Camper Camron Canode Car Carden Cares Carfman Carleton Carlisle Carlton Carn Carnes Carney Carns Carpenter Carper Carral Carrel Carrell Carroll Carroll Carsner Carson Carter Cartin Cartmill Caruthers Carven Carvin Casey Cash Cashman Casteel Castile Carlett Caton Cauldwell Caves Cawthon Cents Centz Cesler Cesslar Cessler Chambers Champ Chapman Chappel Chatting Cheek Chenoweth Chenowith Cherry Childress Chinowith Chinwith Chittum Chitwood Chivers Chrisman Christian Cifford Circle Claiborn Claiborne Claige Clair Clancey Clancy Clapsaddle Clare Clark Clarke Class Claughton Claxton Cleage Clear Clegg Clemens Clemmons Clency Clerkin Click Clifton Cline Clinebell Clinmebell Close Cloyd Cluck Clure Cluskey Coalter Coans Coap Cofer Coffee Coffman Cohar Coin Coiner Cole Coleman Coley Collins Colter Colters Combs Commins Compton Comstock Cornnell Conner Consalver Consolver Cook Coon Cooney Cooper Cop Copland Copp Coppinger Corfman Cornelius Cornell Correll Cosby Coulter Cousins Cowdon Cowen Cowper Cox Crabb Craddock Cradoch Crafford Craft Craig Crater Crawford Crebbin Cressee Cressoe Crider Crill Crisser Crist Crites Critz Crockett Croddy Crodian Crofford Croft Croser Cross Crouch Crouder Croul Crouse Crow Crowder Crowe Crowel Crowell Crowl Crows Crump Crumpacker Crumpecker Crush Crutchfield Cruz Culbertson Culhoon Culnan Cumerford Cummerford Cumming Cummings Cummons Cumpton Cundiff Cunliffe Cunningham Cupps Cups Curd Curtis Curtnir Custard Custer Custerd Dabney Dade Dagger Dalton Dame Damewood Damood Damrel Damron Danavan Daniel Dansanti Darby Dare Darr Daugherty Davidson Davis Davison Dawny Dawson Day Daylong Deacon Deacons Deadorf Deads Deal Dean Deardorf Deaton Deckinson Decks Deeds Deel Deele Denn Defoe Dehart Deisher Dejarnatt Delbridge Delong Delridge Delzel Delzell Dempsey Denby Dennis Denny Dent Denton Depew Dermon Derrick Devanny Devise Dewese Dewhit Deyerle Dickeson Dickey Dickinson Dickson Dicky Diet Digges Dill Dillard Dillen Dillman Dillon Dilman Dingledine Dirgan Disher Dishman Dixon Dixton Dobb Doble Dodd Dodge Dogan Doherty Dollard Dollman Dolman Dolmon Donaghe Donaho Dooley Doosing Doss Dougherty Douglas Douglass Douthat Dow Dowdy Dowens Downer Downey Drais Drake Draper Dresler Drummand Drummond Drumons Duckwyler Duddin Dudding Dudgin Dudley Duff Dugan Duke Dulaney Dulany Dunathan Dunbar Duncan Dunlop Dunn Dunnavant Dunovan Durham Durman Duval Duvall Dwier Dwyer Dyarnatt Dyerle Dyerly Dykes Dysher Eads Eagan Eager Eagle Eagleson Eaken Eakes Eakin Eakins Earhart Early Eason Eavans Eby Echolds Eckhols Eckis Edde Eddington Eddis Eddy Edengton Edens Edgar Edgars Edington Edmiston Edmondson Edwards Elam Elder Eldrick Eller Elliott Ellison Ellmore Elmore Elsroad Elsrode Eltzroth Elutherreth Emmans Emmons Emrick Ender Enders Engard Engart Engle Englehart Engles English Entsminger Entzminger Epard Eperson Eply Eppard Erwin Esridge Estes Etsler Etter Etzlar Etzler Eubank Eubanks Eurich Evans Evens Eversole Evilsizer Evins Ewing Eybank Fag Fagg Fairfax Falls Fanning Faris Fariss Farley Farmer Farrar Farrer Farrier Farris Farrow Farver Fascher Fasler Faught Faulconer Fauster Feather Feazel Feller Fellers Fellow Fellows Felps Fender Ferguson Ferner Ferral Ferrel Ferrell Ferrer Ferrier Ferrill Ferris Fesler Fessler Field Fields Fife Fifter Figgat Figgett Filson Finch Findlay Fink Finney Firebaugh Firestone Fishburn Fisher Fisk Fitsguarald Fizer Flack Flaherty Flanagan Flannigan Fleager Flecher Fleek Fleet Fleming Fleshart Fleshman Fletcher Flick Flint Flippo Flook Flora Florah Flower Floyd Fluke Flurnoy Fogg Fogle Folder Forbes Forbush Ford Fore Forest Forgeson Forguson Forrest Forrester Forstor Forsyth Foster Fought Fout Fouts Foutt Foutz Fowler Fox Frame France Frances Francis Francisco Frankenbarger Franklin Frantz Frazel Frazer Frazier Frederick Freeman French Fringer Fry Fudge Fulhart Fullen Fullheart Fulton Fultz Fulwiler Fuqua Furgurson Furguson Furrow Fury Gaines Galbreath Gallaway Galloway Gamble Gammon Ganby Gant Gantsley Gardner Garges Garman Garnand Garner Garnes Garret Garretson Garrett Garrison Garrot Garst Garwood Gass Gast Gates Gatewood Gaudry Gaunt Gawltney Gay Gellespy George German Ghant Gharst Gholson Gholston Gholtman Gibson Gilbert Gilkerson Gilkinson Gill Gillaland Gillaspey Gillaspie Gillaspy Gilleland Gillespey Gillespie Gillespy Gilliam Gilliland Gillispie Gillispy Gilmer Gilmore Gils Girtner Gish Given Givens Givins Glasburn Glasgow Glasper Glass Glassburn Gleeson Glenn Glover Glynn Godwin Goff Gofford Goheen Goin Goldey Goldson Golreen Good Goode Gooden Goodman Goodson Goodwin Gordan Gorden Gordon Gore Gorman Gortner Gossett Gowens Gowin Gowins Grady Graham Grammar Grammer Grand Grant Grave Graves Grawmer Gray Graybell Graybill Grayble Greable Green Greenlee Greeley Greenway Greenwood Gregory Greham Greiner Greybill Grice Griest Griffin Griffith Griffy Grigeland Griggs Grigsby Grill Grim Grimes Grinelly Griso Grisso Grissoe Grist Griste Grose Gross Ground Grove Groves Grub Grubb Guilford Guillford Guire Guliver Gullaer Gulliford Gullipher Gunn Gurtner Gutery Guthaney Guthrey Guthrey Guthrie Gutrich Guy Gwaltney Hack Hackett Haden Hagans Hagen Hagens Hagins Hahn Haines Hainey Hains Hair Haldeman Halderman Hale Haley Hall Haller Halspain Ham Hambeck Hambell Hambleton Hambrick Hamilton Hamman Hammet Hammett Hammon Hammond Hampton Hance Hancock Handford Handley Hane Hanes Haney Hanger Hank Hanks Hanna Hannah Hannan Hannon Hanon Hansbarger Hanson Hansone Hanspach Hapler Harbison Hardbarger Harden Hardin Hardy Harger Harkley Harler Harlow Harman Harmon Harness Harper Harriett Harrington Harris Harrison Harriss Harry Harsh Harshbarger Harshberger Harston Hart Hartigan Harman Hartrider Harvey Hase Haskins Haslep Hasten Hastin Haston Hatcher Hatten Hatton Hauntz Hawberg Hawkins Hayback Haydon Hayes Haymaker Hayman Hayne Haynes Hayns Hays Hayse Hayslip Hayth Hazlep Hazlewood Head Hearison Heart Heartman Heaven Heck Heckman Hedrick Heimlick Helams Heldibridle Helmentaller Helmentoller Helmintoller Holmontoler Helms Helphenstine Hemming Henderliter Henderson Hendrickson Hendrixon Henkle Hennen Henry Hensley Hensly Henson Heplar Hepler Herald Herbison Herman Hershberger Heslep Heslip Hess Heston Hewett Hewit Hewitt Hickinbottom Hickle Hicklen Hickman Hickok Hicks Hiestand Higginbotham Higgins Highlands Hiland Hiley Hill Hillis Hilton Himelick Himer Himes Hinderbile Hinderlighter Hinderliter Hiner Hines Hinkle Hinton Hipes Hise Hite Hively Hix Hoage Hobbs Hobson Hodd Hodges Hofakut Hoff Hoffman Hofan Hogans Hogen Hogshead Holbrook Holdeman Holdron Holley Holliday Holloway Holmes Holoway Holstein Holstine Holston Holt Honce Hood Hoof Hoofanger Hook Hoole Hoosey Hooven Hoover Hopkins Horn Hornel Horton Hott Houbert Hough Houlston Houpt Houry Houseman Housman Houston Houtts Houtz Howard Howbert Howel Howell Howrey Howrt Howry Hoylman Hubbard Huddle Hudnell Hudson Hues Huff Huffman Hufinton Hufman Huggins Hughes Hughs Hullar Hulse Humphrey Humphreys Humphries Humphris Hundley Hunsman Hunter Huntsman Hurley Hurst Hurt Hutcheson Hutchins Hutchinson Hutchison Hutson Hyner Hypes Icanburg Icehower Icenhower Icyhower Idle Inchminger Ingart Ingle Inglehart Ingleman Ingles Inglish Inksel Intsminger Irby Ireland Irvine Iraacks Ischower Isenbarger Isenhower Jack Jacks Jackson Jacobs James Jameson Jamison Jarret Jarrett Jarrit Jarrot Jarvis Jeans Jefferson Jemison Jenkins Jennings Jerrell Jeter Jewel Jewell Jinings Jinkens Jinkins John Johnson Johnston Jonathan Jones Jonson Jopling Jordan Jorden Jordon Justice Jyser Kale Kanode Karnes Karns Karr Kasler Kasslar Kassler Katron Kayser Kayton Keagey Kean Keasea Kee Keefauver Kefauver Keffer Keith Keller Kelley Kelly Kemm Kemp Kemplin Kenedy Kennday Kennedy Kenner Kennerly Kennett Kenney Kenning Kenny Kent Kerby Kern Kerns Kerr Keslar Kesler Kesslar Kessler Ketinger Key Keyes Keys Keyser Kibert Kidd Kiddy Kilconan Kile Kilmer Kilmore Kilpatrick Kilse Kimberland Kimberlane Kimberlin Kimberling Kimes Kimm Kincade Kincaid King Kingan Kingen Kingin Kinkead Kinerly Kinsey Kinzer Kinzey Kinzie Kinzy Kirfman Kirk Kirkman Kirkpatrick Kirkwood Kish Kitchen Kitterman Kittinger Kizer Kinzey Kinzie Kinzy Kirfman Kirk Kirkman Kirkpatrick Kirkwood Kish Kitchen Kiterman Kittinger Kizer Knight Knode Knowles Knox Knozworthy Knuckles Koger Kool Koonts Kringry Krouse Kuster Kyle Lacey Lack Lackey Lackland Lacy Lanfonce Laforce Lake Lamb Lambert Lamen Lamon Landers Landis Landon Landridge Landrum Landsdown Lane Lang Langhorne Lanius Lannius Lantern Lanthron Lantz Lapan Lapsley Lark Larkin Larue Lash Laten Lauderdale Lauman Launius Laurman Lavender Lavinder Law Lawrence Lay Layman Laymon Layn Layne Layton Leady League Leamon Leatherdal Leatherdale Ledbetter Ledgerwood Lee Leech Leek Leeps Leffel Leffell Leffle Leffler Lefler Lefon Leforce Leftwich Legans Leib Leibe Leibs Leighton Leipe Leips Lemar Lemare Lemman Lemmon Lemmons Lemon Leonard Lesley Lester Lettens Leuty Level Leven Levingston Lewallen Lewellen Lewill Lewis Liden Lillies Lilly Limbaugh Lindon Linsey Linkenager Linkenaser Linkenauger Linkenboger Linkenhoger Linkenhoker Linkenoger Linkinauger Linkinhoger Linkinhoker Linkinshoker Linkous Linn Linsey Linton Lipes Litchford Litle Litten Litteral Litterel Little Littlepage Litton Littral Littrel Littrell Livingston Llary Lloyd Loague Lockhard Locket Lockett Lockey Lockhart Lockney Lofland Logan Logue Long Looney Loop Louis Loury Lout Love Loving Lowman Lowry Loyd Loyt Luck Ludwick Lugar Lukus Luney Lunsford Luster Lutey Lykins Lyle Lyon Lyons Lype Lypes Lytel MacClintuck MacEntire Machan Mackey Macloy Maculic Maddox Madison Madocks Magard Magart Maggard Maggart Maggot Magruder Mahan Mahone Maiden Maits Malcom Maller Mallery Mallory Mallow Malls Malone Man Manca Mangue Mangus Manguss Manka Mankey Mankpiel Mankspile Mann Manners Manspiel Manspile Mapes Marchant Marckle Mariam Markee Markey Markham Markrim Marky Marrow Marshall Martin Mason Masterson Maston Matheny Mathews Matthew Matthews Mattocks Mattox Maupin Maury Maxey Maxwell May Mayberry Mayers Mayes Mayhew Mayhue Mayo Mays Mayse McArtey McAshan McBreath McCabe McCafferty McCahah McCahan McCale McCalgan McCalister McCall McCallister McCallum McCan McCantis McCarrol McCarroll McCartney McCarty McCaslin McCaul McCauley McCauslon McCawla McCawley McClain McClanahan McClaugherty McClaughlin McClelan McClellan McClelon McClenachan McClenechan McClenehan McClintick McClintock McCloskey McCluer McClung McClure McColgan McColgin McColough McConkey McConky McConnall McConnel McConnell McCord McCorkle McCormack McCormick McCoun McCowan McCown McCoy McCravey McCraw McCray McCreary McCreery McCrery McCrory McCroskey McCulley McCullock McCully McCurry McCutcheon McDavids McDermed McDonal McDonald McDowel McDowell McEhenny McElhany McElheney McElheny McElwaine McElwee McFadden McFall McFallan McFalls McFarran McFerran McFerson McGavock McGee McGeorge McGilvray McGinniss McGowan McGowen McGuire McGuyer McHaffy McHaskin McHenry McIheny McIlvoy McIntosh McIver McKalaster McKalester McKee McKenary McKenny McKinney McKnight McKutchen McLaugherty McLaughlin McMahan McMullen McMullin McMurray McMurrey McMurry McMurtrey McNeal McNeally McNeel McNeely McNeil McNeill McNutt McPhearson McPheeters McPherson McRoberts McVey McWhorter Meador Meadow Meadows Means Mease Medley Medlin Mefford Meggit Mehone Melling Mellon Menge Menou Meredith Merrill Merrit Merritt Messoner Michael Middlecoff Middlekauff Mifford Miles Milholand Milhollen Milirons Millar Miller Millholland Millirons Millner Millons Mills Miltenbarger Miltobarger Milton Minder Mindor Mineleaf Miner Mingas Minich Minick Minnich Minnick Minno Minor Minter Mires Mitchell Mittebarger Mittenbarger Modisett Moffett Moler Mondgold Mongold Monical Monicle Monroe Montague Montgomery Moody Moomaw Moore Moorman Morgan Morgan Morricle Morris Morrow Morton Mosby Mosely Moser Moses Moss Motley Moul Moulds Moule Mourn Mowles Moyer Moyers Muldrough Muldwich Mullen Mumbred Munday Murphey Murphy Murray Murrell Murrill Murry Muse Mussins Myars Myers Nace Nafe Nail Nance Nash Nave Nevil Navill Neace Neal Neathawk Neelly Neely Neff Neice Neidy Neighborns Neighbours Neile Nelson Nevil Nevill Newbury Newcom Newcome Newell Newgen Newlin Newman Newport Newton Nibert Nicely Nicewanger Nicewonger Nicholas Nichols Nickles Niday Nidey Nidy Nierce Nillirons Ninengar Niningar Nininger Noble Noffsinger Nofsinger Nofsinger Noftzinger Noniger Noonin North Norvell Now Nowell Nugent Nutter Nye Nysewand O’Bryan O’Neal O’Tull Oaks Obenchain Obenshain Obensheen Ocheltree Ockerman Ockiltree Odom Ogburne Ogden Ogilby Ohair Oiler Old Oldham Olds Olinger Oliver Olphan Onee Openchain Opinchain Orange Osborn Otey Ott Ovenchain Overchain Overholser Overstreet Ovington Owen Owens Owin Owins Oyler Paffley Pafley Page Painter Palmer Pamplin Pannel Pannell Par Parish Parker Parks Parnes Parr Parrish Parrot Parsinger Parsons Pate Paterel Patesell Patsel Patterson Patton Patzell Paul Pauley Pauper Paupey Paxton Payne Peacock Peal Pear Pearcy Pearson Pearcy Peas Peck Pedan Peel Peeling Peeples Peerey Peery Peffley Pefley Pegee Peightal Pell Pence Pencehead Pendle Pendleton Penn Pennington Penningtrkholder Peppercorn Perdieu Pereyfield Perrin Perry Persinger Person Peter Peterman Peters Petit Petross Pettey Pettigrew Pettit Petty Pettygrew Phaup Philips Phillips Phipps Piatt Pickering Pickett Pierce Pifer Piffley Pifley Pile Piringer Pitman Pittinger Pitzer Platt Pleasants Plott Plymale Plymell Poage Poague Poalk Pogue Polk Poppa Poppau Poppaw Poque Porter Potts Powell Powers Pramay Pratt Preble Prentice Prestob Preston Prewet Prible Price Prince Prindle Printz Pritchard Prophet Prothero Pruitt Prumpecker Prunk Pryor Puet Pugh Pullen Pullin Pulling Purseley Pursley Putman Pyre Quarles Quarry Quick Quickle Quigley Quiney Quisenberry Quond Rader Radford Ragland Raines Rambo Ramsey Ramsy Randle Randles Randolph Ranes Rankin Ranney Ranson Ray Raymer Reaburne Read Reade Ream Reburn Rector Redden Reddy Redford Redinger Redman Reed Rees Reese Reeve Reeves Reid Remern Renfro Renn Rettinger Rettique Review Reyburn Reyburne Reynold Reynolds Rhinehart Rhodafer Rhodes Ribble Rice Richards Richardson Richeson Richey Richie Richison Riddell Riddesbarger Riddle Riddlebarger Riddleberger Riddlesbarger Ridlesbarger Rife Riffey Riffy Riggle Right Rightsman Rigny Riley Rinehard Rinehart Rineheart Ring Riple Ripley Rison Risque Ritchey Ritesman Ritter River Roads Road Roberson Robinett Robins Robinson Robison Rock Rodaheffer Rodehizer Rodgers Rogers Ronck Ronk Roop Rose Ross Rossel Rosser Rouk Routsong Row Rowan Rowe Rowen Rowland Royal Royall Ruble Rucker Rudd Ruddle Rudisile Rudisill Rudizill Rule Ruly Runnells Runnels Runnion Rusel Russell Rutherford Rutter Ruttinger Ryan Sabrit Saddler Safley Saftly Saintentaffer Saintlear Sale Salmon Sanders Sands Sarber Sarver Sarvery Saunders Savill Saville Sawyer Sawyers Saxon Sayford Scandland Scanland Scantland Scantlin Schneck Schew Schoonover Schrawyer Schroder Scifford Scisson Scoonover Scott Scrackengharst Scroggin Seacat Seacatt Seacrist Seagle Seagraves Sears Seaver Sebert Secrist Seeford Seegraves Seegrist Seelar Sefford Seigler Selby Sell Sellman Selvey Selvy Sense Sentz Sephyr Serber Server Sesler Sesslar Settles Sewel Sewell Sexton Shaddon Shafer Shaffer Shahan Shamaker Shank Shanklin Shanks Sharkey Sharmaker Sharrard Shartser Shartzer Shatser Shauman Shaver Shaw Shawver Sheets Sheetz Sheff Shelden Shephard Shepherd Sherette Sherman Sherrad Sherrod Shetser Shettle Shewey Shewman Shewster Shields Shipley Shirkey Shivers Shoemaker Shootman Short Shoup Showalter Showalters Shrackengast Shrewsberry Shrewsbury Shrickingast Shue Shuey Shuff Shuke Shulah Shull Shultz Shuteman Sibart Siebert Sifford Silcock Siler Silver Silvers Silvey Simmerman Simmon Simmons Simms Simnemon Simpkins Simpson Sims Sinclair Sinclear Sindendorf Siner Sinkhorn Sintclair Sirkle Sisson Sites Sitlington Sittington Sizer Sizor Skaggs Skeen Skidmore Skillern Skylark Slack Slanker Slater Slaughter Sligh Slinker Sloan Sloane Slone Sloss Slusser Sly Smalling Smallwood Smelser Smiley Smith Smithers Smoot Smyth Smythe Sneed Snider Snodgrass Snow Snyder Solenbayer Solinbarger Solman Soloman Sorrel Sorrell Souder Sovain Sovaine Sowder Sowers Spangler Spaulding Speagle Speakman Spears Speckard Speckart Speckhart Speers Speigle Spencer Sperry Spesard Spessard Spessart Spicard Spickard Spickart Spickhart Spicklemoyer Spigle Spiller Spindle Spitlar Spitler Spradling Spratt Sproul Spurlock Spyker Squire St.Clair StClair Stailey Stair Staley Stamback Stanback Stanley Stark Starke Starks Starr Starrett Statler Staut Stayley Steber Steed Steel Steele Steen Steenberger Steenson Steinburgen Stennet Stephens Sterling Sternly Sterrett Stesson Stetler Stevens Stever Steward Stewart Stickleman Stiff Stiles Still Stinnet Stinnett Stip Stone Stoner Stott Stover Stowers Stratton Street Strickland Strine Strough Stuart Stull Styne Sullenbarger Sullivan Sullybarger Summerfield Summers Surber Surbur Susanne Sutherland Sutton Swainey Swanson Swatts Sweetland Swerengen Swisher Switcher Switzer Sybert Syckells Syrey Tabscott Tacket Tackitt Tagoe Talbot Talley Tally Tankersley Tanner Tapscott Tate Tatham Taylor Teale Telford Templeton Tennant Tenne Tennison Tenny Terrill Terry Tharp Thomas Thomason Thomasson Thomison Thompson Thorn Thornhill Thorp Thrasher Thresher Thrisher Tilford Tillery Tillett Tindal Tingler Tinsley Tipton Titus Todd Tolbert Toler Tolley Tolly Tomason Tomens Tomson Toomey Tootle Topping Tosh Toung Towler Townsley Tracy Travy Trenetor Trenor Trent Treslar Tresler Tressler Trevey Trevy Trigg Trisor Trotter Trout Troutt Trusell Trusler Trustler Tucker Tummons Turk Turley Turman Turner Turpin Tweley Tygert Tyler Tyree Umfries Umphrey Unrue Upton Urick Urmey Urmy Urnduff Valentine Vance Vandegrift Vandine Vanmatre Vanmeter Vanmetre Vanover Vansand Vansandt Varner Vass Vaughan Vaughn Vaun Vauns Veal Venmater Vensent Verner Vest Vickers Vimer Vines Vineyard Vinsant Vinyard Viors Vonesson Voss Votans Voyers Vyers Waddle Waddy Wade Wagener Waggoner Wagner Wagoner Wait Waits Waldron Waldwin Wales Walker Walkup Wall Wallace Walls Walrond Walter Walters Walton Wamucks Ward Warden Ware Warner Warnock Waskey Wasky Waterson Watkins Watson Watterson Watts Watwood Wax Wayman Wease Weathered Weathers Weaver Web Webb Webster Weeks Wees Weese Weir Weirs Welch Weller Welsh Wenger Wertz West Wharton Whealess Wheat Wheeling Wheelus Whislar Whisler Whistler Whitaker White Whitehead Whitehill Whiteneck Whitesides Whitley Witmer Whitmore Whitner Whitsell Whitten Wias Wiatt Wiblin Wickham Wickline Widle Wier Wiers Wigers Wigg Wilcher Wiley Wilhelm Wilkinson Wilks Willcocks Willet Willett Willey Willfong Willhelms Williams Williamson Willington Willis Wills Willson Wilmore Wilsher Wilson Wimer Wimond Windard Windsor Wineman Wines Wingar Wingard Wingart Winger Winsor Winston Winther Wirte Wirts Wisong Witeral Withero Witherow Withers Witt Wolf Wolfe Wolfinbarger Wolfingbarger Woltz Woltze Womack Wood Woodard Wooden Woodluf Woodruff Woods Woodson Woodville Woolandi Wooley Woolf Woolwine Word Worden Worley Wort Worth Wortmiller Worts Wortz Wray Wren Wright Wrightsman Writter Wyand Wyatt Wyllie Wymer Wyserman Wyson Wysonburg Wysong Yates Yeargan Yeargin Yearout Yeast Yocum Yop Yopp Yost Young Zeagler Zell Ziglar Zigler Zimmerman Zirkle Zollman

Again, if you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

1 comment:

Canuckster1127 said...

Hello Kevin,

I found your blog while doing some "googling" for my wife's family. Given your background, I'll take the risk to ask if you might have some suggestions.

My wife's maiden's name is Barnes. I've been researching this line for several years using records and also making 2 trips to court houses in Bristol Virginia and more recently to Salem Virginia and record repositories in Roanoke and Botetourt county.

I've traced my wife's line back to Aaron Barnes who lived approximately 1805 (between 1800 and 1810 birth). Aaron Barnes was a pretty influential resident of Salem. He is in all the early Roanoke County histories as a tavern owner, petitioner for the formation of Roanoake County, a constable of the new county and even a State Assemblyman from 1843 - 1844 when he apparently took ill and resigned. He died in Feb 1845. I believe it is very likely that his father was Thomas Barnes and his mother was Ingabo Ruddell of Botetourt County. The family naming conventions draws heavily from the family names using family names such as Byrd. Thomas Barnes appears to be a Junior.

Thomas and Ingabo married in 1799. They appear in the 1810 - 1840 federal census records and consistently the age ranged indicate that Thomas would have been born between 1770 - 1780. The records of Orange County, Augusta County and Botetourt County (which all covered the area near Fincastle and Roanoke) from 1740 - 1785 are filled with references to Thomas Barnes as a land owner (at Tinker Creek off of the Roan Oak), road surveyor and tithable supporter of road work, jury member, witness to deeds etc.

I've found him in the Southwest Annuls of Virginia, as a Vestryman in 1770 (which maybe means he was Anglican/Episcopal).

I've about exhausted the records and it looks to me that the courthouse records are pretty well convered in these databases.

I live reasonably close to Roanoke and am thinking of making another trip for some in person research. I'm aware of the Botetourt records in Fincastle and looked there before. I haven't done much with regard to pre 1770 for Augusta County or Orange County before then.

Do you have any suggestions as to where to go from here?


Bart Breen
Sterling, VA