Friday, December 19, 2008

If you could be related to any President, which would it be?

My most recent web poll has closed, the question being "If you could be related to any President, which would it be? Choose as many as you like!" The results were not terribly shocking with votes being cast by 88 readers. Washington rightly took top honors with Lincoln, Jefferson and Reagan close behind him. I was a tiny bit surprised that 13% picked Obama without serving a single day in office. I was also surprised that more people would rather be related to Bill Clinton than James Madison...I do not get that one at all. I also thought Wilson ranked pretty low and that FDR did not get his due respect but that is why we have polls and not just my opinion!

The final results were as follows:

George Washington 29 (32%)
Abraham Lincoln 24 (27%)
Thomas Jefferson 21 (23%)
Ronald Reagan 20 (22%)
Theodore Roosevelt 17 (19%)
Barack Obama 12 (13%)
John F. Kennedy 11 (12%)
Franklin D. Roosevelt 10 (11%)
Dwight D. Eisenhower 9 (10%)
George W. Bush 9 (10%)
James Monroe 7 (7%)
None of the above 6 (6%)
William J. Clinton 5 (5%)
James Madison 4 (4%)
Woodrow Wilson 3 (3%)
Richard Nixon 2 (2%)

A new poll will be added to the bottom of the site this afternoon.

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