Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Loyal Company: 800,000 acres and a 79-year lawsuit

I am trying to find information about a group called the Loyal Company. They were issued a grant of land by the crown in 1749, west of the Allegheny Mountains, in the amount of 800,000 acres! There were a large number of company members including Peter Jefferson (father of President Thomas Jefferson), Dr. Thomas Walker, John Lewis, Thomas Meriwether, Joshua Fry, Rev. James Maury, Edmund Pendleton and Richard Jones. A stipulation of the grant was that it had to be surveyed and settled within four years. This requirement proved impossible and extensions were required until disallowed in 1763.

This cessation of extensions resulted in a barrage of lawsuits involving the surveyed land, suits that lasted until 1842. I found a deed this past weekend, in Mecklenburg County, Deed Book 24, 446-447, that spells out part of my ancestry. Edney Haskins, my great-great-great-great-grandmother ,was noted as a daughter of Robert Jones and that Richard Jones (d. 1779 in Halifax County) was his father. Richard was a founding member of the Loyal Company, and at least one of the surveyors of the 800,000 acres. Edney was giving a lawyer power of attorney to represent her claims in the aforementioned lawsuits. It is amazing that the grandchildren of Richard Jones were going to court over his involvement with the Loyal Company.

I am not sure how the lawsuits ended up and if we got any money...if we did, it is gone!

As a note, I am also related the Dr. Thomas Walker. He is my uncle on a line from my mother's family whereas Richard Jones is a connection on my father's side. This was a great document in that it extended my line back two additional generations. I just wonder what happened with the lawsuit?

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