Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election day poll...Not what you think.

I started a poll on the web site a month ago, asking "Will the trouble on Wall Street slow down your genealogy research?" Well the month is up, pretty much on Election Day, and the results are in...

I had a total of 42 people vote and the options were as follows:
  1. Gas is too high, I will travel less - 17%
  2. Things are so shaky, I cannot spend the extra money on a hobby - 17%
  3. I do most of my research on-line and will not have to slow down - 45%
  4. My situation is stable enough to continue unchanged - 21%
It seems that 66% of those polled will not slow things down. I am not surprised by that number as those people who read my site tend to be long-distance, Internet genealogy buffs. My site is free to its users so it does not get any cheaper than that! Gas prices have fallen a lot in the past month so I am sure that some of those who voted for number one would probably change their vote now.

I am going to start a new poll, maybe tomorrow, probably something about the new President. It will be located on the bottom, center of the site. Feel free to do like the Irish - vote early and often!

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