Thursday, October 16, 2008

Will of Bartlett Cole of Mecklenburg County, died 1282

Mecklenburg County, Virginia Will Book #11, page 399:
"In the name of God amen, I Bartlett Cole of the County of Mecklenburg and state of Virginia being sick and weak but of a perfect mind and memory, thanks be to God for it and calling to mind the mortality of the body and that it is appointed of God for man to die do make this my last will and testament. Item my will and desire is first all my just debts be truly and punctually paid. Item my will and desire is that after my just debts are all paid that my well beloved wife Viney Cole shall have the loan of the reside of my estate during her natural life or widowhood. Item my will and desire is after the death or marriage of my wife Viney Cole that the residue of my estate be sold and if sufficient, I give and bequeath to my two daughters Polly Cole, Phebe Cole one hundred dollars to be equally divided between them and then if any part of my estate still remain my will and desire is that the whole thereof be equally divided between my four children namely Edward Cole, John Cole, Phebe Cole and Polly Cole. Lastly I appoint my son Edward Cole executor to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand seal this 14th day of April 1828. Bartlett Cole. Signed sealed in presence of: Samuel G. Johnson, James Johnson, Zach. Curtis.

At a Court held for Mecklenburg County the 18th August 1828. The foregoing last will and testament of Bartlett Cole, deceased was produced into Court and proved by the oaths of James Johnson and Zachariah Curtis subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And [on the motion of] Edward Cole the Executor therein named appeared in Court and refused to take upon himself the burden of the executor thereof. And on motion of Samuel G. Johnson who made oath and together with Samuel Young and Edward Cole his securities entered into and acknowledged bond in the penalty of $3,000 conditioned as the law directs. Certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration on said estate with the will annexed. E. L. Tabb, Cl."

Mecklenburg County, Virginia Will Book #14, page 19:
On August 30, 1828, an inventory and appraisement of the property of Bartlett Cole was recorded. It was submitted into Court by James Johnson, J. Brown and Crawford McDaniel on November 16, 1835. His estate included many household and farm items as well as a parcel of wheelwright's tools, a lot of wheelwright's timber and a pair of cart wheels indicating Bartlett may have been a wheelwright.

Mecklenburg County, Virginia Will Book #14, page 20:
Bartlett's estate sale was held on August 30, 1828 and was entered into Court on November 16, 1835. Those that purchased items included Edward T. Cole, Phoebe Cole, Nancy Whittimore, Mary Cole, Robert B. Crews, Peter T. Furgeson, John Curtis, W. V. Jackson, James J. Johnson, A. K. Green, Alex Johnson, Green Jackson, Alfred Vaughan, R. C. Tucker, Augustin Smith, J. M. Curtis, John T. Cole, T. Cole and P. Cole. Most of the items were common goods but Peter Furgeson purchased Bartlett's saddle and Alfred Vaughan bought a pair of compasses. The sale brought a total of $31.

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