Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mail Goggles...Google's new way to prevent drunken mistakes!

I just found out that Google has launched a new feature for their G-mail, e-mail service...Mail Goggles. The idea sounds crazy at first but the feature is designed to prevent you from sending tasteless or hurtful e-mails when you are drunk. The feature turns on late at night and on the weekends, when you are most likely to be intoxicated. You can also change its hours if you prefer to drink on weekdays.

Mail Goggles does not prevent you from typing an e-mail, it just makes it harder to send. You can type up a note and, when you try to send it, you are faced with five math questions. You have about one minute to enter the five correct answers or it well tell you to drink some water and go to bed.

Not that any of my readers need this service but I thought it was interesting enough to pass along! What will they think of next? If only Google could use their powers for something really important, like digitizing all of the public records in America. That would be a good use of their time and efforts but I guess I am biased, seeing as though I am a genealogist (and I do not drink)!

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