Friday, October 10, 2008

Library of Virginia Facing Budget Cuts

The Commonwealth of Virginia is facing a budget shortfall of around $1.5 Billion going into the year 2010. Governor Tim Kaine has made the first of three rounds of budget cuts. The last time this happened (2001), the Library of Virginia was forced to close one extra day per week and to reduce spending on certain projects. The first round of cuts this time does not include any closure or layoffs. It does however reduce overall funding by $600,000.

Here is a summary taken from the governor's plan.

"The Library of Virginia - Reduce discretionary spending ($600,000). Reduces spending through attrition, limiting the purchase of equipment, supplies and library materials; significantly scales back preservation contracts; and reduces travel."

This does not sound too bad at this point but keep in mind that 2/3 of the shortfall have yet to be resolved. No one wants to raise taxes so look for the Library to get hit hard in the next two rounds.

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