Tuesday, October 07, 2008

DNA Test Update - "Your result failed to produce a clear result in this run"

I received some bad news from Family Tree DNA regarding the DNA test we had Charlie Brock take on August 20, 2008. I received the following e-mail today and republish it here in its entirety:

"A very small percentage of the tests we perform do not return conclusive results the first time we test. In these cases, the samples do not produce a reading that allows our lab to determine with 100% certainty the values for one or more markers or regions. When this happens, we re-test the sample. We repeat this procedure up to 3 times after the initial test fails to give a clear result.

Your result failed to produce a clear result in this run. Below is a status update for your kit number, ######, as well as an estimated time of when the next rerun is expected to be completed:

STR - 10/17/2008 This test failed to yield results for your sample. Your sample is being rerun now. Results from this round of testing are expected by this date.

Family Tree DNA"

We will have to wait and see what happens at this point. The new results should be back within ten days. I never had this happen before so I do not know what to expect if the next set of test fail. I guess they will give us a new test kit but we will have to wait and see. Have any of you had this problem in the past? If so, how was it resolved?

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Anonymous said...

I had this happen to me twice........Still waiting on my upgrade....maybe Charlie and I are related.

J.B. Brock