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William R. Lawson of Charlotte and Mecklenburg Counties, 1846-c. 1903

William R. Lawson [1, 2]. He was born Jul 1846 in Mecklenburg, Virginia, USA[3, 4]. He died Abt. 1903[5].

William's middle name was probably Royal, being named after both of his grandfathers. He grew up in Charlotte County where he attended school. William took up farming with his father, got married and settled in the Bacon township. His first wife, Belle Graves, died shortly after the birth of their only child. William remarried to Sallie Robey, the ceremony being performed by S. G. Mason of Ash Camp Baptist Church in Keysville.

William moved his family to Christiansville (later known as Chase City) of Mecklenburg County. He rented a farm there but died within a few years, "very shortly" after the death of his father in 1903. It is not currently known where William was buried.

As previously stated, William and his first wife had one child, Catharine L. "Katie" m. William Edward Gregory. William and his second wife had eight children, five girls and three boys, as follows: Ada V. m. James Wagstaff, Hunter T., Mary Eliza "Lizzie" m. William "Willie" Royal Spain, Annie Magnolia m. Walter Leonard Spain, William Edward "Eddie" m. Jennie Haskins Coleman, Myrtie Virginia also m. William "Willie" Royal Spain, Neta m. Thomas "Tom" Pruyear McCargo and Elmer Grey. Willie and Walter Spain were brothers and married three of the Lawson sisters. Hunter and Elmer apparently did not marry.

Mary J. Graves[2]. She was born Bet. 1847–1848 in Mecklenburg, Virginia, USA[10]. She died on 02 Nov 1873 in Bacon, Charlotte, Virginia, USA[2]. Cause of Death was childbirth[2].

Mary, known as Belle, was the daughter of John and Mahala Jeffress Graves. Mary died nine days after the birth of her only child, Katie Lawson.

William R. Lawson and Mary J. Graves. Their marriage on 07 Dec 1870 in Bluestone, Mecklenburg, Virginia, USA (home of Miss Miranda Jeffress, aunt of the bride)[10].

Sarah Elizabeth Robey was the daughter of Theophelas P. Robey and Eliza H. Gilleland[6, 7]. She was born on 15 Oct 1853 in Charlotte, Virginia, USA[6]. She died on 31 Oct 1918 in Bluestone, Mecklenburg, Virginia, USA[7]. Burial on 01 Nov 1918 in Skipwith, Mecklenburg, Virginia, USA (New Hope Baptist Church cemetery)[7]. Cause of Death was arteriosclerosis[7].

Sallie grew up in Charlotte County and lost her mother at an early age. Not much is known of her personal life but she was able to read and write. Sallie was probably a member of New Hope Baptist Church in Skipwith.

William R. Lawson and Sarah Elizabeth Robey. They were married on 03 Dec 1874 in Charlotte, Virginia, USA[4].

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