Friday, September 19, 2008

Virginia Cemetery Transcription Project Update

This update has been a long time coming. I have finally added some records to what I was calling my "Oakwood Cemetery" database. There are now about 500 total entries, including a small amount of Civil War burials. All of the records included at this time are burials in Richmond's Oakwood Cemetery. However, that is about to change.

I have decided to expand the database to include all burials of Virginia, not just Oakwood. This will allow me to add other burial records that I find without creating new databases. I will simply add a "cemetery name" field to the current database that will call out the specific cemetery for that record.

You can find a search box for this database at the very bottom of any page on this site. It is a pretty simple database but should become more and more useful as I add names. I hope to add a few hundred more tomorrow but we will see how it goes. I have got the data entry system set up nicely but I just have to find the time to go view the records.

Most of the names I added today were posted on the blog before I just added them to the database with the rest. The new additions are as follows, all being Civil War burials.

Aaron Milton J. Co. D, 15th Georgia
Avaunt J. H. Co. D, 17th Georgia
Alman George Co. I, 15th Georgia
Adams J. H. Co. E., 14th Alabama
Adams A. D. Co. H, 15th Georgia
Abraham James Co. G, 14th Alabama
Altman J. Co. E, 20th Georgia
Adams C. T. Co. A, 11th Alabama
Atman J.
Amans Andrew Co. B, 9th Louisiana
Adams J. S. Co. A, 38th Virginia
Adams Giles Allen's Battalion
Abrams Samuel Co. G, 14th Alabama
Adams E. B. Co. E, 5th Louisiana
Adams J. H. Co. E, 53rd Georgia
Adams W. G. Co. G, 49th Georgia
All T. D. Baltimore
Adams M.
Adams G. W. Co. C, 16th Virginia
Adams S. N. Co. K, 12th Alabama
Adams Jos. C. Co. H, 6th South Carolina
Altra J. (Bot) Co. H, 11th Georgia
Adams E. W. Co. A., 28th North Carolina
Adams M. N. 10th Georgia
Adams J. H. Co. K, 12th Virginia
Absas T. A. 10th Georgia
Adams W. B. Co. I, 57th North Carolina
Adams J. R. 24th Virginia
Adams J. H. Co. A, 44th Alabama
Adams V. R. Co. H, 2nd Florida
Adams M. Co. H, 16th Mississippi
Allen R. H. Co. E, 10th Battalion Virginia
Adams J. M. Co. F, 11th Mississippi
Alband W. H. Co. B, 2nd Maryland

I was told by a reader that these names were taken from old wooden grave markers. These markers are long gone but that explains why a lot of graves are unknown. When the names were recorded, if the wooden marker was missing, damaged or non-existent, there was no way to record the burial.

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