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Book Review: "Shenandoah County Virginia Marriage Bonds 1772-1850" with Last Name Index Q-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index, Q-Z, of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s "Shenandoah County Virginia Marriage Bonds 1772-1850." Shenandoah County, first called Dunmore County, was formed from a portion of Frederick County in 1772. During the Revolutionary War, the name was changed to Shenandoah. In 1831, a portion was cut off to form part of Page County and, in 1836, another portion was taken to form part of Warren County.

This book includes 6,892 marriage bonds which have been transcribed from the county register in the Virginia State Library, Archives Division. The book has a full index of brides and grooms and contains 417 pages plus a pull out map of Virginia. Entries show both bride and groom's names, marriage bond date and sometimes witnesses, consents and other items of interest. This is a soft cover reprint of a 1984 original, printed by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia.

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Miller Mathias & Mary Huffman 4 Dec 1813; w of Abm d of Michl Comer"
  • "Evans William & Hannah Watson 31 Mar 1801; b C Williams & Philip William"
The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Quick Racey Racy Rader Rakestraw Raller Ralls Rambo Ramey Ramsberger Randall Randolph Rankins Raper Rapholse Rark Ranbo Rasy Rausch Rausey Rauss Raw Ray Raye Reach Read Readen Reader Ready Reagan Reager Reamer Rector Redding Redenhour Redenour Redfern Redman Reed Reeder Reeds Reedy Rees Reese Reeser Reesor Reid Reidler Reily Reinhart Reins Reiser Reivas Relsly Remy Renebaugh Renner Renow Reve Revercomb Rexrood Reynard Reynolds Rhesberger Rhinehart Rhode Rhodenfeffer Rhodes Rice Richard Richards Richardson Richart Richman Rickard Rickards Rickart Rickerbacker Rickman Ridknor Riddle Riddleberger Riddlemeyer Rideman Ridemour Ridenhour Ridenouer Ridenour Rider Ridgen Rigeway Ridgway Riding Rife Riffee Riffer Riffey Riffy Rigden Riger Riggens Right Righman Right Rightman Rigney Rigsby Riley Rinehard Rinehart Ringer Rinker Ripley Ritenour Rittenour Ritter Rittor Rivercom Rivercomb Rivy Roach Road Roadcap Roads Robenberger Roberson Roberts Robertson Robinson Robsen Rode Rodecap Rodefer Rodeffer Rodeheffer Rodeheifer Rodenour Roder Rodes Rodgers Rodiffer Rodman Roehmn Rogers Rohrin Roland Rolar Roles Rolis Rolland Rollar Roller Rollins Rolls Rome Romick Romine Roof Roofe Roop Rooper Roopert Roots Rootz Rorer Rose Rosebraugh Rosenbarger Rosenberger Rosh Ross Rosse Roecap Rotenhefer Rothget Rothgeti Rouck Rounberger Rountree Rouse Roush Row Rowland Rowley Rowrick Rowsee Roy Roye Royer Rozenberger Rubb Rubelson Rubencarn Rubey Ruble Ruby Rucker Rudaciller Ruddel Ruddell Ruddle Rude Rudeceller Rudes Rudesall Rudicil Rudiciller Rudnall Rudolph Rudusill Rudy Ruffner Ruffnor Ruffy Rufner Rugler Ruir Rumback Rumon Rumow Runan Runlaid Runsberger Runyon Rupel Rupell Rupert Rush Russell Rust Rutherford Rutter Ruty Rutz Ryan Rye Ryman Rynard Ryner Saber Saffer Saffle Sager Sailor Sailers Salon Salvage Salyers Sampson Samuel Samuels Sanday Sanders Sandy Sanlan Sansberry Sansburg Sanburry Sansbury Sanskrives Santmiers Santmire Santmyers Satterwhite Saum Saunders Saurbough Sausbury Savage Savawine Saver Sawlaw Sawn Sayar Sayder Sayer Sayger Saylor Scantling Scarff Scefert Schaeffer Schaffer Schew Schitzin Schmidt Schmitt Schmucker Schmuker Schmukes Schmutz Schneider Schooley Schroder Schroffe Schumaker Schumeker Schwartz Scifert Sciple Scott Scrogan Scrogen Scroggin Scroggins Scrogin Sea Seahoff Seahorn Searon Seater Secrett Sedwick Seevy Sehaffer Sehorn Seibert Seigler Seirkel Seiver Selfous Sellaras Sellenburg Seller Sellers Sellner Selner Selsen Selvey Selyers Selzer Sensency Seppel Serile Serkle Seton Setser Settle Settles Setzel Setzer Sevier Sevy Sex Sexman Sexton Shadwell Shaeffer Shafer Shaffer Shall Shamback Shambo Shank Shanner Shannon Share Sharp Sharpe Shavan Shaver Shaw Sheah Shealer Shearer Shearman Sheaton Shedrer Sheeler Sheen Sheets Sheetz Sheffer Shell Shemo Shenckler Shenk Shepherd Shereman Sherfig Sherly Sherman Sherrer Shatters Shew Shields Shiflett Shingle Ship Shipe Shipen Shireman Shirley Shissell Shitler Shitz Shoar Shoe Shoemaker Shoeman Shoewaller Sholl Shoman Shomo Shopshire Short Shoulst Shover Showalterm Shower Showl Showman Shown Showns Shrader Shreckhise Shrider Shroader Shrum Shruster Shryock Shuff Shugart Shugarts Shull Shuyltz Shumm Shusler Shuster Shutters Shutz Shutzer Sibert Sible Siby Sicks Sidebottom Siebert Siegle Siex Sigler Sigur Silfoose Silfouse Silfues Silfus Silfuse Silfuss Silliers Silvias Silvius Simmerman Simmons Simms Simons Simson Sinclair Sincox Sine Singelo Sink Sinner Sipe Sipple Sircle Sish Sisler Sitts Sitzer Sivey Sivich Six Skaden Skeen Skelon Skelton Skillington Skinner Skyrick Slater Slaughter Slipard Slusher Sluss Sly Smailes Smelser Smeltzer Smiley Smith Smithers Smoke Smooker Smoot Smoote Smoots Smootz Smucker Smutz Snapp Snare Snarr Snell Snellings Snider Snyder Soabinger Soberlin Socksman Solomon Somer Somers Sommers Sommersall Sonas Sonenstien Sonnanstine Sonnenstein Sonnenstine Sonner Sonnestine Sooner Soppinger Sotherland Souderbeck Sounders Sour South Sowe Sower Sowers Sowerwine Sox Soxman Soxsman Spacht Spangler Sparks Speagle Spears Speice Speigel Speigle Speigler Spencer Spengler Sperry Spiegel Spiegle Spigle Spiker Spiller Spillman Spingler Spinks Spitzer Spitzer Spoon Spoone Spore Spots Spotts Sprecher Springford Sprocher Sprocker Spunaugh Spur Spurr Sray Staga Stage Stagg Stagle Stallians Stallings Stallions Stamback Stanart Stanback Stansberger Stargen Stark Starke Starkey Starn Starr Startings Stater Stauffer Staufman Staunton Steagle Steed Steel Steen Steenbarger Steenberger Steener Steep Stegler Steigel Steinbergen Steinberger Steinbrenner Stem Step Stephen Stephens Stephenson Stern Sterrell Sterrett Stevens Stever Stewart Stickler Stickley Stickly Stidley Stigel Stiep Stilwell Stine Stinghasse Stinson Stipe Stirewalt Stirling Stirrett Stiver Stoatslager Stock Stockdale Stocker Stocklager Stocksdale Stockshlager Stockslager Stoltz Stompley Stone Stoneback Stoneberger Stonebuck Stoneburner Stoneheimer Stoner Stonestreet Stonestrut Stoop Stosnyder Stoudemeyer Stoudemoyes Stouffer Stout Stouremeyer Stourmoyer Stover Stowers Strasnider Straup Strawdeman Strawderman Strayer Stretchberry Striart Strichberry Stricklager Strickler Strickley Strickling Strikler Strip Stritchberry Strole Strong Stroop Strosnider Strother Strough Strude Strupe Stuart Stultz Stumbaugh Stumboch Stump Sturn Sturnback Suddeth Sugden Sulcar Sulcer Sulliers Sullivan Sulser Summber Summers Sumner Sumvald Sumwald Sumwalt Sunner Supinger Surber Surpass Surrick Susan Sutherland Suttle Sutton Swainey Swainie Swaney Swann Swartz Swats Swayne Swayney Swaynie Swearing Sweekart Sweeny Swicker Swift Swisher Switzer Swockerd Sybert Syeefus Syefuse Tagoe Tailor Tait Tale Taler Tanner Tapp Tarflinger Tasco Tascoe Tasker Taylor Teator Teats Teboe Tecious Tedewich Teeter Teiler Tepoe Terrill Tertes Teteweek Tetrich Tewalt Tharp Thatcher Therfish Thomas Thompson Thomson Thrasher Throgmartin Tibbett Tibbetts Tibbs Ticanger Tidewich Tidewick Tidler Tighman Tigner Tillee Tiller Timberlake Tinder Tinell Tipton Tisinger Tissus Tobin Toffleman Toler Tonm Tomise Tomson Tonstson Toppin. Toser Totten Tout Towalt Townhill Towns Townsen Townsend Townson Tracewell Trail Tresler Tress Tribbet Trickler Tricky Tries Trigler Triplett Triscole Trisler Trixler Tromberg Tronberg Trouberg Trout Troyman Trumbo Tryglar Tryler Tryman Tuchwiller Tucker Tulk Tuping Turber Turflinger Turnbull Turner Tusing Tusinger Tussing Tussinger Tutrow Tutt Tuttero Twecher Tyler Ulunder Underwood Ungawit Unger Updegrove Updike Urback Urgabrite Urner Urt Uttinger Utz Valentine Vallentine Van Vance Vanhise Vanhyouser Vanmeter Vann Vannoy Varmer Varner Vaughan Vaught Vauhire Veach Vegel Veilet Venna Vermillien Vermillion Vickars Viech Vigar Vincent Vine Vineyard Vinna Vinson Virner Vitler Vivian Voltz Voltzin Wacker Waddington Waddleton Wade Waggoner Wagoner Waight Wakeman Wakerman Walden Walgamath Walgamode Walgamude Walgamutte Walker Wall Wallard Waller Wallter Walsh Walter Walters Walthers Walton Wambler Wamix Wander Wanswer Ward Wardle Ware Warfield Warmick Warner Warren Wartman Washburn Waters Waterholtz Watkins Watson Watt Watts Wattson Way Wayger Weak Weakley Wealch Weaner Weatherholtz Weatherholtzer Weaver Webb Webster Wedell Weekley Weeks Wegoman Weitick Welch Welden Welker Weller Welsh Welteran Wemord Wendel Wendell Wendle Wenger Wenns Werner Wertzell West Westenberger Wetherholtz Wetsel Wetzel Wetzell Weyley Whaley Whaton Whealy Whelmoyer Whetzel Whipen Whgirson Whiser Whisler Whissen Whistler White Whitehead Whitescraver Whiting Whitman Whitmere Whitmoyer Whitmyer Whitmyers Whitsel Whitson Whitzel Wickell Wickes Wicks Widick Widock Wiermar Wight Wihlgennett Wileosper Wilfong Wilhem Wilhite Wilkin Wilkins Wilkinson Will Willard Willey William Williams Williamson Willis Willson Willy Wilmoir Wilson Wilt Wiltson Wimer Windel Windelburough Windell Winder Winders Windle Wine Wines Winey Winfield Wingegardner Winger Winkell Winkler Winsborrow Winsbourough Winsbrough Winstead Winteres Winton Wirtenbicker Wise Wisehart Wisely Wiseman Wisert Wisman Withers Witman Witsel Witsell Witson Witt Wittiran Wittman Witz Witzel Wolf Wolfenberger Wolgamuth Wollf Wolverton Womelson Wommick Wood Woodard Wooden Woodrow Woods Woodward Woody Woodyard Woolard Woolf Woolfe Woolfenberger Woolfinberger Woolford Woollard Worfield Worner Worthington Wrae Wright Wrinn Wroc Wroe Wuneking Wurman Wyatt Wykoll Wymer Wyner Wytmyer Yager Yarges Yargus Yaryen Yates Yeach Yeager Yeakle Yew Yoe Yost Young Yowell Yunker Zager Zea Zechiner Zeh Zehring Zeikle Zell Zemmen Zercle Zerfarz Zerfas Zerfes Zerger Zerile Zerite Zerkel Zerkle Ziegler Zigle Zigler Zimmer Zimmerman Zink Zircle Zirkel Zirkle Zirkler Zirole Zucker Zurfoss

Again, if you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

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