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Book Review: "Shenandoah County Virginia Marriage Bonds 1772-1850" with Last Name Index I-P

The following is a summary of the last name index, I-P, of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s "Shenandoah County Virginia Marriage Bonds 1772-1850." Shenandoah County, first called Dunmore County, was formed from a portion of Frederick County in 1772. During the Revolutionary War, the name was changed to Shenandoah. In 1831, a portion was cut off to form part of Page County and, in 1836, another portion was taken to form part of Warren County.

This book includes 6,892 marriage bonds which have been transcribed from the county register in the Virginia State Library, Archives Division. The book has a full index of brides and grooms and contains 417 pages plus a pull out map of Virginia. Entries show both bride and groom's names, marriage bond date and sometimes witnesses, consents and other items of interest. This is a soft cover reprint of a 1984 original, printed by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia.

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into three posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Miller Mathias & Mary Huffman 4 Dec 1813; w of Abm d of Michl Comer"
  • "Evans William & Hannah Watson 31 Mar 1801; b C Williams & Philip William"
The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Haan Haas Habron Hackman Hackney Haddox Hadeley Hadley Hahan Hahn Hailman Haines Haldiman Hale Halker Hall Halla Hallen Haller Halterman Haltman Hamaker Haman Hambaugh Hamen Hamet Hamilton Hamman Hammans Hammen Hammet Hammon Hammond Hamner Hampston Hampton Hanback Hancock Handback Handcock Handsford Hanes Haney Hank Hankins Hannagan Hannah Hannerey Hannes Hannigan Hannon Hansbarger Hansbrough Hansenfluck Hansicker Hanson Hansucker Harbarger Harbaugh Harber Harbough Hardin Harding Hardman Harfrine Harkinan Harman Harmon Harn Harner Harnet Harnick Harnish Harnissin Harpine Harr Harrel Harrell Harrington Harris Harrison Harrit Harrow Harry Harshbarger Harshberger Hart Harant Hartinger Hartline Hartman Harton Hase Hash Hashberger Haskell Haskins Hassel Hastings Hatmon Hauck Hauck Haufman Haughn Hauk Hauks Haun Haunnam Hausberger Hausefluke Hausenflack Hausenfluke Hauson Hauten Hawkins Hawley Hawn Haws Hay Haymairs Haymaker Hayman Haynie Haynies Hays Haywood Hazel Hazell Headley Headly Healwole Heartant Heasland Heasland Heastland Hebner Hech Heckle Hedgill Heetwalt Hefflin Heffman Heflin Heidrick Heikle Heingardner Heisemann Heiser Heiskell Heiskill Heistand Heistant Heiten Heller Hellsley Helm Helmich Helmick Helsel Helseley Helsell Helsenpiller Helsey Helsley Helsly Heltzel Heltzell Heltzley Helvey Helzel Helzell Hemaker Hemphell Henary Henbeck Henderson Hendron Henekel Honer Henerman Henigin Henile Henkel Henkins Henkle Henley Henly Hennaner Hanry Hensel Henseley Hensley Henton Hepler Hepner Hepp Herbaugh Herbine Herbough Hersberger Hersey Hershberger Hershell Hershlager Hershman Heselman Hess Hestant Hestep Hester Heston Hetzell Heucsberger Hiblinger Hibner Hickel Hickle Hickman Hide Hidson Higgins Higgs High Hilbert Hildebrand Hill Hillard Hillsion Hilsley Himelwright Hinckle Hiner Hines Hinkins Hinkle Hinsley Hinton Hirshberger Hirsmann Hiser Hisey Hisir Hisle Hison Hissy Histand Hite Hitler Hitrick Hizer Hoake Hochenaver Hochman Hock Hockenour Hockman Hockslager Hodlern Hoey Hoff Hoffman Hohn Hoke Hol Holderman Holdiman Holeman Holker Holladay Hollar Hollas Hollenberry Holler Holley Hollingsworth Hollman Holman Holmes Holsenbiler Holsepiller Holt Holtinger Holtz Holtzclaw Holtzman Homan Homer Homes Homman Hommon Hone Hoof Hoofed Hoofle Hook Hoop Hooper Hoover Hoows Hopemann Hopewell Hopkins Hopp Hopper Hoppin Hopwood Horn Horner Horsafluke Horsefluke Horseman Horton Hosehfluke Hosey Hoshaw Hoshour Hosler Hotsenhiller Hotsinpiller Hotsipiller Hott Hottel Hotter Hottinger Hottle Houch Houderheld Houdershell Houdeshell Hough Houghn Houke Houn Hourhous Housden Housdon Houseman Houser Houshan Houshong Houshour Houts Howard Howart Howbert Howdeshelt Howel Howell Hower Howey Howitt Howrer Howser Howton Hoy Hoiza Hozel Hozie Hroud Huber Hudasell Huddel Huddell Huddle Huddles Hudlen Hudson Huff Huffman Hufman Hughes Hughs Hughy Hull Hulva Hulver Humbaugh Humbleton Humbough Hume Humes Humphrey Humphreys Humpston Humrickhauser Humrickhouser Humston Humuckhouser Huneberger Hunham Hunnerhouser Hunsberger Hunston Hunt Hutsberger Huntsheyer Hup Hupp Hurbaugh Hurbein Hurborough Hure Hurn Hurpon Hurst Hurt Huser Hush Husherberger Hushman Hushour Hussey Hustin Huston Hutchenson Hutcherson Hutcheson Hutchingson Hutchinson Hutchison Huttle Hutzell Hyda Hydrick Hynes Hyser Imshwiller Inabenet Inabent Ineswiller Ingram Inshwiller Inswiller Ireland Iroarback Irvin Irvine Irwin Irwine Isaac Isee Ives Jack Jackson Jacob Jacobs James Jameson Jamison Jannings Jarboe Jasper Jeator Jeferson Jeffries Jenkins Jennings Jett Jewell Job Jobe Johnson Johnston Jones Jordan Jordon Joyh Juda Judah Judd Judey Judkins Judy Jurdin Kachley Kackley Kagey Kagg Kagy Kain Karkley Karsh Kaufelos Kauffman Kaufman Kausk Kayge Keagey Kealy Kean Keaner Kearn Keeler Keener Keeney Keeran Keerans Keever Keffer Keihley Keikley Keil Keister Kelchner Kellender Keller Kellers Kelley Kelly Kelso Keltiner Keltnor Kemling Kemp Kenard Kendal Kendall Kendel Kendell Kendle Kendrick Kenesley Kennard Kennedy Kensinger Kenworthy Kephart Keplinger Kepps Kerl Kerlin Kern Kerns Kesler Kessler Kesterson Kettlinger Keyes Keys Keyser Keysor Kibbee Kiblar Kibler Kiblinger Kickerson Kid Kidd Kidner Kidwell Kiel Kifer Kiffer Kiger Kilder Killinger Killingsberry Kilpatrick Kilwell Kindall Kindrick Kine King Kingcade Kingery Kingree Kingrey Kingry Kingsland Kinseley Kinsely Kinsley Kinzer Kiplar Kiplinger Kipps Kips Kirks Kirlin Kiser Kisler Kisor Kissell Kistener Kister Kitchen Kite Kitman Kitner Kizer Klandent Kleindinch Klem Klemdenst Klemm Kline Klippert Klipple Knaba Knap Knapp Knatser Kneisely Kneisley Knicely Knicley Knight Knisely Knisley Knop Knot Knup Koch Kochananen Kock Koehenauer Koffer Kohlhcuser Koin Komer Kook Kooner Koons Koontz Koortz Koots Kountz Koyle Krausin Kreamer Krebs Krenb Krentzer Kresell Kretsinger Krick Krider Kring Kritsinger Kronck Krouch Kube Kublinger Kugler Kulman Kumber Kuntz Kurtz Kutsinger Kyle Kyser Lacy Ladley Laflin Lahew Lahue Ladley Laing Lake Laley Lally Lamb Lambden Lamberson Lambert Lamkin Lamma Lamme Lammerson Lammy Lamoure Lampton Lance Landemood Lander Landewood Landis Lang Lanhais Lanham Lannam Lantz Larir Lark Larkins Larrick Lary Lauck Launk Laurance Laurence Lavage Lavi Lawder Lawlaw Lawler Lawrence Lawson Lawton Layanny Layeor Layman Leach Leadley Lear Leary Leath Leavill Lecount Ledewick Lee Leenard Leeper Leeser Leeth Legard Lehen Lehew Lehman Lehue Leiber Leiberger Leichleter Leichliter Leinberger Leith Laivce Lamely Lenas Lentz Leonar Leonard Leonbarger Lessanah Lesher Letzer Levell Levesge Levesque Levie Lewin Lewis Lewist Lichliter Lickleter Licklite Lickliter Ligget Liggett Lillard Limback Limbock Limeberger Lincoln Lind Lindamood Lindamoode Lindamoon Lindburg Lindemon Lindemood Lindemots Linder Lindermoor Linderwood Lindrmut Lindsey Lineberry Linehard Linenberger Lineweaver Lingerfelter Lingerfetter Linguerd Link Linn Lintherum Liombough Lion Lionbarger Lionberger Lionbyer Lipop Litolf Littell Litten Littett Little Littler Litton Litzer Livers Lloyd Loch Lochade Lochmiller Lock Lockart Lockhart Lockliter Lockman Lockmiller Loe Loffland Lohnes Lohr Lokin Loldes Lonafrank Lonas Loness Long Longacre Longaere Longanecker Longenacker Longenacre Longrehr Loones Looker Lookey Loots Lootz Lord Lory Lotholth Lotholtz Lotz Loudaback Loudder Louder Louderback Lougenaere Louterback Loutz Love Lovejoy Lovelass Loveless Lovell Lovin Lovingood Lowe Lowers Lowery Lownus Lowry Lows Loyd Lucas Lucus Ludley Ludwich Ludwick Ludwig Ludy Lungin Lurber Luren Luth Lutholtz Lutz Lynch Lyndamood Lyonbarger Lyster Mace Machead Machin Machir Macinturf Mack Mackendorff Macker Macknagton Maddox Maden Mafins Mafis Mafius Magerd Magers Magert Magett Maggart Maggert Magget Maggot Magowan Magowen Magruder Maholin Maholon Mahoney Maiden Mail Mailes Mailey Majors Malin Malone Malony Mamam Mamaw Mamon Manah Maneary Maner Mannick Mantieth Manuel Maphis Mapius March Markel Marker Markes Marks Markwood Marlow Marney Marple Marquis Marr Marsh Marshall Martin Marts Martz Marye Masins Mason Massie Massit Mastes Mastin Mathaney Matharey Mathew Mathews Mathies Mathis Mattert Mattox Mauch Mauck Mauk Maukmore Maunny Maup Maurer Maurey Maveous Marvies Marvious Mavis Mavius Mavrer Maxfield May Mayberry Mayer Mayers Mayes Meane Meaters Medbersh Medinger Meeham Meek Meiley Meily Meir Maity Meklissin Meneley Meneoly Menich Menick Menifee Mennah Menser Mercer Merchant Mertz Mesenmith Mattern Metz Metzer Meyer Meyers Mayley Mayli Mfius Michell Michim Midinger Midleton Miely Miers Mildrum Miles Miley Milhorn Milice Milisee Milldew Miller Mills Mincer Minor Mirchum Missick Mitchel Mitchell Mitchen Mitchum Mizersmith Mock Medesett Modisett Moffett Moffit Moge Mohler Moiley Molden Molend Moler Monahan Monnham Monohon Monroe Montgue Moodey Moody Mooks Moon Moor Moore Mooreall Mooreman Moors Moots Moore Moredock Morehead Moreland Morgan Morley Morrell Morrios Morris Morrison Morriss Mort Moser Moses Mosley Moss Mosser Motler Mott Mouck Moura Mourer Mourey Moury Mouser Mouts Mower Mowery Mowrer Mowrey Mowry Mowser Moyer Moyers Mozers Muack Mucher Muirhead Muk Mullen Muller Mullin Mum Muma Mumah Muman Mumaro Mumaw Mumbert Mummaw Muna Munch Munroe Muntanney Murch Murdoch Murdock Murphey Murphy Murray Murry Murselman Mursleman Murtle Muskeda Musselman Mussleman Myars Myer Myers Myley McAfee McAlister Allister McCall McCalpin McCann McCarky McCarte McCarty McCaughey McCay McCerroll McClanahan McClane McClanhan McCleary McClusky McClusty McColey McCollester McCon McConlly McConnell McCord McCore McCowan McCoy McCrue McCullaugh McCullough McCully McCune McDaniel McDaugle McDonald McDully McElhany McElvey McFadden McFall McFarlan McFarland McFarlane McFarlen McFarlin McFarling McFee McGinnis McGovern McBowan McGowen McGowin McGraw McIlree McInruff McIntire McIntosh McIntufy McInturf McInturff McKay McKinzey McKnight McLaughlin McLeod McLine McLowell McMackin McMahon McManney McManus McNafee McNamarrow McNeal McNealy McNeeley McNees McNeil McNight McNuly McQuay McVay McVoy McWay McWilliams Naggh Naggle Nail Nails Nait Nance Nagle Nasebroad Nasselrodt Naugle Nauman Naumann Naumon Nave Nazelrod Nazelrodt Neal Neas Mease Neasey Neeb Nees Neese Neff Nehe Nehiser Nehr Nehs Neib Neiberger Neighberger Neighiser Nelson Nesely Nesmith Ness Nesselrod Nesselrode Nessrodt Netherton Newbank Newberger Newcommer Newel Newell Newhan Newhouse Newland Newlin Newman Newtin Nicely Nichiser Nichodemus Nicholas Nichols Nicholson Niders Nighavonger Nighiser Night Niheiser Nihiser Nikiser Nipe Nisely Nisewanger Nishanger Niswander Niwanger Nod Noel Noenpower Noggle Nogle Noland Nolen Noore Nopet Norcross Norden Norman Norsett North Northcraft Northcroft Northern Northock Norton Nossett Nounand Nowman Nugent Numback Nun Nunn Nus Nutt Nye O’Conner O’Farrell O’Neill O’Farrell Omiller Oneil Oniel Oakley Oakly Obinger Ockerman Odell Odle Oferbocker Offerrell Offenbager Offenbarger Offenbaugh Offenbecker Offenberger Officer Offman Offner Ogden Ogilvie Oglesby Oglevie Ohaver Oldaere Oldoerfer Oler Olgivie Olinger Oliver Olkane Ollinger Oneil Ordenger Oreark Oreback Orebaugh Orendorf Orendorfe Orendorfer Ordoff Orndoffer Orndorf Orndorfe Orndorff Ornedort Oroark Orovick Ort Ortes Ortner Orts Ortz Orwick Orwig Osborn Osburn Oswald Ott Ottenger Ovaholtzer Overall Overbaker Overdorf Overfutd Overhall Overhaul Overheloir Overholser Overholtz Overholtzer Overholzer Overpeck Overwalt Owen Owens Ozburn Ozendorf Packett Paggett Paine Painter Pakert Pakser Palmer Pamlin Panger Pangle Pangley Panter Parent Park Parker Parkerson Parks Parras Parrell Parrot Parrott Parsons Patton Paul Paulick Payne Peale Pear Pearl Pearson Peck Peden Peeksler Peer Pees Peeshum Peidler Peiper Pelsing Penberst Pence Pence Pence Penell Pengle Peniwit Penn Pennebacker Pennewitt Penneywit Penninger Penniwit Penniwitt Pennybacker Pennybaker Pennywit Pennywitt Pense Pentz Pereapine Pereupile Perkepine Perry Persee Pester Peters Peterson Petet Pettit Pettitt Petty Pfau Pfifer Pfiffer Phares Pheasel Phifer Philip Philips Phillips Pichtle Pickel Pickerel Pickey Pickle Pickrall Picksler Pideler Pier Pierce Pifer Pike Pingle Pingley Pinkley Piper Pitman Pitner Pittenhilser Pittman Pittmen Pixler Plauger Plesant Plume Plumly Pocke Poentz Poiser Poke Poko Poland Polk Poltz Pomeroy Pommary Pomoroy Ponse Ponser Pontazer Pontzer Ponzer Pool Pordom Porter Posel Posey Potter Pous Powel Powell Power Prabat Praetor Prat Pratt Preece Price Priest Prim Prin Prince Printz Printzler Pritchard Pritchet Pritchett Probst Procotor Procter Proctor Proffater Proffit Profit Protenhiffer Pugh Pulliam Pullin Pullins Pultz Pumfrey Pummell Puntz Purcell Purdarn Purdom Pudon Purdum Purvey Push Pussons Putmer Putt Pyfer Pyle

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