Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Book Review: "Shenandoah County Virginia Marriage Bonds 1772-1850" with Last Name Index A-H

The following is a summary of the last name index, A-H, of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s "Shenandoah County Virginia Marriage Bonds 1772-1850." Shenandoah County, first called Dunmore County, was formed from a portion of Frederick County in 1772. During the Revolutionary War, the name was changed to Shenandoah. In 1831, a portion was cut off to form part of Page County and, in 1836, another portion was taken to form part of Warren County.

This book includes 6,892 marriage bonds which have been transcribed from the county register in the Virginia State Library, Archives Division. The book has a full index of brides and grooms and contains 417 pages plus a pull out map of Virginia. Entries show both bride and groom's names, marriage bond date and sometimes witnesses, consents and other items of interest. This is a soft cover reprint of a 1984 original, printed by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia.

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into three posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Miller Mathias & Mary Huffman 4 Dec 1813; w of Abm d of Michl Comer"
  • "Evans William & Hannah Watson 31 Mar 1801; b C Williams & Philip William"
The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Aandy Abatin Abbit Abbitt Abbott Abell Able Abnet Abray Acker Ackerman Acre Acres Adams Aeord Ailihite Ailshite Airy Aiker Albert Albright Aldorffer Alerdiee Aleshire Aleshite Alexander Alfred Alger Algert Alinger Allansworth Allbright Allderffer Alldorffer Allen Allensworth Allenton Allenworth Allerfer Allison Allmier Allsep Almond Alshite Alstot Altar Alter Alterfer Althar Amand Ambrose Amiss Ammon Amoss Anden Ander Anderson Andes Andrews Andrich Andrick Andy Anirick Antenburn Anthony Antram Antrim Anturburn Appely Archart Argett Armentrout Armstrong Arnold Arntz Arteburn Arthur Artirburn Artirturn Artshite Artz Arutboch Ash Ashby Asher Ashford Aterburn Attaffer Atwell Atwood Aumiller Aunderfe Austin Avre Azell Babb Bachlor Bachman Bachtel Backer Backman Baden Bader Bager Baggell Baggerly Bahrman Bailey Bainder Bair Baker Balck Balden Balding Baldwin Baley Balthes Balthis Baltman Bander Baughman Banier Bar Barb Barbee Barber Barclay Bardshare Bare Bareghman Bargelt Barker Barkholder Barkley Barks Barlow Barner Barnet Barnett Barnhart Barns Barnside Barocker Barr Barrengton Barrett Barricher Barricks Barrington Barron Barry Barseybarger Bartan Bartlett Bartley Barton Bartsherrer Barucker Barwell Basbery Basey Bashong Bassenan Basserman Bassey Baster Basye Batcheler Batcholder Bateman Bathas Bathis Batiman Batman Battman Baty Baughman Bauserman Bautherman Bauzel Baxter Bayles Bayley Baylis Bayly Baytes Beach Beagles Beahm Beal Beale Beam Bean Bear Bearch Beard Beardshear Beasely Beasley Beatty Beaty Beaver Beazee Beazeley Beazely Beasley Bechtel Bechtill Beck Beckwith Beddinger Bedinger Beebles Beedelman Beedle Beedleman Beedler Beeler Beemer Beener Beery Bettle Beezley Beghtel Behm Beidlem Beidleman Beidler Beidlerman Beidteer Beigerist Beiler Belheimer Bell Beller Bender Benhold Benner Bennett Bennybecker Bens Beopes Bereridge Berger Bergner Berkenhifer Berkert Berkheard Berkholdt Berkley Berry Bert Berton Beson Bettinger Bettle Betts Betz Bever Bevins Beydler Beyhtil Beyler Bezant Biar Bibel Bible Biblern Bichols Bickerton Biddenhelser Biddleman Bidenhour Bidenour Bidleman Bieler Bigby Bightel Bilbert Bilderback Bilkett Biller Billings Binder Bink Binn Bird Birk Bish Bishop Bittengale Black Blackburn Blackemore Blackford Blackmore Blackwell Blackwood Blair Blake Blaser Blauser Blaypec Blazer Blend Blessing Blim Blind Blodt Blogey Blors Blose Bloser Bloss Blosser Blundwitch Bly Boaker Boam Boare Bochen Bochin Bochman Bockin Bockue Boddell Bodel Bodell Bodkin Bodler Body Boehm Boehns Bogan Bohn Bolman Bombaugh Bomer Bonawit Bonawitt Bond Bonehurt Bonifica Bonifield Bonnefield Bonowitt Bonser Bonsey Booker Bookmaker Boombaugh Boon Boone Booten Bootes Booth Boothe Boram Borden Bordes Boroker Borum Boseman Boserman Bosland Bosseman Bosserman Boster Boswell Boswill Botkin Botte Bottley Botts Boude Bough Boughman Bought Boulir Boumfield Boushong Bowen Bower Bowers Bowes Bowman Boyas Boyd Boyer Boyers Boyle Bozeman Bozwell Bozzeman Bozzerman Brabill Brackwair Bradfield Bradford Bradicum Bradigum Bradley Bradly Bragg Brambent Brambrough Brammer Branaman Brandeberger Brandies Brandom Branham Branner Branson Brathwait Bratton Bray Breabill Breeding Breedlove Breedy Breeze Brenner Brewbaker Brewer Briant Brib Bricker Bridwell Briggs Bright Bril Brill Briner Brinker Brinkley Brite Britton Broadsu Broback Brobeck Brobeek Brobock Brobuk Brock Brocker Brodbeck Brodbeckin Brog Broodrick Brooks Broomsback Brouzler Brown Browning Broy Brubaker Brubecker Brumback Brumboch Brumfield Brunlling Brunner Bryan Bryant Bryson Buck Buckell Bucker Bueler Bughman Bugler Bulger Bull Bullen Bullenton Buller Bulling Bullock Bumbaugh Bumer Bumgardner Bumgarman Bumgarner Bumgartner Bun Bungarman Bunner Buntz Bunyon Buracher Buracker Burailker Burden Burdin Burg Burger Burget Burgiser Burgner Burgnor Burk Burke Burker Burkett Burkhaler Burkholder Burkit Burnbock Burnel Burner Burnes Burns Burocher Burocker Burraker Burry Burt Busabarger Buseman Busenberger Busey Bush Bushanan Busholder Bushong Bussabager Busseberger Bussell Bussey Busswitt Bussy Buswell Buswiller Butler Butt Byer Byers Byrd Byrne Byteler Cabbage Cable Cade Cadwallander Cagey Cahoon Cailey Cain Calahan Calback Calbaugh Calbert Caldwell Calender Caley Calfe Callender Calvert Calvill Cameron Cammer Camp Campbell Camper Campfield Campher Camron Cane Cani Canter Cantwell Capey Carder Carland Carney Carper Carr Carrier Carroll Carry Carryer Carsh Carson Carter Cartwright Cary Casey Cash Casterson Cater Cathery Cathy Catlett Cauffman Caufman Cave Cavender Cesterson Chadduck Chamberlain Chandler Chapman Charleton Charlton Charryhomes Chears Cheek Cherrihomes Cherryholmes Cherryholms Childs Chim Chisom Choinghower Choun Chriser Chrisman Christa Christerson Christian Christie Chuff Chuna Cimeron Circle Clagtg Claig Clanahan Clarg Clark Clarke Clarks Clattin Clay Claypole Clayton Clem Clemvich Cleve Clevenger Clevinger Clewenger Click Cliffon Clindinst Cline Clinedinch Clinedinst Clinetenst Clinkton Clinter Clippard Cliser Clizer Clogg Clorver Cloud Clowe Clower Coamer Coantz Coatney Coby Cochenour Cockenbour Cockenour Cockenous Coconour Cofee Coffelt Coffield Coffman Coflett Cofman Cohenour Coil Coiner Coite Cokenour Coknour Colbert Colburn Colby Coleman Colemann Collars Colleis Collin Collings Collins Colvert Colville Colwell Comb Combs Comer Commer Compton Conduit Conn Conner Conrad Conrod Conyer Cook Cooke Cooksey Coole Cooley Coons Coonts Coontz Cooper Cootz Copelan Copelin Copeman Copenhaven Copenhaver Copenheifer Copler Coplin Copp Copperstone Copperton Corban Corbin Corbit Cordel Cordell Corder Cordor Corkel Cornts Coromour Corryer Coryes Couchmour Couckenour Coun Countz Court Courtney Couts Coventon Coverstone Covington Cowsad Cox Carbill Craig Crainsee Cramer Cranstaff Crark Crawford Crazimer Creable Creaver Crehtill Cretmyer Cretsinger Cretzinger Cricksoll Crider Crim Crips Crisman Criswell Criswett Critsinger Critur Croark Crone Cronk Crookshank Cross Crotzer Croudson Crouse Crow Crum Crume Crumer Crump Crumpton Cryzar Cuffy Cullen Cullens Cullers Culley Cumberlin Cumpton Cunnavan Cunningham Curl Curry Curtis Curtry Custard Cutler Cutlip Daderman Dadiman Dadisman Daggett Dailey Dake Daker Daley Dall Dallinger Dalton Damier Dance Daniel Danner Darcus Daring Darr Darting Dasner David Davidson Davis Dawcon Dawson Day Dayman Deadewick Dealy Dean Dearn Dearing Dearink Dearmunt Deary Deavers Deby Decions Decious Decker Deckwith Dedewick Deeker Deets Defrees Deger Delander Delaney Delaneyliter Delanter Delaughter Delawter Dellinger Delk Dellinger Delshaver Demas Dempsy Dence Dennitt Dennywit Dent Denton Depoy Derkin Darting Devan Devaney Devaugh Dever Devers Devey Devier Dexton Deyerle Dianna Diceinger Dick Dickerson Dickson Didawick Diderow Didiwick Didwick Dilanter Dilawder Dillard Dillin Dillinger Dillon Dilshaver Dimsey Dinge Dinges Dingledine Dingletein Dinney Dipboy Dirting Disinger Dittimore Divinny Dixon Doad Doah Dobbin Dobbins Dobson Dockwiler Docter Doctor Dodson Doffelt Dogg Dowiler Doherty Dolan Dole Doll Dolton Donaldson Donally Donner Dorim Dorsch Doser Dosh Dosserin Dotson Dottson Doudell Dougherty Doughty Douglass Dove Dover Dowdan Dowdle Dowds Downey Downy Dox Doyle Drawbond Dranbarger Dressler Drexler Dribler Drick Droneberger Druck Drucy Drum Drumm Drumann Drummond Drunner Duck Duckeler Duffenbacker Duffin Dufft Duke Duker Dulan Dulaney Dull Dunavan Duncum Dunivan Dunkerson Dunlap Dunn Dunnaha Dunnavan Dunningham Dunnivan Durst Dursty Dust Dwier Dwyer Eyer Dyerly Dysart Dysert Eaffell Eagert Eagle Eagles Earexon Earhart Earlow Earnat Earnst Eary Eastep Eathern Eaton Eavy Ebart Eberlin Eberly Ebert Eby Eckeltine Edington Edmond Edmonds Edmunds Edward Edwards Effinger Eillinger Elbon Eleshite Elgert Elick Ellbon Ellinger Ellis Ellison Elmore Elsea Elsey Elshite Elyard Elzea Elzey Elzia Emmerson Emmit Empswiller Emshwiller Emsuler Emswiler Emswiller Emwiller English Ennis Eppley Eppy Erboch Erion Erkhart Ervin Eshelman Eshleman Eskelman Estep Esterle Esterly Estop Euler Evans Everley Everline Everly Eversole Evey Evion Evy Ewan Ewing Exline Eyenbright Faber Faddy Fadeley Fadely Fagle Fagleson Fahley Faidley Fadly Faitly Falful Faller Fallie Fallis Fan Fancer Fanchler Fanscer Fansler Fant Farmer Farr Farra Farrell Farrer Farrow Fartie Fartig Faub Fauber Faucett Fauley Faunterroy Fauscer Fauver Fawber Fawcett Fawley Fawver Feagle Feassel Feaster Feather Featheringale Featheringill Feathermgail Feathers Feazle Feeby Feeler Feeley Feely Feetly Felkner Fell Feller Fellow Felsmoyer Feltner Felzer Fenby Fender Fenley Fennymore Fenter Fernsler Ferrel Ferrell Ferrer Ferry Fertick Fertig Fetterling Fettiery Fetzer Fetzmyer Fewket Fezzle Fiess Fifer Filamoyer Filinnyer Filiz Filler Fillock Filmoyer Filsmoyer Filsmyers Filton Finder Finks Finlay Finley Finnell Finter Firewood Fish Fishel Fisher Fitch Fitler Fitzer Fitzgerald Fitzmeyer Fitzmoyer Fitzsimmons Flanagan Fleck Fleming Flemings Flemister Flemming Flemmings Flemmins Flemmones Fleshman Fletcher Flinn Flower Flowers Floyd Foegelson Fogel Fogle Foglesary Foglesong Foland Foley Folk Folland Follis Folman Foltz Font Fore Forrer Forsyth Forsythe Foseter Foster Foutt Foutz Fowler Fox Foy Frackley Frail Frana Frances Frank Franks Frantz Frasuer Fravel Fravele Fravile Fravle Frawver Frazer Frazle Frederick Fredreick Fredrick Free Freed Freeland Freeman Freeze French Frennon Frevell Frey Fridler Fridley Fried Friermond Fries Friffith Frimewood Frinkl Fristoe Friston Frog Fronck Frontz Frue Frumbo Frushour Frutz Fry Frye Fryman Frymeyer Frymyer Frys _Ucker _Uckes _Ucksin Fugett Fukkley Fulk Fulkerson Fuller Fultz Fulwiler Funck Funk Funkhauser Funkhouser Funnder Furrah Furry Fusing Fuston Futstone Gable Gadlinger Gainer Gaines Gains Gaitz Gamer Gammit Gander Gandstaff Gangway Garber Gard Garden Gardner Garner Garnett Garrett Garrison Garrott Garwin Gasparin Gatewood Gaulwen Gave Gaw Gay Gelham George Geotz Geoye Gerhwait Getig Gets Getz Geyer Gibbard Giberry Gibbitts Gibbons Gibbs Giblar Gibler Giffy Giger Gilbar Gilbert Giles Gilham Gillich Gillie Gilpin Gingrich Gipkins Girviler Giting Glaoz Glarscoe Glasscock Gleiser Glenn Glover Goans Goar Goare Gocenour Gochenaner Gochenouer Gochenour Gochman Gouchnour Gochouer Godd Godfrey Godlove Gododay Goehenour Goetz Gohenour Goings Golsbury Golladay Golliday Goltz Goly Gomer Gomes Gommers Good Goode Goodell Gooden Goodin Goodlove Goodman Goodnight Goodrich Goodwin Gorden Gordin Gordon Gore Gorley Gose Goubert Gowday Goyer Grabill Grady Graebill Graff Graham Grandel Granditaff Grandstaff Grandstap Grandsdarf Granstaff Grant Grantham Gravel Graves Gray Graybell Graybiel Graybill Grayham Grayson Greabill Greable Gready Greath Green Gregory Grigsley Griesly Griffe Griffey Griffin Griffith Griffy Grigsby Grim Grimm Grimsley Griner Grisby Grisly Grove Groves Grown Grubb Grubbs Grubler Grubs Grugrit Grumph Guess Guest Guisher Gulger Gullers Gully Gumell Gunnell Gunner Guthrie Guthrig Guyer Gwathney Gyer

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