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Book Review: "Rockbridge County Virginia Marriages 1778-1850" with Last Name Index M-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index, M-Z, of "Rockbridge County Virginia Marriages 1778-1850" by Dorthie and Edwin Kirkpatrick, 443 pages, index, figures, map. Rockbridge County's creation in 1778 from portions of Augusta and Botetourt counties was part of a flurry of new county organizations and older county subdivisions during the Revolutionary period. Despite the war, the frontier was moving inexorably westward, and the new county of Rockbridge represented an area now more densely settled and requiring its own polity. A total of 4,785 marriages have been extracted directly from courthouse records as well as from newspaper and other published sources; these references include parents' name, bondsmen, ministers' names and their denominations. This is a soft cover reprint of a 1985 original, printed by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia.

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FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Moore James & Mary Kirkpatrick 19 Jan 1797; d John min - Samuel Houston, Presbyterian"
  • "Adair Elizabeth & Samuel Snodgrass 22 Nov 1792; d James min - Samuel Houston, Presbyterian"
The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Maben MacKamon Mackey Maddocks Mairs Mallin Malone Mann Manspile Mappins Margrave Marks Marshall Martin Mason Masters Masterson Matchet Matseer Matheney Mateny Mathews Matthews Maupin Maxwell May Mayberry Mayers Maylor Maynaugh Mays Mayse McAdam McAleer McAlister McAllison McAllister McBride McCabe McCaferty McCaleb McCall McCalmon McCalpin McCampbell McCartney McCarty McCaskry McCaslin McCawly McChesney McClain McClanahan McClane McCleland McClelland McClellen McCleahan McClentic McClintic McClintick McClintock McCloy McCluer McClung McClure McColgan McCollack McCollem McCollister McColm McComb McConel McConky McConnel McCorkle McCormack McCormick McCoskey McCoul McCowan McCowen McCown McCoy McCrary McCray McCrea McCreary McCreery McCrery McCrey McCrory McCroskey McCroskie McCroskry McCrosky McCroy McCue McCulloch McCullock McCullough McCundrey McCurdy McCutcheon McCutcheon McDaniel McDonald McDonell McDonal McDonnald McDonnel McDowell McElhaney McElhanney McElhany McElheny McElwain McElwee McEntosh McEwen McFadden McFaddin McFall McFarland McGavick McGill McGilton McGilvray McGinnis McGowan McGuffach McGuffin McHenry McIlwain McKamon McKamy McKee McKeeman McKeever McKehan McKemy McKennie McKenny McKenry McKenzie McKey McKinney McKinsey McKnight McLaughlin McLeod McMahan McManamyp McManaay McMasters McMath McMillan McMillen McMullen McNabb McNair McNaughton McNeil McNutt McPheetars McPheeters McPherson McQueen McQuillen McQuillin McQuoun McRay McSpadden McTear McVay McVey McWhorter Meeker Meeks Merchants Merritt Michael Michal Michel Michie Milam Milen Miler Miles Milhollin Milican Miller Milligan Milliken Milliron Millirons Mills Milor Mines Mingar Minger Minick Minnick Minnick Minton Mish Mitchel Mitchell Moats Mock Moffet Moffett Mohler Molar Moler Moles Moneymaker Monroe Montgomery Moody Moon Monney Moore Morehead Moorhead Moorman Moran Morehead Morgan Morrell Morris Morrison Morter Moseley Moses Mosss Mould Muck Mulholen Mullin Murphey Murpt Murphy Murray Muterspaugh Muterspaw Myers Mynes Nace Napper Nash Neal Neece Neely Neese Neff Neice Neil Neimmo Nelson Nephews Nesbit Nesbitt Nevins Nevious Nevius Newcomer Newham Newhorn Newkirk Newton Niceley Nicely Nicholas Nicholls Nichols Nicholson Nick Nickolls Nocks Noel Norcross Norman North Northern Novies Nowell Nowells Nuckles Null Nutty O’Brian O’Brien O’Hara O’Neal Occroman Ocheltree Ocle Odell Ogden Oiler Oilinger Oliver Oody Orbison Orenbaum Oreboun Orenbourn Orendorf Ormbourn Ornbaum Ornbourne Orndorf Ornduff Osborn Osborne Otey Ott Owen Owens Owins Oyler Pace Packet Packett Padgett Page Paine Painter Palmer Parent Park Parke Parker Parks Parrit Parry Parson Parsons Paton Patterson Patton Paul Paxton Payne Payton Pearman Peatross Peatt Peck Peel Peerman Peers Peery Peeters Pendall Pendell Penn Pennington Pepper Perry Peter Peterie Peterman Peters Peterson Petticrew Pettigrew Pettycrew Pharris Philips Philllips Pickens Picket Pierman Pine Pines Pinkerton Piper Pitt Platt Plauger Pleasants Plott Plummer Plunket Plunkett Poage Poague Poindexter Pole Pollock Pore Porter Potter Powers Pratt Presley Presly Pressley Preston Price Prichard Priestly Pring Pryor Ptomey Ptomy Pullen Pullin Pursley Purvis Putnam Pyatt Quann Quean Quigley Quinn Ra Rail Raison Ralston Ramsay Ramsey Renalds Ransbostian Ranson Rapp Raredon Ray Raycroft Rea Read Reainey Redman Redy Reece Reed Reid Reiny Rennick Replogle Repogle Reyburn Reynolds Rhea Rhoads Rhodes Rice Richards Richeson Richey Ricket Rickett Ridde Riddle Ridpath Riggins Riley Rine Rineheart Ripley Ripply Risk Rison Ristine Ritchey Ritchy Roach Rladcap Roades Roads Roberts Robertson Robinson Robison Rodenezer Rodenizer Rodes Rodgers Rogers Rolinson Rolison Rolston Roonkle Rose Ross Roulston Rowan Rowen Rowland Rowlinson Rowlison Rowsey Ruff Ruffner Rule Ruley Ruly Runcle Runnels Rupe Rupp Rush Russell Rust Ruth Ryan Ryns Sale Salling Sally Sample Sanders Sandford Sandige Sandridge Saunders Savage Savil Savill Saville Sawyer Sawyers Schermerhorn Scott Sea Seabrook Seacat Seagler Seahorn Seal Seay See Sehorn Seisson Selby Self Selinder Selph Senecor Sensabaugh Sevack Sevel Shafer Shaffer Shainer Shaner Shank Shanor Sharp Shaver Shaw Sheckle Sheets Shekle Sheltman Shepherd Sheppard Shereman Sherrett Shewy Shields Shiner Ship Shipley Shiply Shirk Shirley Shiry Shoemaker Short Shoulder Shroyers Shuey Shults Shultz Siders Siler Silor Silvey Simbrow Simmerman Simmonds Simonds Simons Simpkins Simpson Sims Sincks Sintz Siron Sitlington Sivell Sizer Sizor Skean Skeen Skidmore Slagle Slaughter Sloan Slone Slough Slow Sly Smeltz Smiley Smith Smithson Smyth Snead Sneed Snider Snodgrass Snyder Solis Soloman Solomon Somervell Somerville Sorrell Sorrells Sorrels Sousong Sowers Spance Spears Speer Spence Spencer Spitler Spitzer Spodern Spohr Spriggs Sprinkle Sproul Sprouse Sprowl Staley Stanage Standoff Stanley Staples Stark Starke Starr Staten Staton Steel Steele Stephen Stephens Stephenson Sterling Sterrett Stevens Stewart Stickleather Stiff Still Stillwell Stinnett Stirling Stockdale Stockdell Stokely Stokes Stone Stoner Stoop Stoops Stout Stowell Strain Strange Strathan Stratton Straub Strauss Stricker Stricklan Strickland Stricklen Strickler Stricklin Strong Strothers Struthers Stuart Studdy Stuple Sturgen Suddith Summers Supinger Surface Surfix Susong Suthard Sutherland Sutten Sutton Swadley Swan Swanson Swartzer Swearingham Sweet Swink Swinney Swisher Swoope Swope Snyders Sylers Sylor Tadford Taggart Taliaferro Tankersly Tankery Tapscot Tapscott Tarbet Tardy Tate Taylor Teaford Tedford Teel Teele Telford Tellor Temple Templeton Tenant Tennant Tennett Terry Tetherly Tharp Thomas Thomason Thommison Thompson Thorn Thornton Thurman Tidd Tierney Tigart Tilford Till Tillery Timberlake Tinslay Todd Tole Tolley Tolls Tolly Tolston Toman Tomlinson Tooley Tooly Topping Torbit Tosh Townsley Tracy Travis Treavy Trencher Tgresham Trevey Trevy Tribbet Gribbett Tribett Trice Trimble Trisham Trivett Trotter Trout Troxall Troxel Troxell Trusler Truxal Truxall Tucker Tudor Tuley Tuly Tungate Tungit Tuning Turner Turpin Tutwiler Tygret Tyler Tyree Unroe Unrow Updike Upton Ustick Utley Vandegraft Vanpelt Vansandt Vansant Vance Vardy Varner Vaughan Vena Venable Venrick Venus Vernon Vernon Vess Vest Via Vickery Viers Vigus Vinsant Vinzandt Vines Vineyard Waddle Wade Waid Walker Walkup Wall Wallace Wallacve Waller Walls Walter Walters Walton Wamack Wane Ward Wardlaw Wardlow Ware Warner Warrall Warren Warwick Waskey Wasky Wason Wasson Waters Watkins Watson Watt Watters Watts Waugh Wauson Waysman Weare Weathers Weaver Webb Weed Weeks Weer Weightman Weir Welch Welchaus Wellchon Wells Welsh Welter Wence Wentz West Westrip Weyble Whealiss Wheat Wheeler Whipple Whistler White Whitelock Whitely Whiteman Whitesel Whitesell Whiteside Whitezel Whitley Whitlock Whitman Whitmore Whitsel Whitt Whitten Whitzel Whitzell Wiars Wilber Wilburn Wilcher Wiles Wiley Wilhelm Wilkerson Wilkins Wilkinson Williams Willamson Willocks Willson Wilmore Wilmoth Wilson Wiltshire Wimer Winat Windell Windle Wine Winegar Winn Winner Winter Winters Wire Wise Wieseman Wisenburg Withers Withrow Wood Woodard Wooden Woods Woodson Woodward Workman Worley Worly Worsley Woskey Wright Wyand Wyatt Wyer Wyler Wynant Wynat Wyre Yeast Yeates Yeats Youel Youell Young Zimbron Zink Zollman

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