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Book Review: "Rockbridge County Virginia Marriages 1778-1850" with Last Name Index A-L

The following is a summary of the last name index, A-L, of "Rockbridge County Virginia Marriages 1778-1850" by Dorthie and Edwin Kirkpatrick, 443 pages, index, figures, map. Rockbridge County's creation in 1778 from portions of Augusta and Botetourt counties was part of a flurry of new county organizations and older county subdivisions during the Revolutionary period. Despite the war, the frontier was moving inexorably westward, and the new county of Rockbridge represented an area now more densely settled and requiring its own polity. A total of 4,785 marriages have been extracted directly from courthouse records as well as from newspaper and other published sources; these references include parents' name, bondsmen, ministers' names and their denominations. This is a soft cover reprint of a 1985 original, printed by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia.

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FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Moore James & Mary Kirkpatrick 19 Jan 1797; d John min - Samuel Houston, Presbyterian"
  • "Adair Elizabeth & Samuel Snodgrass 22 Nov 1792; d James min - Samuel Houston, Presbyterian"
The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Abbot Abbott Ackerly Acres Acton Adair Adam Adams Agar Ager Agner Agnew Agnor Agor Aignor Aiken Ailstock Aires Airhart Aken Albright Alestock Alexander Alison Allbright Allen Alley Allison Almonrode Alphin Amick Ammen Amole Ampy Amyx Anderson Andrew Andrews Anthony Aps Archer Archibald Argenbright Armentrout Armstrong Arnold Arry Arthur Asby Aschew Asher Ashford Athens Athon Atkins Atkinson Auld Austin Axton Aylett Ayres Ayrs Bacon Baer Bagby Baggs Bagley Bailey Bailor Bails Baily Baker Baldock Baldwin Bales Ball Ballard Balser Balsor Baltzer Bane Bannen Banning Bannington Barclay Barcus Barger Barington Barker Barkey Barlow Barnett Bartley Barton Bates Battles Bauserman Baxter Bay Bayles Beach Bean Bear Beard Beason Beats Beattie Beatty Beaty Beaver Becket Beckett Beckham Bedford Beech Beers Beeson Beetley Beets Beggs Below Bell Belser Bely Bennett Bennington Benson Benton Bernard Berry Berryhill Best Bettis Bettisowrth Beverly Bias Bicket Bickle Biddle Bierly Biggs Bill Bird Birmingham Black Blackburn Blackwell Blain Blair Blakey Blane Blessing Blosser Blueford Blunt Bly Bobbit Bobbitt Bodkin Bodkins Bogan Bogges Boggess Boggs Bogle Bohrer Bolen Bollen Boltaon Bonnett Booker Boon Booz Borden Borders Bordin Bosserman Bosters Bowler Bowlin Bowman Bowyer Boy Boyd Boys Bracken Brackley Bradds Bradley Bradly Brads Brady Braford Brand Brant Bratton Braun Brawford Brawley Bready Breedlove Breslin Bridge Bridgeland Bridges Bridget Bridgett Bright Britt Broaddus Brobeck Brobick Brock Brockenbrough Brogan Broobach Brook Brooks Broom Brosius Brown Brownfield Brownless Brubeck Bruce Brush Bryan Bryant Buchanan Buckingham Buckley Buckner Buckridge Bumgardner Bunch Buntain Bunton Burden Burford Burgess Burkholder Burks Burns Burris Burton Bush Butler Butt Byars Byass Byer Byers Cahoon Cails Caldwell Cale Cales Calvert Calwell Camden Cameron Camlin Cammock Camp Campbell Campden Campstom Caperton Care Carlock Carnes Carpenter Carper Carr Carrick Carrier Carruthers Carson Carter Cartwright Caruther Caruthers Carver Carwell Casady Cash Caskey Casky Cassady Casteel Catlett Catlin Cato Caulk Caven Cavin Cawfel Chambers Chandler Chandley Chaplin Charlton Chasteen Cheatum Cheesman Cherry Chestnut Chew Childers Childress Chillis Chitham Chittum Chowning Christian Christopher Church Ciders Circle Cizar Clark Clarke Clarkson Clayton Cleerk Cleghorn Clemer Clemmer Clifton Climer Cline Clinebell Clownby Cloyd Clyburn Clyce Clymer Coalter Cobbs Cobham Cochran Cocke Cockeran Cofflin Coffman Cohenour Cohenower Coin Coiner Cole Coleman Collins Colston Conn Connelly Conner Connevy Connevy Connor Conolly Consolvin Conway Cook Coon Coons Cooper Coots Coper Copper Corbett Corby Cornelius Cosby Cotter Coughenour Coulter Coulton Coursey Cowan Cowfell Cowman Cox Craddy Craft Craig Craighead Cravin Crawford Cress Crigler Crist Crocket Crockett Croddy Croft Crogen Crosley Croson Cross Crossley Crossly Crouse Crout Crown Crowl Crozen Crumb Cryden Culberton Cull Culton Cumberford Cumings Cumins Cummings Cummins Cunningham Cups Curren Currey Currice Currie Curry Cusach Cusick Dabney Dads Daft Daggerm Dale Dalton Dameron Daniel Danner Darst Daugherty Davidson Davie Davies Davis Dawson Day Deacon Deal Dean Deatrick Deaver Debar Decker Deen Deerfield Defries Deitrich Deitrick Dell Demasters Dempsey Denton Desher Deshler Dial Dice Dick Dickens Dickey Dickinson Dickson Diehl Dihart Dill Dillan Dillard Diller Dillon Dingledine Divise Dix Dixon Doak Dodd Dodds Doherty Dold Donaho Donahoe Donahow Donahy Donald Donaldson Donally Donelly Donihoo Donoho Dooly Dorman Dorsey Dotson Doty Dougherty Douglas Douglass Douthat Dove Dow Dowell Down Downey Downs Doyle Drain Draper Drawband Drawbone Drumheller Drummond Dryden Dubeck Dudding Dudley Duff Duke Dunaway Duncan Dunfield Dunkum Dunlap Dunn Dupee Durkee Dutton Dyal Dyce Eads Eagle Eaken Eakin Early East Eaton Ebberd Ebert Echard Echart Echols Eckerly Edens Edington Edley Edminson Edmiston Edmondson Edmonson Edmundson Edsall Edward Edwards Egner Egnor Elder Elliot Elliott Ellis Ellwood Elwell Elwood Emick Emtsminger English Entsminger Epley Eply Eppard Epperd Epperson Ervin Erwin Eskew Eskridge Estell Eubank Eubanks Evans Everett Eves Evins Ewin Ewing Eyers Eyres Fainter Falley Fanter Farley Farra Farrell Fausnaught Feazle Fencher Fenter Fenton Ferguson Ficklin Fields Figgat Figget Findlay Findley Fink Finley Finney Firebaught Firestone Fisherf Fitzgerald Fitzpatric Fitzpatrick Fix Flanigan Fleming Flemming Fletcher Flinn Flint Flournoy Floyd Flynt Foran Forbes Forbet Ford Forean Forebaugh Forehan Forsyth Forsythe Foster Fowler Fowlyon Fox Fraiser Frame Francisco Frankham Franklin Frazer Frazier Frazor Freed Freeman French Frush Fry Fulks Fullen Fuller Fulton Fulwider Fulwiler Gabbert Gadberry Gailor Galbraith Galbreath Gale Gallaspy Gamble Gardner Garges Garison Garland Garner Garret Garrett Garrison Garth Garvey Garvie Garvin Gated Gates Gatliff Gaul Gay Gaylor Gealor Geary Geer Geerhart Geldmaker George Gerald Gibbs Gibson Gifford Gilbert Gilian Gilkeson Gilkson Gill Gilleland Gillespie Gilliam Gilliat Gillis Gillock Gilmore Ginger Gladden Glawgow Glass Glenn Glimph Glover Gosey Goff Goint Gold Gooch Good Goodbar Gooden Goodloe Goodman Goodwin Goolsby Gordan Gordon Gore Gorman Goshen Goss Goten Goul Gowen Gowl Goyne Grady Graham Grainer Grant Gray Green Greene Greenlee Greer Gregory Grice Griffin Griffith Grigsby Grim Grimes Grinstead Grist Groah Groover Grove Groves Gue Guffey Guffy Guilenger Guin Gullifer Gun Gunn Gunnel Gunter Guthery Guthrie Gutridge Hack Hadden Haden Hagan Hagen Hagett Hais Hale Hall Ham Hamnmand Hamer Hamilton Hammaker Hammers Hampton Hancock Handley Hanger Hanna Hanson Hardbarger Harden Hardwick Hardy Hare Harkins Harnest Harsbarger Harper Harrel Harris Harrison Hart Hartigan Hartless Hartman Hartsook Harvey Haslet Haslett Hatcher Hatfield Hattan Hatten Hatton Haughawout Hawott Hawpe Hay Hayes Hays Hayse Hayslet Hayslett Hayslip Haywood Heack Heck Hedley Hegins Heiser Henderson Hendran Hendron Henkle Henley Henning Hennings Henry Henton Hepler Herndon Heron Heslep Hess Hiatt Hickman Hicks Higgens Higginbottam Higgins High Highman Hight Hildreth Hileman Hill Hillen Hillery Hilliard Hillis Hilmore Himes Himo Hindman Hinds Hinkle Hite Hobbs Hobson Hodge Hoff Hoffman Hogg Hoghead Hogshead Hogue Hoilman Holbrook Holden Holingsworth Holley Holman Holmes Holt Hook Hoover Hope Hoping Hopkins Hopping Horde Horn Horner Hostater Hosteter Hostetter Houghawout Householder Houston Howard Howell Hoyless Hoylman Huddle Hudlow Hudson Huff Huffman Hugart Huggart Hughart Hughes Hughs Hull Hulsinger Humbler Humes Humphrey Humphreys Humphries Hunt Hunter Hurley Hutcheson Hutchison Hutson Hutton Hyde Hyman Hyme Hymes Icemon Icehower Imboden Imes Ingles Ingram Inkleka Innis Ireland Irick Irvin Irvine Irwin Irwine Isenhower Itchell Jack Jackson Jacob Jacobs James Jameson Jamison Jarret Jarrett Jarvis Jemeson Jenkins Jennings Jernigan Jervis Jessup Johns Johnson Johnston Jolley Jonas Jones Jordan Judy Jurnigan Kahle Kaiger Karnes Karns Karr Kay Kayler Keffer Keith Keller Kelly Kelsey Kelso Kelson Kelsy Keltmaker Kemph Kenady Kennnedy Kennerly Kennet Kenney Kenny Kent Kepler Kerland Kerlin Kerr Keslar Kessler Key Keyes Keys Keyton Kidd Kiddy Kigar Kiger Kilburn Kile Kilpatrick Kincaid Kindig Kinear King Kingan Kigen Kinging Kinkade Kinkaide Kinnear Kirk Kirkpatrick Kirkwood Kirtz Kisor Kizer Kizzer Knicely Knick Koontz Krebs Kulp Kyles Kyser Labrie Lackey Lackland Lacy Lair Laird Lam Lamb Lambert Land Lane Langhorn Lanton Lants Lantz Larew Larkin Larkins Larue Latham Latshaw Laughlin Laurance Laurence Law Lawhorn Lawless Lawrence Lawson Layman Laymer Layton Leach Leahy Leamon Lear Leckey Lecky Leece Leech Leek Leese Leforge Leget Legget Leighton Lemon Lenmons Leopard Lepard Lessley Lessly Lester Letcher Letick Letshaw Lewis Leyburn Ligan Ligget Liggin Liggins Liggon Lilley Lilly Lindsay Link Linkswiler Linn Linsford Lipscomb Lipstrap Liptrap Litten Litteral Little Lloyd Lockard Lockett Lockhart Lockridge Lodon Logan Long Loop Lots Lotts Love Lovwell Lowe Lowe Lowman Lowry Lowther Lucas Ludwick Lunsford Lusj Lusk Luster Lydick Lyford Lyle Lynn Lyons

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